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In the Moonlight
[Part 2]

Tonight, the moon is shining brightly.

The moon is the god of the night, and it is said to be the reincarnation of the god of the darkness Atillard, who is now said to be in a slumber. And, the moonlight flower Lattice which blooms only under the light of the moon is said to be the symbol of the god Atillard. When the moonlight flowers bloom, the moon will shine more brightly.

There are no moonlight flowers in the courtyard but I just knew that the Lattice flowers bloom at this moment. It’s because the moon is bright.

Under the moonlight and under the faint light of the magical tool lamp, I walked around the courtyard holding hands with Greed-sama.

Don’t tell me that this is a moonlight tryst?

But as we passed by the gardeners’ blooming flower beds, I felt troubled.

…….There’s no conversation. I don’t know what to talk about.

Unlike me who felt uncomfortable, Greed-sama seems not to mind the lack of conversation. Because his strange good mood permeated the air…… I think that perhaps, the difference of the enthusiasm between Greed-sama and me becomes apparent here. Although I felt puzzled, Greed-sama is already satisfied that I am nearby. [T/N: I’m sure the spirits reported Aria’s declaration to the King to Greed. Otherwise, why would he be in a good mood?]

It was a difference in enthusiasm that I might have been able to spend with him had I not known the truth, and now I felt anxious and it can’t be helped.

Is it because I came to know Greed-sama’s upbringing?

Until yesterday, Greed-sama was just a “hero” to me. Just an important being in the world who was chosen by the goddess, given with special powers, saved the princess, and killed the Demon King. At the same time, like a character in the story, his presence is unreachable like the faraway distance.

He was like a bright comet that somewhat crossed my life and only passed by. I thought that I was merely looking at him passing by.

Therefore, the proposal from such a person was nothing other than an embarrassment for me, I could not think or accept properly.

But now I see Greed-sama as a person, not just as a “hero” but as “Greed-sama”.

—I was able to regard Greed-sama not as a hero.

Knowing his upbringing, remembering the few words we said to each other, the gestures, the expressions, and so on—I finally understood the part that I wasn’t able to see until I’ve thought about it calmly.

He will never harm the Kingdom of Schwarze or the world if I refused the marriage proposal.

Look, didn’t Greed-sama send money to his parents, who did not do anything parental for him, even though he did not have any affection for them? Will that kind of person retaliate to the kingdom or damage the world after being rejected by a woman?

……I don’t think so.

Besides, Milly-sama may have daunted me by saying Greed-sama is a natural walking disaster and the ultimate weapon, but after reconsidering it, she did not mention that the kingdom will be harmed if I rejected the proposal. I merely misunderstood it on my own and became frightened.

I was duped by them.

……Yeah, well, the Princess told me that Greed-sama’s attitude towards me was different from usual that it frightened the others, but Greed-sama has a different attitude towards Milly-sama and his other companions.

……In other words, she knew that Greed-sama will be upset but will never use the power of the spirits to hurt others.

That’s also true for Renas-sama, Rufus-sama, Farah-sama and perhaps, Rufaga-sama, too.

Nevertheless, she said it in a way that—it will not be easy for me to refuse Greed-sama’s proposal…… Right?

Likely, she also had the intention to advise me, “You cannot escape easily”. If I were to say, “I will marry the Hero”, most probably they will not take into account the circumstances of the country, and they would just proceed to say goodbye and take me with them.

For now I was able to tell the livid King what I wanted to say, but until yesterday I was frightened by the pressure around me and could not say what I wanted to say, and because I could not refuse and could not respond to Greed-sama’s feelings, I ran away from the problem.

They might be aware of it.

So they tried to link me to him in various ways.

But one thing I can’t understand is that why they are trying to do things quickly. They support their friend’s romance, but it felt coercive.

Do they normally intervene in another person’s romance?

Initially, I thought it was because Greed-sama might do something to the country if I refused him, but now that the theory is unlikely, I think it’s kind of strange.

What is it……? What else is there……? Why does everyone try to get Greed-sama and me married?

I understand the intention of the King and the Prime Minister. Because they will profit from it for the interest of the kingdom. But how about the Hero’s party?

Why did Rufaga-sama made a deal with the Prime Minister……? Perhaps there was a reason.

The reason why I need to marry Greed-sama—

I looked at Greed-sama as we walked. If I demand the reason now, will this person answer?

Greed looked down at me as if he felt my gaze. And titled his head, as if asking, “What is it?”

Thinking how he looked strangely cute, did my eyes got bad? Or did my brain concoct an illusion of strange romantic atmosphere under the moonlight?

“U-Uuhhh… Every year, the gardeners plant bellflowers in this area. It hasn’t bloomed yet because it’s still early. I always remember my home when I see it.”

Yeah. Really, he couldn’t care less, right?

However, Greed smiled upon the topic that I selected carelessly.

“You mean the hill behind the Milford house, right? So you really like purple flowers.”

“Y-Yes. You’re right.”

Bellflowers are also known for its other name Purple flowers, and in my hometown they were all called “purple flowers”. Greed-sama used the name purple flower because he knew it.

But……. It’s better that I should not ask him how he knew it, right?

I’m sure he heard it from the spirits. I declared that I liked that flower the most, so maybe it was conveyed to him.

But it’s okay, because it was better than my three sizes being exposed.

……I heard a retort of “It’s better!” somewhere in my heart, but maybe because of the atmosphere under the moonlight, I must have been moved with affection, or I might have been accustomed to this or resigned myself, that I can’t help that small voice.


Unexpectedly, a purple flower was offered in front of me.

