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Till Death Do Us Part


The engagement bracelet Greed-sama has put on me was actually a magical bracelet――

Compared to that curse, to the magical blessing rather, this cute thing was designed not to come loose even if I try to pull it out. It was during noon that day when I knew―I mean, I was made aware of the effects that were put in the bracelet.

I took advantage of the lunch break and headed to Greed-sama’s room. I was going to protest about the forced job change of becoming the Hero’s fiancee, that I cannot remove the bracelet, and about the magical phenomenon this morning.

The path I took is not towards the direction of the private room exclusively prepared for Greed-sama. I will not make the same mistake twice, no matter what. This time, I went to the living room where the Hero’s party were congregating together without hesitation. Since as a lady-in-waiting I must not forget about courtesy in any situation, I discreetly knocked on the door of the living room while suppressing the feeling of wanting to barge in.

“Come in.”

What I heard from the inside is Greed-sama’s voice. It seems he is certainly inside.

“Please pardon my intrusion.”

I strengthened my resolve and stepped into the room as if going out to war.

The living room given to the Hero’s party, who are the esteemed guests of the country, was truly spacious and grand. A large marble table was placed in the center and the sofa installed in the room, in just one glance, is of the highest quality. Not to mention the tea set on the [tea] wagon…… My hands will tremble if I use that to make tea.

Oops, my eyes unintentionally went first to the tea wagon, which is my hobby, but my purpose in coming here is neither the living room nor the tea set. It is Greed-sama.

Greed-sama is standing by the windowpane.But he is not alone. Rufus-sama, who is the party’s magician and also the prince of Elusion, and the female warrior Farah-sama are sitting in the sofa.

But during this moment, in my eyes, there was only Greed-sama.

Of course, it is not because of sex appeal or bittersweet reasons. It was something like ‘target confirmed’ or ‘aim locked-on’ kind of belligerent reasons.


I greeted him in a hurry, barging into the room.

“What was that this morning? Please give me an explanation! Rather, can you please remove this bracelet if possible? If not, then at least put it on my right arm, if you please! A magic tool should be placed on the right arm instead of the left arm, right?!”

I was about to approach Greed-sama, raining him with tirades while raising my left arm―when it happened again.

The distance between Greed-sama and I narrowed to about three meters in just a matter of seconds. Just like this morning, my wrist, where the bracelet was, was pulled by some kind of force, and when I thought that I will collapse, my legs were actually floating.

As it is, my floating body was pulled by a strange gravitational force―and when I noticed it, I have dived into Greed-sama’s bosom.

As I thought, I didn’t just imagine what happened this morning!

―By the way, everyone. What kind of scene are you thinking of when you hear of ‘somebody diving into someone’s bosom’? When my body floated, moved, and ended up in Greed-sama’s bosom?

……No, no, it’s outrageous!

If I should give a sound effect as an example, it kind of felt like “ba~m”? Because when I floated, it was as if I was fired like a bullet towards Greed-sama! Bam!

Like a magnet!

Rufus-sama and Farah-sama were taken aback by this. Rufus-sama even stood up from the sofa. But the first person who was surprised was me. I was beyond surprise when I found myself nestled in the arms of the somewhat satisfied Hero.

Even so, as expected of the Hero. It also happened this morning, but he was not alarmed that I literally dived into his chest. Even though I went “bam”. His muscles are amazing. Is he slightly muscular? Though, it seems he had already predicted and was waiting.

Ack, that’s not the issue! No, there’s something besides that!

What on earth was that?! I’m guessing, most probably, it was due to the bracelet!


Unlike me who was stuck in a daze, Farah-sama, who have recovered from shock, tilted her head and asked.

“I am not that knowledgeable about these so-called love affairs but…… it seems there are quite a few interesting tricks on engagement bracelets nowadays.”

“That can’t be true.”

The one who retorted without delay was―Rufus-sama. He was faster than my inner tsukkomi.

“There’s no way an engagement bracelet could contain magic!”

“Oh, is it special? Then that means, you are not going to give the princess an engagement bracelet with such function?”

“Obviously not!”

In front of me, it seems that Rufus-sama and Farah-sama are trading quips like a boke-tsukkomi duo.

……Somehow, I felt frustrated. I felt like I’ve lost…… What’s with this feeling of defeat?

Furthermore, the female warrior, Farah-sama…… is actually an airhead. The line “I am not that knowledgeable about these so-called love affairs but” was spoken seriously and not as a joke, right?

Beautiful and strong, yet an airhead…… What an interesting character!

Starting with the Hero, the hero’s party is composed of good-looking people. Of course, Farah-sama is also beautiful. She is beautiful woman with almond-shaped, blue-gray eyes fringed with long eyelashes, and a straight nose. She has a composed aura and, coupled with her manner of speaking, it gave her a very neutral impression. In a word, she looked imposing.

Before becoming a member of the hero’s party, she was said to have been knighted at a northern country called Selphida, and unlike Greed-sama who wanders around the castle unarmed, Farah-sama is always in her armor. Being used to wearing an armor except when sleeping, I wonder if she does not feel calm when she does not have an armor on. Walking dashingly while wearing that dull golden armor is enough to fascinate others even if she was a woman. Maybe that’s why she is, as a matter of fact, popular among the maids. Even if her being an airhead will become known, she will be accepted as something like, “Kya~! Lovely, cute!”

“It was Renas’ sacred magic. I am not an expert on sacred magic but. . . I think it is a kind of ‘blessing’.”

Rufus-sama explained and looked suspiciously at Mr. Greed who is hugging me.

“You gave that bracelet with Renas’ ‘blessing’, Greed?”


Greed-sama nodded quickly.

“Since it is a pair of bracelets, isn’t obtaining a priest’s ‘blessing’ pretty obvious?”

“Blessing” is a type of spell that priests use for ceremonial occasions. Its effect depends on the priest’s talent. For example, let’s say the priest bestowed a “blessing”, “May you safely arrive to your destination”. If it was from a less powerful priest, it will only have a placebo effect. To the extent that it is better than nothing. However, if it is a “blessing” given by a powerful priest, the probability of getting to your destination safely increases. The “encounter rate” for thieves and demons greatly drops.

Since Renas-sama is one of the members of the journeying hero’s party, it is a given that he is a powerful priest. The “blessing” that Renas-sama gave was―

I know that it is powerful even without asking. Yes, I know.

What I don’t know is―the ambiguous effect of the “blessing”! What is it?!

“What is the meaning of the ‘blessing’?”

Rufus-sama voiced out what I wanted to ask.

“And not only Renas’ sacred magic. I bet you added something. Your magical power was mixed in it.”

Till death do us part sounds nice, right?”

Greed-sama did not answer Rufus-sama’s question. He peered down at me and smiled, then turned his eyes towards Rufus-sama.

At that time, his smile was not beautiful at all.

“This trick is necessary.”

An indifferent tone. Directing his glassy eyes that contains no emotions towards Rufus-sama, Greed-sama continued.

“I don’t know when. But someday, it will be needed.”

“The Divine Revelation……?”


It was impossible for me to understand what the two of them are saying to each other.

Divine Revelation. It is probably about a skill, but I don’t know what kind of skill it is. Perhaps it is not common. As expected of the Hero, it seems he has a lot of skills……

――Hey, that’s not the issue here! The issue is this suspicious phenomenon!

“In the end, what is this [phenomenon]?! Please explaaaiiin~!”


My scream echoed throughout the living room―



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