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The magical tool called amulet


The Hero’s love story became the highlight of the novel “hero’s tale” read by the common people like us.

A hero fell in love with a princess who was kidnapped by a demon.

A hero married his childhood friend.

A hero, with his comrade, the female warrior, and another hero, with a girl who was targeted by a demon and asked for his help.

What is common to every story is that once the hero fell in love, after overcoming obstacles, he only loved one person. Even when a love rival appeared, even if it is impossible for him to express his love to an ill-tempered princess, he only wants to love her. For such an everlasting love story, everyone admired the woman.

And the one the hero of this present age, Greed-sama, chose was――an average looking, presence lacking Lady-in-waiting A. An ordinary woman one can find anywhere.

In the story, they were never called by their name, just “the ladies-in-waiting”. They have no individuality, existing only to be one of the personnel in the scene――

Why did the Hero fell in love with such a mob character?

……It’s impossible.

That’s what I, the lady-in-waiting A, Aria Milford, thought.

The Hero and I, to marry? That can’t possibly happen. Even if the people around me will approve of it, I cannot accept it.

Yes, whatever they say, I’ll never……!

However, the bracelet given to me by Greed-sama is shining brightly on my wrist. It is an engagement bracelet―an amulet bracelet, rather―that was forcibly put on me and cannot be unfastened. Because of this, I was misunderstood to be “the Hero’s fiancee” by everyone.

But I don’t remember consenting to this marriage! It’s because of this……!

……Is there any way to remove this?

While thinking so, I left my room and headed towards the Princess’s room.

A lady-in-waiting’s morning begins early.

I basically have a day shift, taking care of the princess from the moment she wakes up in the morning until she goes to sleep at night. Before the princess gets up, I have to take over the job of the night shift lady-in-waiting and talk with other day-shift colleagues and prepare a set of princess’s change of clothes, so I cannot afford to be easygoing in the morning.

“Good morning, Aria.”

On the way to the Princess’s room, I met my fellow lady-in-waiting Belinda and we talked as we walked. The topic of Belinda is mainly my engagement with the Hero.

“You must invite me to your wedding, okay? I want to go to Elusion at least once!”

For Belinda, it seems that I have already decided to marry Greed-sama. And also mentioned that the wedding will be held in Elusion. It is because when the princess became engaged to Prince Rufus and, as his bride, will go to Elusion, I told her to take me. Yet, no matter how many times I declared that I am not interested in this marriage, I wonder why Belinda expects too much.

“I don’t remember consenting to this marriage. Not in the slightest!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Because I know. I am confident that you will be married to the Hero.”

“On what grounds do you have such confidence……”

“I wonder what your wedding will be like. A fancy wedding? A plain one? Ah, perhaps being lost in the princess’s [wedding] ceremony, Aria and the Hero also had their wedding ceremony when I woke up from my reverie…… Any development is possible.”

“Hey―That, it will not be grand!”

When I noticed, she had made me talk about the marriage…… That made me really scared!

Before such a thing happens, I have to remove this bracelet as soon as possible! I had a new determination.

Thinking about it, an amulet bracelet is not necessary. Because there is a barrier in this castle, the demons cannot enter, and even if bad guys approach me, everyone in the castle will protect me, so there is no danger, right?

The other day, I felt nervous that I would be “targeted” if others knew I wore the bracelet, but I haven’t encountered any danger when I did my usual work in the castle. Besides, if this fuss about the engagement will be settled, nobody will pay attention to me.

Therefore, I conclude that to be safer, it is better to have no amulet.

……With this in mind, I have no choice but to hurry and talk directly to Greed-sama during lunch break.

I don’t want for the King and the Prime Minister to know that I don’t want to get married, so I have to talk to him somewhere where there are no castle personnel, as well as where I can avoid being alone with him……

While thinking about that, I stepped into the corridor which leads to the building where the royalty and guests reside―we call it the Palace.

However, I saw here from the corridor someone in a corner of the courtyard and I instinctively stopped walking.

Pale blonde hair. White shirt and black trousers. And with a sword hanging at his waist, the person is without a doubt the hero, Greed-sama.

“Huh? Isn’t that Greed-sama?”

Belinda, who noticed ahead of me, said.

“Yeah…… What is he doing there?”

That’s right. Greed-sama was standing in the courtyard, looking up at the sky for some reason. But there was nothing up there. He may be engrossed with his thoughts, but I don’t get it why he is looking up in the sky. Normally, one hangs down his head at such times. Or…… Like a cat staring at the “sky” from time to time perhaps?

At that time, Greed-sama, seemed to have noticed and faced us.


He smiled broadly, replacing his indifferent expression. Belinda who was next to me blushed slightly at the sight of it.

……But Belinda already has a fiance. Is this okay?

“Good morning.”

Smiling sweetly, Greed-sama quickly approached us.

“The hero’s smile . . . Somehow, I saw something good so early in the morning. I have a feeling that it is going to be a nice day.”

