Vol. 2 Chapter 9 – HSP

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Spirit Protection


Greed-sama always smiles towards me. But I also know that he is devoid of feelings whenever he wore a blank expression. At such moments, nothing is reflected in his glass-like eyes . . .

I could not believe it at first until someone mentioned it was Greed-sama’s default expression. It was probably true.

Expressionless and reserved, Greed-sama was like an exquisitely made doll. Being unable to cry,  which was his only form of expression—What a pitiful child.

I felt anger rising from my chest. Towards his parents. Towards Renas-sama’s father. Towards the spirits.

A child who did not have any emotions despite his sad or painful situation. He did not know how to seek affection. Well, he did not even know what that is.

Renas-sama’s father, Priest Lyell-sama, knew about the situation of Greed-sama, so he built a small temple at the village of Langrea and asked to have himself appointed as a priest there. Then, Priest Lyell took her wife and young Renas-sama, and moved to Langrea village.

—In order to secretly support Greed-sama.

……At that very moving story, can I retort?

It was Renas-sama’s father who promoted Greed-sama’s misfortune in the first place, wasn’t it? By telling the scared parents, “Please raise him carefully,” he added extra pressure and aggravated the situation even more, didn’t he?

From the start, his words lacked concreteness. How will they raise him carefully?! I think they were not able to raise him because of those vague words!

Damn, that’s why this man was . . . ! Indeed, there are a lot of idiots in the world! First, it was the father . . . Oops, I got sidetracked. We are talking about Greed-sama right now. Listening to what we have talked about thus far, I’d like to ask something.

“Renas-sama, why didn’t your father take Greed-sama to the temple?”

I don’t understand why they had to keep their distance from Greed-sama and instead, built a small temple.

Renas-sama somehow bitterly smiled.

“The timing was bad at that time. My father would have brought him up as his own son. But he couldn’t. Because Greed was a hero candidate.”

——Hero candidate.

Why is it that such phrase, like [Spirit Protection], sounded like Greed-sama’s shackle?


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