Vol. 2 Chapter 6 – HSP

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The Divine Oracle


“Please forgive him about that, Aria.”

While I was clutching Renas-sama’s clothes, I heard an indulgent voice. It was Milly-sama.

“Renas did not disregard your human rights. We heard about the [Divine Oracle] from Greed, so he could not refuse.”

When I heard that, my hand loosened.

……The Divine Oracle. I remembered that phrase. If I am not mistaken, Rufus-sama mentioned the Divine Oracle to Greed-sama when I went to the living room last time.

It seems that the mechanism behind this bracelet is due to the Divine Oracle.

“Aria, calm down,” the princess said. “We haven’t offered them tea yet. Why don’t you make the usual delicious tea?”

“……Yes. As you wish.”

I cannot refuse the princess’s command. Besides, the princess is trying to tell me. For me, my hobby of making tea is my recreation. She knows that well, and she is urging me to be calm.

It seems that I was agitated and lost my temper.

No matter how angry I am, grabbing a priest’s collar is an improper conduct for a maid. Moreover, since Renas-sama is a state guest, it is akin to lese majeste.

I regret my vehemence.

It was not entirely my fault but by grabbing Renas-sama’s neck, I am disqualified to be a maid. I can only repent. I should have not pressed them for answers. I should just have seethed in anger, just like this.

For example——Well, maybe putting an extract of Ringal’s special mustard which is said to be the most bitter in the world……?

I shook my head in a panic, rejecting the temptation.

It is ridiculous to put a mustard extract or a juice extracted on a rag on a sacred tea!

No, no, no, it can’t be, it can’t be! Don’t be tempted! I must not yield!

After the conflict, I brought genuine tea back to the princess’s room and everyone praised me with, “The tea is delicious”. I felt relieved that I did not mix it with strange food.


—Greed-sama seems to possess a skill called [Divine Oracle].

Well, but I mind. It is enviable that he possess not only a lot of skills but also magical power that can activate that skill. Tsk.

……Oops, let’s continue the story.

[Divine Oracle] is, like its literal meaning, a revelation from a divine being, the goddess.

But it was not revealed through words; rather it is more of a sudden fragmentary insight, like an advance notice from the future, a very ambiguous thing that Greed-sama claims to be “a hunch”.

But what they emphasized is that such an ambiguous thing is a warning that will never be preempted.

Likewise, there is a skill called [Foresight] that can let someone know the future, but it is not quite precise. By using the [Foresight] and revealing it, uncertainties are created thus, it is possible to avoid events that have been “foreseen”.

Just by citing one possibility that could happen in the future, the future will diverge . . . Anyway, Renas-sama and Milly-sama said that it is a difficult process, but for a mob like me, I have a difficulty understanding such a large scale problem.

For now, I will keep in mind that “the future that can be known through the skill [Foresight] is not accurate and is not necessarily true”.

The [Foresight] might miss, but the fragmentary future that can be known by [Divine Oracle] is different and it seems that it is unavoidable. If Greed-sama says, “I have a feeling”, the probability of the truth he received occurring is almost 100%. Therefore, the Hero’s party members give importance to Greed-sama’s [Divine Oracle].

And, my bracelet was seen in that [Divine Oracle].

Did Greed-sama had the premonition about the “bam”, and that the “notification system” and “defense mode” are needed once I left Greed-sama’s side?

However, I cannot help myself but retort.

Look . . . Uhm, can I be frank?

Thinking about it, regardless of the system and the defense mode, I don’t think there is a need for that “bam”. Looking at Greed-sama who was enjoying and having fun chasing after me, I don’t think there was too much revelation from the goddess.

Renas-sama showed disapproval at the start, but since he trusted Greed-sama’s premonition through the [Divine Oracle], he ultimately told Greed-sama that he bestowed the “Blessing”, “Till death do us part”, on the bracelet.

“No, I thought you’d resent me.”

“I resent you!!”

“But if you are told that it is absolutely necessary, you have no choice but to do it, right? Because it’s Greed’s [Divine Oracle].”

“Then what about my human rights?!”


“Hey, why are you not telling me anything?! And, why are you averting your eyes, Renas-sama?!”

By the way, I inquired what is the defense mode like, but the answer was—

“I’m sorry, I don’t know because that area is Greed’s.”

……It was also at that moment that my reverence for the priest, who was a candle flickering before the wind, disappeared at once.

—But at the same time, was I also aware of it? That is why I was not able to ask what I would normally ask. And neither Renas-sama and Milly-sama told me.

Why is there a need for the bracelet to have a trick?

Why are they trying to tighten my security so much?

And the defense mode of the bracelet is needed for “what”?



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