Chapter 4 – MLS

However, if I will expose that I am dating someone right now, Mother will definitely urge me to get married. I want to avoid it.

Mother, who was silently regarding me, asked to confirm.

“Then, it’s okay, right? This matchmaking—”

“St-... Please stop!! I’m already dating someone right now......”

Noticing my slip of tongue, I pressed my mouth with my hands.

When I looked at Mother and Uncle, they were staring at me with surprise.

Chapter 3 – MLS

"But, it was indeed too hasty to marry someone as soon as you met them. Kano-san, I think that you are confused and do not believe me. I have reflected on that point."


Yes, that's right! The moment the mist in my heart has cleared, I looked at Hazekura-san with a relaxed expression. Seeing me in that state, Hazekura-san smiled broadly.

"And so I have one suggestion…… For the time being, why don't we get to know each other?"


"In other words, why don't you date me first without the intention of marriage?"


Chapter 2 – MLS

Trembling, I desperately asked him who looked calm. He then got closer, and a sweet, deep voice entered my ears.

"I want to marry you."

I-I can feel his breath on my ears……!! This person is doing it on purpose, absolutely on purpose……!! I instantly touched my ears and managed to speak.

"L-like I said! I feel bothered when you suddenly say that."

Insistently reacting due to agitation, I inadvertently closed my eyes tightly, not wanting to stay here any longer. Having been conscious of him behind me, my heart have never stopped pounding.

Ah, I can no longer stand this situation……!!

Chapter 1 – MLS

When I was about to bump into that person, I tried to avoid and lost my balance. However, the man was able to grab my waist.

"I-I'm sorry!"

"I'm sorry. Are you alright?"

Hearing that voice, I felt the chill run down my spine.

It was a low, a slightly sweet and gentle voice—

A man's broad chest was displayed before my eyes, wearing a priest's robe made of black silk and a brown loop-shaped stole, with the collar of a white robe underneath can be seen. When I suddenly raised my eyes, a man with a good-looking face and neat short hair was looking down at me.