*SEMI-HIATUS*, Explained

To my kawaii readers,

Hello, everyone! How are you?

I’m back, not to upload a new chapter, but to announce that I’m going on SEMI-HIATUS.

So what does this means? It means that I will become mostly inactive in the following days to come. You see, I am now assigned to the most formidable department. Sigh! Everyday, I’m just being scolded. Huhuhu. It’s physically, mentally and psychologically taxing, you know? And everyday, when I come home after work , I’d always end up sleeping like a log (>.<). That’s why I still haven’t started translating because I don’t have enough time.

But I’d like to reassure everyone that I am not planning on dropping the translations! Though I cannot promise you how long this period is going to last. I’m really sorry for making you wait again.

Hoping for your consideration.

Manic Josei

Updates (06/11/19)

4 thoughts on “*SEMI-HIATUS*, Explained

  1. CopyPam says:

    No te sobreedfuerzes ¡Apreciamos mucho tu trabajo! 😊
    Eres genial esperaré con emocion las próximas actualizaciones ¡Te seguiré apoyando! UwU

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