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And They’re Back to the Starting Point


While I was stunned when I heard his unexpected refusal—

In the middle of the living room where Greed-sama and the others were using, the Prime Minister and the elf Rufaga-sama were in the middle of a discussion.

According to what I heard later, the other members besides Greed-sama were unfortunate to stay with them, and watched them uncomfortably from the corner of the room.

Rufaga-sama, who heard from the Prime Minister how I defied the King, said with a bitter smile.

“Oh? She became rebellious? What a shame.”

“Yes, it seems that the timing was wrong.”

The Prime Minister replied, also with a wry smile.

“Well, I thought this day would come. Stubbornly refusing to improve oneself, only the Milford family can turn their back against power. I was thinking for her own good more than her father would.”

“We miscalculated because of that. I thought she would give up once she understood. But it was good that she became ‘The Hero’s Fiancee’, right?”

Rufaga-sama said with a faint smile, making the Prime Minister’s usual smile disappear.

“.…..Is it really inevitable for that girl to be targeted?”

Rufaga-sama confessed.

“Yes. Prime Minister, you were also listening to the conversation between the demon who opened a hole in the barrier and Greed, right? The demons have already targeted her. Aside from that, Greed has the [Divine Oracle]. His [Divine Oracle] is never wrong. No matter how perfect the preparations are, with the slightest opportunity, the demons will aim for her. That’s why, through your help, please force her to become the ‘The Hero’s Fiancee’. In order for the Hero to receive [The World’s Blessing].”

“.…..[The World’s Blessing].”

“Yes. It is what you humans call as ‘main character modification’. The blessing will benefit also those who are close to the Hero. The deeper the relationship with the Hero, the easier it is to receive it. Of course, she is no exception. That’s why, it is really best for a priest to perform the ritual and publicly recognize her as the “The Hero’s Wife”.…..”

At Rufaga-sama’s words, the Prime Minister shook his head and sighed.

“With the current situation, I think it is quite difficult to have her consent to the marriage. On the contrary, at the height of her defiance, it won’t be a surprise if she turned him down again…… But what will happen if the Hero received that blessing and back down?”

“No, it’s impossible. It’s because Greed is—the Hero.”

After his immediate answer, Rufaga-sama gave a pleased smile.

“You do know that the goddess is the one who chooses the hero but…… all of them, including (the present-day hero) Greed, albeit have different appearances, personalities and upbringing, are all pure, wholehearted and possess an indomitable spirit. They do not know how to give up. Anything. No matter how many times they lose, it is their nature because as the Hero, they will face the Demon King as long as they live. But—”

Rufaga-sama then chuckled.

“Wholehearted. Indomitable spirit. Those words sounds good, but it simply means that he is very persistent in a bad way. Greed will back down after being rejected? That’s not going to happen. He will continue to persevere until the other person will be beaten down by his persistence.”

If I was there listening, I will no doubt scream, “Hiii… No—!”. [T/N: Same reaccs, girl.]

“It was unfortunate, but the moment Greed laid his eyes on her, her fate was sealed.”

“My, my…… It seems that child has attracted the attention of an extraordinary person.”

The Prime Minister answered with a bitter smile. As if it was someone else’s problem.

It’s actually someone else’s problem!

“Yes. So please give up believing she had a bad fortune.”

The white boy then smiled like a blooming flower.

—The other members who were in the corner of the room were speaking in a low voice so that they won’t be heard by the two.

“What a disturbing conversation……”

Rufus-sama murmured while massaging his temple. He also looked somewhat pale.

“I hope they discuss that privately in Rufaga’s room.”

When Milly-sama said that with a tremble, Farah-sama agreed.

“Gracious. I don’t want to hear the conversation of two black-bellied people.”

“Aria is too pitiful…… Aside from the fact that Greed fell in love with her at first sight, two black-bellied people joined forces to try to have the two of them get married.”

Everyone nodded in agreement at Renas-sama’s words.


*        *       *


Totally stunned at Greed-sama’s refusal when I have already been fully prepared for death, I was unaware of the great sympathy I was getting from a different place.


In front of me, the 21st generation hero was holding my bracelet while smiling.

Just now, Greed-sama said it, right? I don’t want to.

