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The Blessed . . . Cursed Bracelet, Rather


And according to the explanation presented to me―

That is, the magic “blessing”, “Till death do us part”, Renas-sama gave, which I don’t quite understand, seems to have a power to bring two people together through the bracelets.

……Rather than a blessing, isn’t it more of a curse?

Who can blame me for thinking like that? What an inconvenient “blessing”.

Can I bear a grudge? I can, right? Since this is a ridiculous trick!

If my bracelet and Greed-sama’s bracelet are close to each other―if they enter within the range of about three meters, the trick will draw us together automatically.

Whom is drawn to whom? It seems that it depends on the amount of the magical powers, but if it was me, who has zero magical powers, and the Hero, who has immense magical powers, become near each other, then I will be one-sidedly pulled towards the Hero.

When two persons possess the same amount of magical powers, it seems that there’s no “bam” if the gravitational pull takes effect……

And Rufus-sama said that as long as there is enough magical powers, this bracelet could be easily removed. Then in that case, Greed-sama can easily remove the bracelet. But I . . .

I have no magical powers, and I felt extremely bitter. I thought that magical powers are not necessary, but I am seriously thinking about it now. I wanted magical powers……!

Fortunately, there is a time lag before this gravitational pull activates, so if I am able to escape from within three meters of that gap, there will be no “bam”. In addition, it is said that the gravitational pull has no effect if I am within the one-meter radius of the Hero. Even if it has no effect at such a close distance, I’m still not pleased at all……

It was because of this reason that, after I was drawn to him because of the bracelet this morning, I was able to free myself from Greed-sama’s arms without being pulled back again.

Of course, right now, I also extricated myself from his arms and hurriedly made a dash!

There was no “bam” anymore.

In short, it is the time lag where the “bam” within Greed-sama’s one- to three- meter radius can be avoided. (TL: ―_― )

If that’s the case, I shouldn’t get near Greed-sama, right? I would love to put that into practice…… but the effect of the bracelet is not only limited to this.

If Greed-sama is away from me at a certain distance, another trick will be activated!

A certain distance?! A certain trick?!

I asked Rufus-sama with a ghastly expression, but even the most powerful magician seemed to have no idea about the sacred magic outside of his specialty and he apologized.

“I am sorry. Since Greed’s magic is interfering with Renas’ “blessing”, [Analysis] is difficult to use . . .”

A prince of another country lowered his head to me. Even though I’m just a lady-in-waiting. It was awe-inspiring.

You might be apologizing as the magician of the Hero’s party and not as a prince, but aren’t you too modest, Rufus-sama? Since you’re a royalty, you can act self-important, you know?

It felt extremely uncomfortable, as the lady-in-waiting’s consciousness is deeply ingrained in my body. It is I who wants to apologize instead. My master’s fiance should not bow his head.

“No, it is not Rufus-sama’s fault, so an apology is not necessary.”

I shook my head as I replied. The one who should really apologize is the other person in this room, right?

Even while Rufus-sama was explaining and even now, the other person continued our secret offense-defense. I tried not to get near Greed-sama, who advanced towards me, as much as possible, gradually resisting him.

Every time Greed-sama steps forward, I take a step backwards. It’s like that in a nutshell.


Rufus-sama looked vexed. The female warrior Farah sat on the sofa and sipped on her tea while watching from the sidelines.

“What an amicable scene.”

“Amicable? I am distressed!”

* TL: The sentences don’t connect, right? There’s a play on words here. Amicable = 微笑ましい [hohoemashii]; Distressed = 必死 [hisshi].

I am distressed, yet the Hero looks like he’s having fun . . . he’s happy, I mean. He is grinning while trying to shorten the distance between us. Since he is the Hero, I think he can easily get closer to me. But it seems like he is not just purely enjoying chasing after me.

At a first glance, he’s like a cat tormenting a mouse . . . No, rather than that, he looks like a dog wagging its tail, or was it just my imagination?

Rufus-sama, who was watching us with an exasperated expression, tried to unveil the real nature of the magic spell that was applied on the bracelet with his [Analysis] skill.

“It seems that the effect of the bracelets can be neutralized by putting them together. But only for a certain period of time.”

Looks like Rufus-sama was able to analyze what kind of magic spell it is and found out a way on how to solve it.

“……However, that is what I could only understand up to this point. You will have to ask Renas about the rest . . .”

Rufus-sama said in an apologetic manner. Yet, it’s not this modest person’s fault. Perhaps Rufus-sama is actually a worrywart. And there is no doubt that the main cause of his worries is the Hero……

I could not help but feel sympathy for Rufus-sama. But then, the members of the Hero’s party pity or sympathize with me!

“Understood. I will go inquire Renas-sama.”

I replied, steadily approaching the door.

Good. I’d like to tell Renas-sama my complaints about the “blessing” of this cursed bracelet!

“If you’re looking for Renas, he went to the princess’s room together with Milly.”

The two of them were not here when I entered, so it seems we have missed each other.

“Thank you for telling me, Rufus-sama. Please excuse me!”

I hurriedly threw the door open. And with a behavior unbecoming of a maid, I slammed the door close without waiting for Rufus-sama’s reply and left the living room in a mad dash, like a mouse being chased by a cat. This is my second escape today.


Running towards the safety zone (the princess’s room), I never dreamed that such conversation was being held in the living room.


*    *    *


“Greed. Looks like you’re having fun.”

Farah told Greed, smiling. In contrast to Greed, she is expressionless and her eyes were cast down, yet she carried a somewhat satisfied atmosphere.

“……Fun . . ? I see. So this is what ‘fun’ is……”

“You also look happy. Finally, you’re able to develop emotions like others. It’s a good thing.”

“‘Fun’, ‘happy’…… It’s all because of her. She gave me a lot of things.”

Rufus’ tensed voice interrupted their conversation.

“Greed, is the trick on that bracelet a measure against demons?”


“Is it the [Divine Revelation]? Is that why you made Renas cast the ‘blessing’?

“Yes. I’m still uncertain but . . . It will probably happen soon.”

“……Another trouble, huh?”

Rufus sighed.


*    *    *


I am still unaware during this time.

That their fighting is not yet over in a true sense. And in the midst of their battle, I am involved―



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