Chapter 5 – MLS

Finally…… The couple takes the relationship to the next level!!!

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Kano Accepts the Confession


Saturday evening came.

Immediately after I finished preparing to go to the fireworks display, I waited at our living room, fidgeting.

At that moment, Mother approached me

“You, don’t tell me…… You are planning to go to the fireworks festival in that outfit?”

“Yes…… That’s right. Is something wrong?”

Today I wore a simple knee-length dress. After a lot of consideration, I decided to go wearing my most fashionable casual clothes. But Mother stared at me, her eyebrows wrinkling.

“Since it is a special date, why don’t you wear the yukata your grandmother made? You hardly wore it, right? Such a waste!”

Mother pulled out a dark blue yukata wrapped in a paper from a chest of drawers and, rustle!,  placed it in front of me.

Okay, but it is barely fifteen minutes before Hazekura-san will pick me up. I appreciate the yukata but as expected, after a while……

“After a while, Hazekura-san might come while I am getting dressed.”

When I mentioned that, Mother’s eyes glittered.

“Fu…… Kano. I secretly mastered high-speed dressing techniques in the dressing room, let me show you the results now!”

Seeing Mother boisterously laugh while rolling her sleeves, an electrifying chill ran through my back.

After a while, ding dong, our house’s interphone rang.

“Ah, it must be Hazekura-san! He’s going to pick you up, so go arrange your hair.”

Saying that, Mother who put the yukata on me at a tremendous speed headed to the entrance. Meanwhile, I gathered my hair, twisted it and put a clip on it. While checking my back at the full-length mirror, a mellow, low voice called my name.



I looked back in surprise and saw Hazekura-san, who was dressed in a dark gray yukata, standing at the entrance of the room. Like that, he was silently observing me. [T/N: Iyaaa~~ Naughty Mother. XD]

Being stared at, I felt nervous but my eyes were caught on his yukata.

It, It’s suits him so much……!! No, it increased his sex appeal even more……!

What should I do? My heart was beating so fast that I couldn’t meet his eyes.

“W-Why are you here!? Huh, Mother……”

I felt shaken so I tried to find Mother. Oh, where are you at this moment!?

“Well, maybe she did something. After leading me to this room, she quickly disappeared……”

Hazekura-san giggled somewhat mysteriously.

“Is, Is that so?”

Mother~~!! Hazekura-san approached me, who silently burst in anger at my suddenly absent Mother.

“Kano-san, you looked lovely in your yukata. I was mesmerized for a moment. The dress suits you.”

“Th-Thank you very much…… Hazekura-san, you’re also looking great in your yukata……”

When I replied shyly, Hazekura-san also had an embarrassed expression.

“Thank you very much. Did your mother helped you get dressed?”


“Your mother is good at dressing you up.”

“Th-Thank you.”

I bowed shyly at the smiling Hazekura-san.

“Are you ready? Let’s go.”

At Hazekura-san’s smile, I returned a foolish smile. Ah, I was surprised…… I did not think that I’d felt pretty flustered when Hazekura-san suddenly appeared inside the house……

But the yukata really suits Hazekura-san. It further enhanced his handsomeness.

My heart suddenly throbbed as I thought about it.

Leaving the house wearing geta (footwear) that I wasn’t accustomed to, I silently regarded Hazekura-san’s back as he walked ahead of me.

As expected, I…… I am falling in love with this person……

At first, I regarded him as a suspicious person…… No, even if I didn’t see him as a suspicious person, I was quite wary of him…… Before I knew it, his presence became more important.

Though we just started dating, I feel like I am hitting the brakes.

If I jump on his wide back without hesitation……

I was having those thoughts while I got on the passenger seat of Hazekura-san’s car.

Today, a relatively large fireworks display will be held around the area where I live.