Belinda ecstatically whispered to me. On the contrary for me, it feels like it is going to be a bad day……

“Good morning, Hero-sama! Oh, Aria, I’m leaving first.”

Belinda greeted him lively then suddenly said such a thing.

Do you mind? Don’t worry about it, but I would like you to stay. Don’t leave me alone with the Hero―――!

I silently appealed to her, but my thoughts did not reach her.

“It’s okay if you are a little late. Because I will take over the job in your place.”

Saying that, she threw me an I-know-what-it-is look, winked at me and left. The only ones who were left behind was me, who was standing still in the corridor, and Greed-sama, who was walking towards me.

Wait―To be alone with him in a delicate place where people can pass by anytime is troublesome, you know?!

……But, if thinking about it, this might be a good opportunity.

Whether it is fortunate or unfortunate, there’s just Greed-sama and me right now. It is a great opportunity to ask him to remove the bracelet.

“Uhm, Greed-sama!”

From the corridor, I took a step forward into the courtyard and called out.

“About the bracelet!”

When I raised my left arm while saying that―

Suddenly, my arm was pulled by a tremendous power. My body lurched.

Eh? As soon as my feet rose from the ground―my body went to crash into Greed-sama at full throttle.


It felt like I was slightly pulled when I was hurled.

When I thought ‘I will collide with Greed-sama’―, he caught me in his arms.

……What on earth is this?

I was dumbfounded, not understanding what is happening.

Greed-sama was indeed trying to approach me but I was practically beside him all of a sudden. But the distance between us is not just an arm’s length. Maybe right now, he was trying to hug me but it is impossible in a physical sense. But still, whether it was Greed-sama’s intention or not, it was as if I was pulled by some kind of a strong force and I dived straight into his arms.

“Aria, what happened?!”

Hearing me shriek, Belinda rushed back. When she saw me in Greed-sama’s embrace, her expression changed and only said, “My, oh my~”

“Goodness, passionately embracing early in the morning. So lovey-dovey~”

“Eh? No, you got it wrong!”

I hurriedly extricated myself from Greed-sama’s arms.

“Come on, no need to be shy. But I think hugging in this kind of place is dangerous. This is a public place. You should get a room.”

“I’m telling you, you’re wrong!”

“Well then, I am leaving this time for real. You two, control yourselves. Okay?”

“Please listen to what others are saying―!”

However, Belinda seemed to have ignored my words on purpose and left us again. What she left behind was me, who didn’t understand why I suddenly felt awkward, and Greed-sama, who was looking and smiling at me as usual.

I didn’t want to think that I jumped into him myself so for the time being, I decided to put on hold the matter about the bracelet and inquire about this strange phenomenon.

“Greed-sama, did you do something just now?”

If you analyze it, there was a strange power, right? Because I was obviously pulled!

However, Greed-sama shook his head.

“No, I didn’t do anything. It was due to the power of the bracelet.”

“The-The bracelet?”


Hey, why you’re grinning while saying , “Yes”?!

“What power of the bracelet?!”

I unconsciously moved closer to Greed-sama.

“Didn’t you tell me that this is an amulet and not an engagement bracelet?!”

But while saying so, I suddenly remembered. It was what Greed-sama said when he put the bracelet on my wrist.

“This is a magic tool. It will serve as an amulet.”

……Yeah. This is just a magic tool under the pretext of being an amulet. Since a magic tool contains magic, it is not unusual for it to have a strange power. It is not unusual but……

“Please explain everything to me from the beginning!”

Isn’t it very frightening when magical powers suddenly manifest?! It is on my body!

I really don’t understand at all. What on earth is this? Explain―!*

*Aria is always using polite language, especially to Greed. But in this sentence she used [説明しろ!], which is an imperative form of speech. Aria is really angry now.

“The magic ‘blessing’ in this bracelet was……”

The moment Greed-sama started to talk, I heard voices from the direction of Belinda’s destination―the Palace. Judging from those voices, I think those are the night-shift ladies-in-waiting and maids.

“Ah, the night shift finally ended.”

“It’s really exhausting to stay up all night. They should go to bed now.”

I unconsciously muttered to myself.

If they happen to see us here, I don’t know what kind of rumor would spread. If they will say that I played truant to flirt, it would be mortifying.

……Honestly, there are only a few people who openly wish for a connection with the Hero in front of the King and the Prime Minister, but there are also a lot of people who are envious and do no think well of me. Among them are women, women who are confident in their appearance in particular.

If those people would see us in such a place, what would they say……

I should escape from here for now.

“Greed-sama, I still have work so please, excuse me. I will see you later!”

As I said that, I got away from him. I’m sorry, I interrupted our conversation but I will run away as a self-protection. The work environment is important!

And I ran away, without giving in to Greed-sama’s way to stop me.

“Take care. See you later.”

―I felt those words were said behind my back, but I am not sure.


And as I was on my way to the Princess’s room, something suddenly crossed my mind.

……Come to think of it, what is Greed-sama doing in that less populated courtyard so early in the morning?



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