Although it’s still not the time, Greed-sama presented me a blooming purple flower. I was surprised.

“This……! Ho-How?”

Greed-sama laughed softly.

“I’m giving this to you. I asked the spirits of the earth to speed up the growth of at least one flower in this flower bed.” [T/N: What a show off!]

……Is it all right? But does it mean it caused trouble to anyone…… Besides……

“Thank you.”

I accepted the flower, smiled and thanked him.

It’s strange but I felt happy upon seeing the flower. Was it because it is my favorite flower? Was it because I was carried away by the atmosphere? Or was it because it reminded me of my home?

And then—“If you’re happy, I’m also happy,” Greed-sama said with a smile, his eyes crinkled. His gaze turned sweet and heated.

There are only the two of us here. With the moonlight, the flower bed and the tranquility, aren’t these romantic elements enough to create such a mood?

……Suddenly, it reeked of a sweet atmosphere. I remembered what happened a few days ago. It’s dangerous.

Please moderate the sugar content. I cannot stomach it anymore. Somehow taking root in my heart…… Ah, I don’t care about that!

Anything, anything, anything to reduce the sugar content……!

To distract Greed-sama……!

I looked up at the cloudless night sky and forced out a topic in order to dispel the awkwardness.

Since he already mentioned the flowers—

“U-Uhm, even though the god of darkness, also referred to as the night god, Atillard slept to rest from his activities, why is it only during the night?”

Because it is currently nighttime, such lame topic is the only thing I could think of. I’m sorry.


Aaahhhh, I made Greed-sama think about it because I carelesssly brought up that topic! He’ll be displeased for sure.

……Thanks to that, the sweet atmosphere disappeared. But somehow, it felt like I won the match but lost the game……

“The god who sleeps……”

Greed-sama murmured, looking up at the bright, round moon like I did. The light from the moon fell on Greed-sama, his pale golden hair shining.

It is said that Atillard, the god of darkness, was sleeping because he used up his power to create human beings. The goddess of light Refelia, and the god of darkness Artillad, together with the Spirit Kings, created this world, and then created various kinds of creatures such as animals and plants. Among these various creatures, we human beings were created lastly.

But the god of darkness Atillard ran out of power in the process and fell into a deep slumber. His other half, he goddess of light, also known as the goddess of the day, Refelia, grieved. The demons were born out of her tears of grief.

The demons, the beings that were borne out of grief, became the most hated beings in the world.

Therefore, they hate the humans who were born blessed—according to the well-known creation myth I often heard when I was a child.

But the truth is, there are various theories regarding Atillard’s “slumber”. If it meant he’d sleep for eternity, then some theorized that the god of darkness was dead, while others speculate that he’s going to sleep for a long a time in order to restore his strength.

But only the goddess knew the truth, right? That’s why it seems Greed-sama doesn’t have an answer to my question a while ago.

However, what Greed-sama revealed was the answer I never expected.

“Atillard is not the god of darkness. The Spirit King of Darkness is the one who brings the night. The Spirit King of Darkness is the counterpart of the Spirit King of Light, and they spend half a day dispersing their powers in the world.”

“—I beg your pardon?”

I stared at him absentmindedly.

No, I wasn’t surprised about the assignment of the work of the Spirit King of Darkness and the Spirit King of Light. It was the part before that, that Atillard is not the god of darkness.

“U-Uhm, you say that Atillard is not the god of darkness……”

Without hesitation, Greed-sama answered me, who was incessantly blinking my eyes.

“Yes, it is true that he is currently in a slumber, but the notion that Artillard is the god of darkness is wrong. The goddess Refelia is not actually the goddess of light, either—they are creator deities. They are gods who have the rule over creation, and they are neither beings of the light nor darkness. That’s the true nature of the two gods of genesis.”

I was too stunned that I stopped walking.

Just now, just now, he said something that will invalidate the foundation of all things, didn’t he?! No, no, not the part about the creator deities. It’s what he said about the goddess Refelia being not the goddess of light!

Since Atillard has been asleep for so long, he is not a familiar god to us humans. So even if it is said that he is not the god of darkness, I wouldn’t be this shocked. But the goddess not being the goddess of light is a serious matter!

What will happen to the goddess’s temple and the small temples scattered around the world? What about all the people who worship Refelia, as the goddess of light?! Are all those futile? A mistake?

—The world will turn upside down if such facts came to light!

“It was them who created the Spirit King of Darkness and the Spirit King of Light. In that sense, the goddess of light and the god of darkness is not entirely wrong, but—”

But strictly speaking, they are not the goddess of light and the god of darkness, right? I was dumbfounded!

……I want to believe it was a lie.

I have read and heard about that myth since I was a child [T/N: That’s why it was called a Myth!!]…… But I cannot accuse Greed-sama of lying because he was chosen by the goddess, and thus he is much closer to the goddess and the Spirit King. Greed-sama knew the truth behind the relationship of the temple and the hero, and he must have known that some parts differ from the facts.

I…… Somehow, I want to believe what Greed-sama said.

Following Greed-sama, I looked up at the moon again.

So it was the Spirit King of Darkness who made the night dark, huh? Not the god of darkness.

But as if I never knew the truth, the moon showed us the same appearance. The world exists no matter what we humans think.

I suddenly had a thought.

Perhaps—the world is really quite different from what we believe. Maybe we were twisting the facts for our own convenience—

It must be a premonition. That the state of the world is going to be related to me in the distant future. Through the existence of the “Hero”, I became aware about the world, and the world also became aware of me.

—At this moment, perhaps I was aware about the “world” for the first time in my life.




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