Like the traditional fireworks festival, the vicinity of the riverbed was already crowded with people. Parking the car in the parking lot slightly away from the riverside, we then enjoyed walking side by side with the ladies and families wearing yukata. Perhaps because we have been together for a long while now, the throbbing of my heart still haven’t subsided.

When I realized that I liked him, I felt nervous by his proximity.

I wonder how long I have gone to a fireworks festival. Last time, I think I went with my ex-boyfriend…… No, with a friend? I can’t remember.

I looked at Hazekura-san beside me and asked him a question.

“Uhm, Hazekura-san, do you come to the fireworks festival every year?”

“No, hardly.”

“Eh? Is it because you are busy with work?”

Hazekura-san then revealed a smile.

“Well, it was hard to find a suitable schedule this time….. but this time, I’ve managed to find time because of a different purpose.”

“…… A different purpose?”

When I stared innocently at him, he smiled meaningfully.

“It’s you.”

His smile made my heart skip a beat. Ah…… I really felt troubled whenever Hazekura-san say something unexpectedly.

“……Is, Is that so……?”

“But I also occasionally like seeing fireworks. It makes me remember my childhood.”

While watching the streams of people going to the stalls lining the river bed, Hazekura-san revealed his deep thoughts.

When I heard those unexpected words, I looked at him with a curious expression.

“Hazekura-san, did you something child-like when you were a child?”

“……What kinds of thoughts are you harboring towards me? Of course, I did. I used to go to temple festivals often. I liked the target shooting and I did well.”

Hazekura-san’s expression relaxed as he thought nostalgically.

Watching a couple scooping goldfish, I then returned my line of sight at Hazekura-san.

“I’m sorry. Hazekura-san grew up into a proper adult so I was wondering if you were the same in the past……”

“……Well, I was often told that I am a cute child. I was easy to distinguish because my favorites are old-fashioned. I was a kid who liked Japanese sweets more than cakes, and liked tea more than juice.”

“Hehe. It’s so like you. I can somehow imagine it.”

I imagined the elementary student Hazekura-san gracefully eating Japanese sweets, and when I giggled, he also did.

I wonder what’s this…… I’m very happy that Hazekura-san was laughing beside me.

We moved towards the place where the fireworks can be viewed well and in order not to get lost in the crowd, I followed closely behind Hazekura-san. It’s about ten minutes before the fireworks display begins.

“It’s almost time.”

“That seems to be the case…… Ah.”

At that moment, we heard a vibrating sound coming from the cloth bag hanging on Hazekura-san’s belt. He took his phone, glanced at the screen then turned towards me and said.

“I’m sorry, Kano-san. It seems urgent so I’ll take this call. I will buy drinks on my way back. Please do not leave this spot.”

“I understand.”

My eyes followed Hazekura-san as he left. It really seemed very urgent, for he immediately answered the call as soon as he started walking.

……Maybe he is busy yet he forced himself to come?

When I thought of that, I felt guilty but then I felt happy that he came despite that, making me blush alone.

—Phew . . . So hot . . .

As I looked around while fanning myself with my hand, I unexpectedly encountered someone. That person waved her hand at me as she trotted towards me.

“Kuzuhara-san, what a coincidence~! You’re wearing a yukata!? It’s beautiful~!”

“Haha…… Good evening.”

My smile was kind of stiff.

I knew that she’s going to see the fireworks with her boyfriend, but to run into her so quickly……

Weaving through the crowd, Yokota-san, who was wearing a peach-colored yukata, advanced towards me while holding hands with her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend is tall and has a cute face, and his long hair was dyed brown. Is he the same age as the high school student Yokota-san? When he bowed his head, I also bowed towards him and smiled.

“Are you alone, Kuzuhara-san? Dressed up prettily like that, that’s not the case, right?”

“Ah, yeah. Just now, over there……”

When I turned towards the other side and pointed with my finger, I stood frozen as my eyes met with the person looking at me.

Wait, isn’t that……

“As I thought, it’s you, Kano-san!!”

