Vol. 2 Chapter 4 -HSP

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Kowtowing is a Foreign Culture


“Renas-sama, I need to tell you something. It’s about this!”

I ran back to the safety zone, namely the princess’s room, and there I saw Renas-sama who visited the princess with Milly-sama and, in a “target confirmed, aim locked-on” belligerent manner, I raised my left arm and approached them. Although I saw from the periphery of my vision that the princess and the other ladies-in-waiting were surprised to see me approach the guest in a rush, I did not mind them.

After all, this is “Till Death Do Us Part”, okay?

When two people pledged eternal love with each other, this forcibly slipped-on bracelet will……

It is likely to continue until either of them dies.

Besides it can’t be removed no matter how hard I try. It’s like a cursed item! I wanted to shout “Is it okay to do such a thing?” to the priest who serves the goddess!

“That’s the engagement bracelet.”

Renas-sama looked at the bracelet and replied with a friendly smile. However, I did not miss the hesitation in his black eyes. Renas-sama, this bracelet should be familiar, right? Right? After all, you were the one who put the “blessing” on this magical tool!

“Oh-Oh, right. I still haven’t told you. Congratulations on your engagement, Aria. As Greed’s childhood friend and as a member of his party, I welcome you.”

However, I completely ignored his congratulatory greetings, plastered a fake smile on my face and said.

“What I wanted to talk to you about is the “blessing” of this bracelet, Renas-sama. Why don’t we have a very personal talk?”


Perhaps noticing that my eyes were not smiling, the corners of Renas-sama’s mouth stiffened.

――According to what the princess told me at a later time, even though I was smiling right now, it seems that I have a black aura behind my back and looked very terrifying. Whether it was because I was forced to wear the bracelet or because my occupation was changed to “The Fiancee of the Hero”, my resentment seemed to have peaked this time.

I don’t want to care that the person I want to protest to has changed, but I experienced “bam” when I went to protest to the instigator a while ago, so I kind of vented out my anger on Renas-sama . . . Well, I may be taking out my anger on someone but during this time, my thoughts are filled with protests.

Seeing the state I was in, I bet she was thinking that her childhood friend is dangerous. Milly-sama hurriedly said.

“Whoa, Aria! Calm down!”

Since I cannot inflict harm or anything upon the priest of the Hero’s party because I am only a maid, Milly-sama decided that it would be better to at least let me complain.

“There is a deeper meaning in this than the *Maruana Trench!” (TL: No, definitely not Mariana Trench. The original text was [マルワナ海溝] XD )

……By the way, Maruana Trench is the floor of the deepest ocean that was discovered by a novice magician by chance.

“Deep meaning?”

“Yes. A deeeeep meaning that when you listen, you’ll cry, when you talk, you’ll cry!” (TL: T^T Not sure with this. HELLLPPP [聞くも涙、語るも涙の深ーい訳が!] )

Listen, you’ll cry; talk, you’ll cry . . . I want to hear about it if possible.

Thinking about that, I am somewhat finished.

I decided to bury the hatchet and listened about the deep meaning.

The princess granted my request and ordered the others to leave the room, and before long, there were only four people left in the room: the princess, Milly-sama, Renas-sama and I. This is the first thing that Renas-sama as an opening.

“Uhm, please let me kowtow.”


To kowtow all of a sudden?!

Taken aback, both the princess and I were speechless.

“According to the book of the legendary sage, Ren Shirosaki, kowtowing is the ultimate way of apologizing so I decided to follow it. It is actually formally done while sitting on a rug made by weaving soft rushes such as tatami, however there’s no such thing here so I’ll do it on the carpet……”

While saying that, Renas-sama went to kneel on the floor!

Without trying to stop him, Milly-sama looked at me with interest. And the princess’s jaw dropped.

The one who rushed was me.

Aside from the elves and spirits, the priest, who serves in the temple of worship of the goddess whom all human beings, except the demons, believe in, is a precious representative of the goddess.

That priest will kowtow!

……It is I who wants to do that, okay? Okay? I did not order him to do it, but doesn’t it look like it happened because I made him so?

I turned pale when I realized this fact. If others found out about this, I’m sure they’ll shoot daggers at me and throw stones from the temple for doing such fiendish deed against the priest.

“P-Please stop it! Kowtowing?! You don’t have to do it!”

I then stopped panicking.

Did you put a terrible “blessing” to the point that you’ll kowtow as a way of apologizing? I said as I silently scolded in my the corner of my mind――



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