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Getting to Know the Hero


If they are going to ask for another cup, I’ll put foreign objects in their tea.

I watched everyone drink tea while grumbling in my mind.

Eh? Whose tea will I put a foreign object? Of course, you know who it is without saying, right? Ufufufufu.

“Aria, you’re eyes are twinkling, you know? Would you please regain your composure?”

The princess, who was drinking tea with elegant gestures, returned the cup on the tray and reminded me. As expected of my master. It seems like she felt that something is disturbing me so she chided me mildly.

So it seems like it is impossible to mix the tea with foreign objects…… Tsk.

Renas-sama, the priest I’m targeting, said, “Yeah, it is delicious”, as an expression of his satisfaction. However, perhaps he sensed something from my hostility that he never asked for another cup and began to talk to me, smiling.

“By the way, Aria and Greed are supposed to get to know each other but . . .”

——Get to know each other.

When Greed-sama proposed to me in the hall, it was the legitimate reason I said for the sake of “The Postponement”.

Why is he dragging it up right now?

Don’t tell me, since I want them to tell me the truth, they are going to say something sarcastic? Perhaps that’s a persecutory delusion.

“Aria, how well do you know Greed?”

Oops, looks like it is not sarcasm. So it was really just my delusion. Perhaps it’s because I am mentally tired. So many things happened one after another. Unconsciously, I looked into the distance.

Rethinking, I have to answer the question but——these past few days, have I ever had a decent conversation with Greed-sama that will make us get to know each other better……?

The answer is “no”. With this, I cannot answer his question.

I helplessly told him the extent of my knowledge.

“Uhm, I knew some information about Greed-sama from the ‘Hero Times’. Like his age or hometown……”

Greed-sama is 19 years old. By the way, it seems that Milly-sama, Renas-sama and Rufus-sama are of the same age. And Greed-sama is from the village called Langrea in the south of Elusion. It was what was mentioned in the “Hero Times” so it is understandable why he introduced himself as “Greed Langrea” when he arrived at the hall.

Milly-sama’s name is “Milly Langrea”. This does not mean that Milly-sama and Greed-sama are actually a married couple or relatives but it’s just because they came from the same place. They do not have full names because both of them aren’t nobles. Only the royalty and the nobles have full names.

I am a noble as well and Milford is my last name.

In the case of Milly-sama and Greed-sama, it is not a problem in the community of their small village if they only have a first name, but if they venture outside the village, it will not do. It is inconvenient if someone with the same name exists, unless they can be distinguished by referring them to the village where they came from. If they use their names outside [the village], it is very common to adopt the name of their village.

That’s why Greed-sama is “Greed Langrea”. In other words, he is “Greed of Langrea Village”.

In Renas-sama’s case, he is called “Renas Refido”. Refido is taken from the name of Refelia, the goddess of light, and Atillard, the god of darkness, and it is a word that means servant of a god, that is, a priest. Anyone who becomes a priest is going to be called Refido.

……Ooops, I digressed so much. We are talking about the Hero right now.

I imagined Greed-sama’s handsome face.

Things I knew about Greed-sama . . . Is there anything else?

Yeah, there is. Something I shouldn’t have known!

“Walking natural disaster, the ultimate weapon……”

I breathlessly replied. Renas-sama then cheerfully smiled.

“Wow, as expected of the person Greed chose. You already accepted the facts!”

“I did not accept!”

“By the way, is that the only thing you know about Greed?”

“……Ignored me?!”

This is no longer a comedy skit (manzai). But even if they are going to be the boke, I will not play the part of a tsukkomi. I am very much serious this time.

……At least I am.

Ignoring my retort just like that, Renas-sama folded his arms, and nodded while saying.

“Hmm. I really want you, Aria, to know more about Greed. Compared to the amount of information Greed has about you, there is too much difference.”

Uhh— Just now, did I not say that I want to retaliate? Amount of information about me?! Too much difference, whatever!

“I want you to better understand Greed. But he never talks about himself. So Milly and I will answer in his stead. Ask us anything.”

“Yes, yes. The spirits are more familiar with Greed than us, you know? So feel free to ask.”

For me to understand Greed-sama, it will take me forever……

But even so, Renas-sama and Milly-sama are looking at me with expectation. What will she ask? That is what those expectant eyes are trying to say. I cannot really ask them questions, can I?!