It was Ochi-san, who approached me with a surprised expression. [T/N: Ohhh… This is getting exciting.]

Ochi-san, who was clad in casual clothes, was holding a bag of cotton candy, yoyo, takoyaki, etc. in his hands.

I wonder why I only saw him right now……

“I can’t believe I met you here……Moreover, I was lucky to see how lovely Kano-san in a yukata!!”

He excitedly rattled in one breath.

Scrutinizing Ochi-san, Yokota-san glance at me suspiciously.

“Kuzuhara-san, perhaps you came here today . . . with this person?”

“N-No!! It was a different person.”

Hearing my quick denial, Ochi-san revealed a slightly sad smile.

“You don’t have to deny it that much……”

“Ah, I’m sorry. Erm, Ochi-san is also not alone….. Right?”

I ask after I openly stared at the things being held by Ochi-san.

“I came with my younger sister, but she left her things to me and went with her friends.”

“Is that so?”

Listening to our conversation, Yokota-san perked up her ears, and asked me once again.

“So what about you, Kuzuhara-san? You said earlier you were with your boyfriend, right?”

Yokota-san peered into my face while laughing. Upon hearing that, Ochi-san frowned.

“Boyfriend…… Was it the monk?”

Uncle, you even babbled such a thing. When my personal and private information was leaked, I felt my whole body seething in anger.

Tired of arguing, I nodded a little wretchedly.

“Yes. He went over there due to a sudden phone call…..”

“Kano-san…… Are you really okay with him? Won’t you regret it?”

Ochi-san suddenly became serious and looked straight at me, his tone somewhat prodding. I became embarrassed by the sudden change of his behavior so I stepped back a little.

“Eh, what are you……”

“Marriage. Isn’t it difficult to marry a monk?”

When he suddenly retorted, my eyes widened in surprise.

“Well, whether it will be difficult or not……”

“I don’t know who the monk is but there will be a lot of established routine to follow, so isn’t it going to be tough? You won’t be able to go on a trip because it’s impossible to have a long vacation, right? Besides you are going to live with your in-laws, so you need to take them into consideration and I think that’s going to be tough.”

Interrupting my speech and insisting his own ideas, Ochi-san seems to be full of confidence.

“……And, absolutely…… I think I can make you happy, Kano-san. If you were to marry me, you are not bound to follow traditions or regulations. You can have long vacations. Naturally, we will live separately from our parents…… At least, these conditions are better for you than marrying into the temple.”

Saying it all again in one breath like a bursting dam, I was stunned. Yokota-san, who is next to him, stared at Ochi-san, her mouth agape.

“Excuse me, I’m sorry for butting in your conversation…… Is it necessary to marry with conditions? This may sound too simple, but I want to marry the person I like……”

Yokota-san expressed her ideas to Ochi-san. Then, like a fool, Ochi-san snorted while laughing.

“Speaking out of turn, girl? But such a thing is just an ideal, it is different from reality. Practical matters, money and circumstances. I think this is the most important things for marriage.”

Yokota-san stared at Ochi-san, dumbfounded.

I was flabbergasted. So Ochi-san is someone who has this way of thinking.

“Then, what is the reason why you want to marry me, Ochi-san?”

I looked straight at Ochi-san and quietly asked.

“It’s because I like your face. I fell in love at first sight when Chief Kuzuhara showed me your picture. Totally my type……”

Ochi-san passionately talked about his likes, but he was looking at me with cold eyes.

This person, I wonder if he’s aware that what he was saying contradicts the conditions he mentioned a while ago……

I don’t think there is a difference between Yokota-san who wants to marry the person she likes and Ochi-san who wants to marry me because he likes my looks.

Well, as Ochi-san said, I also think that money and circumstances are important. My ex-boyfriend also used to say something similar. So I don’t think that marrying under those ideas is wrong……

But I don’t want those.

Fuu. Exhaling, I confronted Ochi-san.

