Hello, everyone. I’m back! From the depths of hell! I’m happy to announce that my clerkship has ended. (Yaaay!) I have one month vacation before my postgraduation internship starts.

Anyway, I’m sorry for being absent for a long time. I had to prioritize my studies and I’ll be honest. I haven’t touched any of my translation projects the whole month of May. And I’ll also honestly say that I . . . may not touch them until the last week of June. You see, I’m very busy complying with my requirements for my graduation. Aside from that, I’ll also be busy with packing my stuff because I’ll be going back to my hometown after graduation. O_O

Some have expressed¬† their eagerness for an update, and I feel that I need to explain my current situation. I’m sorry but it may take a long time before I can release a chapter. But rest assured, I will get back to it when I finished this whole business (LOL).

Mata ne~!

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