……I asked, hoping that I only misheard him.

“Err, uhm, pardon, but can you say that again?”

“I said I don’t want to.”

……I didn’t mishear it.

“Err, I rejected your proposal, right, Greed-sama?”

“Yes. It’s a pity but I was rejected.”

“Err, didn’t I also say that I want the bracelet to be placed on the right?”

“Yes, you definitely said that.”

“Err, your response to that was—?”

“I don’t want to.”

Greed-sama answered with a radiant smile when he’s not supposed to smile. Scarrry—No, that’s not it!!!

“But why——!?”

I screamed my head off.

“I rejected your proposal, right!? I already said NO, right!?”

Why would he refuse me? A mob like me could not understand!

“That’s right, I was rejected. But I’m not the type of person who would back down after a rejection, you know? Besides, you have finally come to see me for who I am. In the first place, I wouldn’t have asked for your hand in marriage if I would only give up because I was rejected.”

With a sparkling smile, he reasoned out.

I was stunned and was lost for words. Of course I could not refute him—But my mind is full of tsukkomi!

I could only think of one thing at this time.


Taking advantage of my stupefied state, Greed-sama took my left hand, dropped a few kisses on it and said.

“I love you, Aria. Please prepare yourself. What you said last time in the hall—‘Let’s get to know each other’—is still in effect. I want to know what you think and what you feel, and I also want you to know about me…… Like I said, I am persistent. Because that’s what a hero is. You may give up, but I won’t.”

He asserted, still smiling.

The Hero is scarrrryyy! Wait, are all heroes this persistent?

—Well, it would have been different if only I could have unleashed my tsukkomi, but unfortunately, I was still in a trance.

“Also, the status ‘The Hero’s Fiancee’ is necessary for your safety. If it is guaranteed that there is no more danger, although I am not willing to put it in your right arm, let’s go with this setup for now, okay?”

But after saying so, his smile suddenly disappeared, and with a serious countenance, Greed-sama hugged me to his chest.

Had my soul did not go out of my body, I would have screamed, “Gyaa!” but sadly, you know the rest. I still haven’t recovered.

“.…..Aria, I will sacrifice anything just to protect you. It’s because—you gave meaning to my life.”


Under the moonlight, in the lingering scent of beautiful flowers, Greed-sama embraced me for a long time.

—It is was if he was clinging unto me, as if he is afraid to lose me.

I woke from my reverie after Greed-sama and I separated. When I noticed it, I found myself standing inside my room dazedly.

After basking in the embrace of Greed-sama, I’m not sure but . . . I vaguely remembered that I was sent to my room.

I was so surprised at the progress.

I recalled our conversation in the courtyard and suddenly plopped down into the bed.

—What was the reason why I flipped out and had the courage to reject the Hero?

Was it meaningless? Was it useless?

Was my heart unconsciously moved when I let my guard down……? Uuugh.

Thinking about it carefully, everything happened because Greed-sama proposed to me in public. And tried to use his status as the Hero so I could not refuse!

I felt the anger rise from my heart.

“.…..You!” [T/N: Aria used “onore”, which is the rude form of you.]

……Bring it on, Greed-sama. As you wish, I will treat you, not as a hero, but as a man!

Just because you are a hero, I will not hold back in the future. I will say everything I want to say without holding back!

But—not today. Because a lot of things happened, nothing remains from the HP of my mind and body, with no extra MP.

I felt my anger dissipating, tiredness suddenly washing over me. And sleepiness overcame me.

Putting the purple flowers in a vase and placed them on the windowsill, I used the last of my strength into changing my work clothes into my night clothes, and as I laid down on my bed, I saw the moonlight reflected on my window.

……Oh, right, the light golden color of the moonlight somewhat resembled the color of Greed-sama’s hair.

It was like the sparking light of the moon, and it was really beautiful. Yes, as a man, it is unfair. I wish I could touch his hair someday. Unlike my frizzy hair, his silky smooth hair is enviable……

Thinking about such things, I closed my eyes.

“I love you, Aria.”

When those words came to mind, as well as the golden remnants in my eyelids, that was probably the cause of the blush dying my cheeks.

—And with that, my very, very long day has come to an end.




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