“……Enough. I’ll say this to you clearly. It’s impossible for me to marry you. If we get married, we will not get along each other.”

Ochi-san gaped, as though he did not understand what I said.

“Kano-san, you think you are going to be more happy marrying that monk than me?”

“Well, He . . . Hazekura-san is an admirable person whom I respect from the bottom of my heart. More than you.” [T/N: Slap!]

“……You’ll definitely have a hard time.”

“You can’t decide that.”

When I said that in a clear, strong tone, Ochi-san pursed his lips. He silently measured me for a while, then shook his head and sighed.

“Unexpectedly, you’re someone who is clearly obstinate…… I thought you are more of a biddable person. I’m sorry for saying unnecessary things. May you become happy with him.”

Ochi-san then bowed his head and quickly walked away. When I could not see his figure anymore, my shoulders sagged a little.

“Sigh—— Ah . . . What’s wrong with that person . . . I’m sooo tired……”

But then, I will not see him anymore.

At that moment, Yokota-san, who was watching our argument at the sidelines, clung to my arms.

“Kuzuhara-san~~!! What’s with that person?! Just because he is a little handsome, ah, so annoying!! But Kuzuhara-san, you’re cool!!”

“Because he just decided it by himself, he made me irritated……”

“You were really cool, you know?”

Huh? When I looked back to see who said that, I did not notice that Hazekura-san was already at the side.

“Hazekura-san!? Since when have you been standing there?”

“Just a while ago. When I came back, I saw you guys talking.”

……It couldn’t be. Did he hear what I said to Ochi-san.

If he did, what should I do? I’m so embarrassed I want to run away……!

As my heart began to throb, someone beside me spoke at that moment.

“E-Excuse me!”

When I turned to look, Yokota-san was blushing for some reason and kept glancing at Hazekura-san, who was exchanging looks with me.

Oh, I guess I should introduce them to each other.

“Yokota-san, this is . . . Hazekura-san, whom I am dating right now. Hazekura-san, this is Yokota-san, my co-worker.”

“Nice to meet you. I am Hazekura Soushun. I am a monk.”

When Hazekura-san smiled at Yokota-san, the flush in Yokota-san’s cheeks became more evident.

“I-I’m Yokota Rumi, 21 years old. I’m a university student. My hobby is making bead accessories and I am specially skilled in karate. I have a black belt!”

When she mentioned the last part, her boyfriend beside her gaped and looked at her twice.

Hazekura-san nodded as if he was impressed.

“Having a black belt is admirable. May you continue to take care of Kano-san in the future.”

It’s my first time hearing that Yokota-san has a black belt in karate though……

Yokota-san looked up at Hazekura-san and mumbled strange things.

“A super handsome monk…… Moe……”

Hey, don’t forget your boyfriend beside you~!

I started worrying about other people’s problem.

Hazekura-san then called my attention and handed me a bottle of cold green tea.

“Kano-san, that person earlier…… was he the person you’re supposed to meet at the omiai?”

“Yes. You discerned it well.”

While thanking him for the tea, I looked at Hazekura-san.

“I heard him mention Chief Kuzuhara, so I assumed. If ever he was going to say something more than that, I was planning to interrupt, but then it wasn’t necessary.”

Hazekura-san said, breaking into a smile.

……Wait a moment, since when exactly have you been listening!?

Beside me, Yokota-san squirmed and squeaked, “His smile is moe!!”

Like I said, don’t forget your boyfriend beside you.


A large fireworks spread in the night sky with a loud sound. I really get excited when I see it up close.

“Wow, amazing!”

Feeling someone’s gaze on me, I glanced sideways and felt embarrassed when I met Hazekura-san’s tender eyes. Because I can’t stop my face from turning red.

Yokota-san laid a picnic blanket slightly away from us, stuffing her mouth with takoyaki and okonomiyaki she bought from the food stalls.

“Thank you.”

At Hazekura-san’s expression of gratitude, I looked at him in confusion.