However, I don’t particularly think of such things like wanting to know about Greed-sama, so how much more ask questions?

Eh? Three sizes? What am I going to do with that information? I don’t want to know about that! [T/N: *coughcoughcough* Aria, you couldn’t be possibly thinking about…..]

Such a thing would be known in case there is a bloodstain [1]… Ooops, I mean, in case we marry [2] each other. I only need such information when it is time to make his [wedding] suit.

*T/N : HAHAHAHAHA I don’t know if the author intended to put an innuendo or if he/she just wanted the pun. Or maybe I just have a dirty mind. (。 >艸<)
[1] 血痕 (/kyuukon/)
[2] 結婚 (/kyuukon/)

Since it can’t be helped, I tried to talk about something I would ask during an omiai (formal marriage interview).

“Uhm . . . What is Greed-sama’s hobby?”

It was a very ordinary, a very standard question. And yet—

“……Eh? Hobby?”

The two childhood friends of the Hero suddenly had a troubled expression. They looked at one another and frowned . . . Perhaps, they don’t know?

“Uhm, he does not have a hobby?”

……Why does his answer have a question mark……?

“Then…… What is Greed-sama’s favorite food?”

I pulled myself together and asked something different. But—

“……Eh? Favorite . . . food?”

Why did they look at one another again with a troubled expression?!

“O-Or food he dislikes……” I added.

“……The food he dislikes?”

Ah, that troubled expression again! And with that, he said.

“Uhmmm, he doesn’t dislike any food. He . . . doesn’t have a favorite food?”

……Why do you end your sentences with a question mark, Renas-sama? Can I use tsukkomi? Do you really know?! He has no hobbies, as well as no favorite food or disliked food. Usually, someone likes something, right? Even if he doesn’t have, you could’ve thought of something!

For example, his hobby could have been hero-like, such as training his sword arm. It is okay that he doesn’t dislike any food, but he should have at least a favorite food. It could have been a food he praised as delicious in the past, or he had a second helping of that food!

Like this, anything can start from here. Along these line, I would have answered, “Making tea”, if I were asked about my hobby or my job. And yet, to say that there is nothing . . . are you really his childhood friend? I became distrustful. That “ask us anything” declaration just a while ago, what the hell was that?

Looking suspiciously at me, Milly-sama and Renas-sama told me in a panic.

“It can’t be helped! Because Greed eats everything that is served to him and he does not say whether he likes or dislikes the food!”

“Right. He will eat since it is served, he will do something because it needs to be done, and since everything has always been that way, he never said, ‘I want to do this’.”

“That, that . . .”

Being passive to everything, maybe he has never expressed himself.

But with what I am told by his childhood friends, I wonder what Greed-sama’s enjoyment is. I suddenly thought of that. Perhaps this is the reason why I think that Greed-sama is neither a hero nor an annoying suitor. Just a few questions, a few cues changed something.

But during this time, I did not notice that change within myself because I was preoccupied with these two who were not expecting my questions about Greed-sama. Since they did not expect me to ask the usual questions, I unconsciously thought, “Then what questions should I have asked?”

“By the way . . . what kind of questions did you think I was going to ask?”

I asked. But the answer was beyond my expectations. Without hesitation, Renas-sama replied—

“The amount of Greed’s savings.”


I gawked. The princess also did the same. The amount of his savings? They told me something unexpected! I don’t know where to start inserting tsukkomi.

Milly-sama proceeded.

“Well look, aren’t you curious about the income of your future husband? Or assets, or vitality. Unlike you, Aria, who grew up as a noble, Greed is a commoner. You would not want to live in poverty, so we wondered if you would like to know if you will be able to live comfortably……”

……This level of questioning somehow seems way too high for me. I asked the commonplace questions in order for me to know him better, but they assumed a complicated question about marriage. Like the amount of his savings, for example. That’s too blunt! For me to suddenly ask such question——NO WAY!

Good grief. What do they really think of me?

……Well, it might be necessary to discuss this unreservedly.

“So how much is Greed-sama’s savings?” The princess asked with interest.

When Renas-sama revealed the amount of money, my eyes and the princess’s eyes widened.

———It seems that the Hero is a very rich person.



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