Irasshai~! (^_^)/  Welcome to MJ Online Archives, the new translation blog by Manic Josei that caters mostly to Japanese light/web novels. MJ Online Archives is previously known as the translation site “Hanashi Obasan”. Read on, and enjoy..


About the Translator:

Hi, I’m Manic Josei. Josei, because I’m 20+ years old (but always mistaken as a high school student (҂⌣̀_⌣́) ). Despite describing myself as “manic”, I am perfectly normal. (≧▽≦)

I started translating because I have great respect for translators (it’s like giving back/expressing my gratitude) and also because I can’t wait for the novels to be translated. Even though I have been exposed to the Japanese language for six years, I can only understand the basic sentences. I am currently a clinical clerk (4th year medical student) who has lots of interests but has little time T^T. So I’m really sorry if my translations are kind of slow. But I am doing my best to release a chapter.

I hope my translations satisfy you and I also hope that you would forgive this oba-san whenever she is being neurotic. To more future interactions (escaping reality)!


Do you have any Japanese light/web novels that you want to be translated? I am open for any suggestions. Let’s discuss it!