“You stood up for me earlier, didn’t you? I was happy. I can’t believe you’d say those things, Kano-san.”

“……Well. It’s because he was so full of himself. How much you’ve worked hard in your work, I’ve seen it for several weeks. He did not even know that and yet he . . . I felt angry.”

Another big fireworks went up. Our conversation was drowned by the “boooom” sound of fireworks and the shouts of excitement.

“I’m happy.”


“……Kano-san, the truth is, the first time I saw you was not during the Bon festival.”

I was shocked at Hazekura-san’s confession.

“Huh? Then, where did we meet?”

Fufu, Hazekura-san giggled as he looked at me.

“I saw you for the first time during your grandmother’s funeral.”


“Back then, I was also at the temple. On the day of the funeral, I thought you were a beautiful woman and my eyes followed you.”

Hearing the sounds of the fireworks, I suddenly searched for my memories.

“At that time . . . It was my maternal grandmother who died, so my mother was exhausted. My mother was the only only child and my grandfather also had already passed away, so my father and I made the arrangements in behalf of my mother, greeted the guests…… There were lots of things to do, so I cannot remember everything that happened.”

“Is that so…… In my eyes, you were a brave and a dependable lady. But after the ceremony, I saw you crying at the corner of the temple.”


I unconsciously covered my mouth with my hands.

“I knew I shouldn’t watch you, but you just looked very . . . beautiful that I couldn’t avert my eyes. You quickly wiped your tears away and started to work hard, and my eyes won’t leave you. In the end, my head was filled with thoughts of you and I had this strong desire to know what kind of person you are.” [T/N: What kind of thoughts? Ooops…]

“……I never thought you were watching me…… It’s embarrassing……”

I remembered that day, I could not cry during the funeral, so when the ceremony was over, I went to the washroom and cried a little.

“That’s how it is. I can’t let you go now that you’re here with me.”

He said that while pointing his chest with his finger. And smiled meaningfully at me.

“I wanted to see you, was yearning for you…… Yes, I realized that I fell in love with you at that moment. It can’t be helped if you were to laugh at what this mature man is saying.”

Hazekura-san laughed, a little bit embarrassed. But I don’t feel like laughing at him at all.

“……I won’t . . . laugh at you……”

When I said that, he looked down and smiled bitterly.

“Even so, I tried to give up a couple of times. I focused on my work more than ever, and underwent ascetism. But when I came home after finishing my ascetism, it was your face that first came into my mind.”

I gazed at his face and listened to his voice as he spoke.

‘One cannot escape from one’s worldly desires.’ That’s exactly what it is. No matter how much I try to drive you away, you won’t disappear from my heart…… I was really at my wit’s end, you know? I thought I had no choice but to live as a single man for the rest of my life. Until I met you again.” [T/N: Ahem, Hazekura-san, I’m still here, okay? XD]

Learning that Hazekura-san’s feelings for me was deeper than I imagined, I felt troubled.

Without looking at me who was struck dumb, Hazekura-san gazed at the fireworks that brightened the night sky.

“When Chief Priest Katou-san strained his back, a little anticipation began to sprout as I go around the parishioners’ houses to chant sutras. I may be able to meet you. The probability is low, but still……”

The fireworks also came to an end. As the fireworks continued to rise up into the sky and the audiences’ voices echoed, I kept silent and listened to him.

“I never thought that you would bump into my chest before I visited your house. I was too happy and it was hard to pretend to be calm.”

Hazekura-san threw me a glance and laughed.

I never knew that this was the whole story.

Because I was told, “Become my wife,” the first day we met, I thought he said it out of the blue but it wasn’t the case. However……

“I understand about your circumstances at that time, but it just doesn’t feel good to be suddenly told, “Become my wife”…… I was really surprised and it made me very cautious.”

“…… I am sorry for saying that phrase. The pleasure of seeing you was too much that I could not suppress my overflowing emotions…… It was like that.”

