Vol. 2 Chapter 14 – HSP



Seems Like Someone is Pulling the Strings Behind the Scenes


Trudging behind the Prime Minister, I thought about what I heard just now.

I don’t know how much was the remuneration for rescuing the Princess, but I’m sure it wasn’t cheap. After all, she was rescued from the clutches of the Demon King.

For giving up such a reward, the amount is not something that can be refused, right?

Though I am a daughter of a viscount, it is a high-priced deal to take a mere lady-in-waiting as a wife. I was surprised at my price. But the problem right now is not the amount.

The problem is, who said it. Who negotiated such a deal?

—Prime Minister?

Although it seems to be likely but…… Offering a nobleman’s daughter, who is earning a living, to become the Hero’s wife in exchange for the dissolution of the remuneration, why would the Prime Minister say it?

Isn’t paying the remuneration to the Hero’s party a formal agreement by the kingdom? Although it is only a small kingdom, this kingdom also needs to give face.

That’s why it is hard to imagine that it was proposed by our kingdom. That means, it was suggested by someone from the Hero’s party, isn’t it? But again the problem is, who did it?

—Had I not gone to talk to Renas-sama and Milly-sama yesterday, I certainly would have hastily accused Greed-sama. It’s because he proposed marriage to me in front of the public, sent a letter to my father, forcefully fastened a bracelet on my left wrist, and other various previous offenses.

But I already heard about Greed-sama’s early life, and based on my vague understanding from our earlier conversations (whether it was called conversation or not, I doubt it), he’s not the type of person who does something for remuneration.

How should I say this…… In a sense, he was brought up alone and was not deeply involved with others, so I don’t think he is capable of scheming……

When I first heard that he sent a letter to my father, I thought he was doing the strategy of “filling the outer moat”, but when I listened to his reason, it seems that he just heard from Rufus-sama that it was a noble’s custom.

And when the Prime Minister got a wind out of it and took the matter in his hands, Greed-sama just stood and looked blankly at me. Moreover, he interpreted my father’s proper reply as having good intentions……

Greed-sama negotiating with the Prime Minister, saying that he won’t take the remuneration if I will marry him…… I can’t imagine it at all.

I can’t really explain it well, but every time Greed-sama wanted to tell me something, he basically used a direct approach. Like the proposal in the hall or the case with the bracelet. And those methods in approaching me is rather short—No, it was quite enough! [T/N: Short, and keeps us readers hanging >.<]

That’s why I think it wasn’t Greed-sama’s style to fill the outer moat behind my back.

Especially this time—money is involved, you know? Doesn’t the line, “Money? Is that delicious?”, suit Greed-sama better, does it?

I’m sure it was not Greed-sama. It’s someone else.

——But who could it be? Renas-sama? No, isn’t he someone who is easily influenced? He’s not even a black belly, and I can feel that’s it’s another person.

Milly-sama? She honestly said that she’s only interested in the party’s money, but being also a woman, I don’t think she’ll approve about buying a fiancee with money.

Rufus-sama? He is a straightforward person and has experienced hardships, so he won’t harbor dark thoughts. He’s also the Princess’s special someone, so I have a good impression of him.

Farah-sama? Since she’s a natural airhead [T/N: LOL You sure, dear?], this kind of scheme does not suit her more than Greed-sama. Also, she’s a woman . . . at least.

The remaining person was—a white handsome boy’s appearance popped in my mind. It was someone I haven’t much talked to yet, the elf Rufaga-sama.

……Since he is also a member of the Hero’s party, it’s natural that he is also good-looking. Yes.

He has a hair like finest silver threads trimmed up to his shoulder. Like his hair, his silver eyes seem to radiate a mysterious gleam. The parts of his face were arranged symmetrically on his transparent white skin.

He looks around fifteen to sixteen years old. He is a beautiful person who really suits the word “handsome white boy”. Rather, he is better described as a beautiful girl than a beautiful boy.

……That’s right. Rufaga-sama, as his name suggests, is a respectable man but he looks like a woman. If he did not say it, I would not think of him as a man. When I first saw them, I thought it was a party of three men and three women.

And I was surprised to learn that a person of such age who looks like a child is joining the party and fighting demons.

However, I suddenly thought. His hair and eyes having the same color—it was a proof that he is not human.

I cannot see the spirits, but it is said that having the same color of hair and eyes means that the color is a a symbol of the spirits’ power. Apart from the Spirit King, spirits are invisible existence but to those people who can see them, they almost look like humans.

It seems that the color of the hairs and eyes of the spirits represents the color of the power of the spirit. That’s why their hair and eyes were of the same color.

On the other hand, human beings may look like they have the same color of hair and eyes, but it is actually different.

I have light brown hair and eyes, but it can’t be said to be of the same color because they are of a different shade of brown. Even if they have the same brown color, my hair is walnut colored, while my eyes are more of a dark brown, almost black.

However, it is said that the hair and eyes of spirits and elves have exactly the same color.

Elves are sacred existence with special powers, and they receive a respect different from priests.

That’s why—I thought it’s impossible. Rufaga-sama, a rare existing elf, is a handsome young man who has a feminine beauty. That man, in order to drive me into a corner, made an evil negotiation with the Prime Minister, and it’s just……

……But it could be him, right? I haven’t spoken to him yet.

I still do not know what kind of personality he has. Therefore, I cannot make a my own judgment simply because he is an elf. But in the first place, with a teenage boy’s appearance, I doubt if he really looks like his age.

Yes, I doubt him. Using the elimination method, he’s the only one left!

Although I think it is impossible, my suspicion became stronger.

I stared at the back of the Prime Minister who was walking ahead of me. Would he confirm if I asked him?

—Who negotiated with you regarding the remuneration?

……No, I don’t think he will answer.

It has nothing to do with you who I talked with. Instead of thinking about that, please resign yourself for the country.

That’s what I think he would say. No, that’s what he will definitely say!!

Ah, as my thoughts went into that direction, the Prime Minister stopped walking. We’ve reached the King’s office.

The soldiers guarding in front of the door recognized us and straightened their posture.

It wasn’t because of me but because of the Prime Minister, right? If you’re going to be sloppy in your work, you don’t know what he is going to say, right?

……As expected, it’s like the big boss of this castle is the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister nodded lightly at the guarding soldiers and knocked at the door of the room. Ton ton, the sound echoed around us.

“I’m sorry for making you wait, Your Majesty. I have brought Aria Milford.”

“Hmm. Enter.”

Someone responded on the other side of the door. It was His Majesty.

Urged by the Prime Minister, I reluctantly entered His Majesty’s office.




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