Although he was apologizing in a humble way, Hazekura-san looked happy.

And for a while, we watched the fireworks without speaking to each other. While the fireworks were setting off one after another, I felt that the sounds were faraway. Because my thoughts were full of Hazekura-san’s confession.

—What to do? I’m so happy.

Hazekura-san had feelings for me for a long time now. I am glad that it is the case.

I was not carried away nor deluded, but something etched in me.
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I like him after all. I really like him.

At that moment, a person trying to pass by me lightly bumped my shoulders. I lost my balance and staggered lightly, and it looked like I was leaning against Hazekura-san beside me.

“I-I’m sorry.”

When I tried to hurriedly get off from him, Hazekura-san’s hand grabbed my waist.


“Can we stay like this for a while?”

“Ah…… eh, ye-yes……”

Feeling the warmth of his hand touching my waist made me strangely hot…… Though it was a light touch, it made my heart really beat fast……


“I-It’s nothing.”

I looked up at the night sky to concentrate on the fireworks for now. However, even if I watch the fireworks set off, I’m still conscious of Hazekura-san beside me.

While I was feeling tensed, Niagara, the last fireworks, began. I cheered unconsciously upon seeing the flames fall down the river.

Then, Hazekura-san bent a little and whispered in my ears.

“It seems to be the last of the fireworks. Shall we start to leave before it becomes crowded?”

Looking around, it’s really true that the visitors are starting to leave the place.

“Ah, yes. You’re right.”

I was surprised~.

Hazekura-san’s breath felt hot in my ears…… I secretly touched my ears. Weaving my way through the crowd, someone suddenly held my hand. I was surprised that my body jerked.

“I’m sorry for surprising you. I just thought that we mustn’t lose sight of each other.”

Hazekura-san smiled awkwardly upon seeing my reaction.

“No, I’m sorry. It’s okay……”

Lightly squeezing his hand, I saw a hint of delight on Hazekura-san’s smile.

Because of his dreamy smile, my heart that has finally calmed down erratically beat again.

After a while, the surrounding station area became very crowded. Because Hazekura-san and I returned to the parking lot as soon as possible, we were not caught in the congestion.

While the car was passing in front of a crowded station, Hazekura-san spoke.

“It seems that it was right for us to leave earlier. Had we continued watching the fireworks until the end, we would have caught in the traffic and be very delayed in returning home.”


Hazekura-san talked to me while driving. Ever since I heard Hazekura-san’s confession, I became even more conscious of him and talked less.

—This is not good, He’ll think I’m acting strange. I should act like usual……

Yet, I feel nervous that I couldn’t speak.

“Kano-san, I’m sorry if ever I hurt your feelings.”


At his unexpected speech, I jolted and looked at Hazekura-san in the driver’s seat.

“It’s unpleasant to have a strange man like you for two years, right? For thinking that it’s not impossible to attract your interest…… I really apologize……”

Hazekura-san bowed his head in apology.

—You’re wrong! That’s not it!

I know that he misunderstood me, so I explained hurriedly.

“N-No! That’s not it! I don’t think that! I was surprised to know that you liked me for two years, but I felt happy!”

For a moment, Hazekura-san threw me a glance with a surprised expression. I told him my true feelings again.

“I felt happy……”

This, doesn’t it sound like I was confessing? When I noticed it, I covered my face with my hands.

“Kano-san…… You……”

Still covering my face, I nodded.

“……I, I like you.”


While Hazekura-san gripped the steering wheel, he instantly turned his face towards me.

“Whoa—! Don’t! Don’t look at me right now! Please look forward!!”

“I-I’m sorry, it’s just that……”

Hearing my warning, Hazekura-san understood the situation and turned forward.

“Ah, but consenting to the marriage is a different matter!”

When I added that statement in a hurry, Hazekura-san glance at me again.

“Kano-san, . . . Really? Towards me, you really……”

“It’s true. It can’t be helped if you think that I’m e-easy……”

“I don’t think of you that way.”

Hazekura-san declared in a loud voice.

Just then the car stopped at the red light. Hazekura-san then covered his mouth with a hand and fell down on the steering wheel.

I got a little worried about this new behavior so I reached out to him.

“Err, Hazekura-san. Are you……”

The next moment, Hazekura-san grabbed my hand.


“Before I forced the relationship until now, I’ve touched you while suppressing my desire…… But now, can I say that I can’t stop myself anymore?”

Hazekura-san’s gaze, which was more serious than usual, seems to be filled with heat. Understanding dawned after a little while.

—That, he means…… The body…… At that moment, my body felt hotter.

It’s embarrassing if he were to repeat that again. Really embarrassing.

But before I realized it, I was nodding.


Hazekura-san called my name but then fell silent. I looked at him and waited for what he is going to say next.

However, the traffic signal changed, and the car on the next lane started to move. Noticing it, Hazekura-san sighed as though to calm himself, looked forward and started the car.

“……Kano-san, I’m sorry but could you give me some more time……? I don’t want to separate from you right now.”

“Huh….. Ah, yes.”

I nodded without really giving it some thought.

Just then, Hazekura-san swerved the car from the lane and entered a side street. I remembered the same incident before, and my heart throbbed harder than ever before.


I’m so nervous to look at him.

But when I hung my head, he stretched out his hand and touched my cheek. And made me turn my face towards him.

“I beg your pardon, Kano-san.”

The moment I was about to open my mouth to answer him, Hazekura-san drew nearer and pressed his lips against mine.


Surprised by the sudden kiss, my body stiffened. However, Hazekura-san kindly took the lead and gently inserted his tongue through the gap between my lips. As his thick tongue traced the row of my teeth, it coaxed my tongue and slowly entwined with it.


I responded to his kiss while being able to breathe somehow, but he kept on kissing me, not giving me time to take a break.

—Such a passionate kiss…… I don’t know . . . But the kiss that is becoming more intense is definitely making my body feel hot.

While kissing, his long fingers gently stroked my cheek. Just with the feel of those fingers, my reason flew out of the window. [T/N: I noticed this since chapter 1. Kano-san, you have a finger fetish, don’t you?]

I wrapped my arms around his neck. Then Hazekura-san released my lips for a moment, changed his angle and kissed deeply. I gladly accepted it.

He is skillful with his tongue and he ravished my mouth without leaving it. His thin lips and the strong scent of incense made me dizzy.

I like this person.

“Hu . . . Nn, ha…….”

—Don’t stop…… More, like this…… We forgot the time and kept on kissing greedily.

I wonder how long we have been doing this.

Hazekura-san released my lips and whispered in my ears.

“Kano-san . . . will you stay and spend the night with me……?”

I am also surprised with myself, as “refusing” is out of the option right now.

“……Yes. I also want to be with you…… Ah, but I, my yukata……”

Noticing my dress, I hesitated, making Hazekura-san chuckled.

“About that, I’ll dress you up. As many times as possible.” [T/N: Iyaaa~ So naughty! XD]

At his bewitching expression, I blushed very hard.


<*WARNING: R-eighteen*>

Afterwards, Hazekura-san moved surprisingly fast. He contacted the hotel that he used several times for business and secured a room. After we checked in, he pulled my hand and headed for the room.

Meanwhile I was too tensed to speak, and I was nervous the whole time.

As soon as we entered the room, I was hugged by Hazekura-san from behind.

While my heart pounded as I felt the warmth of his arms wrapped around my body, I timidly looked back at Hazekura-san. He then drew closer and captured my lips.

Kiss, kiss, we repeatedly kissed, and eventually I turned around to embrace him. Doing so, the kiss became deeper. Hazekura-san’s tongue slid into my open lips and entwined with my tongue.


In front of the door, we crazily and greedily devoured each other’s lips. While he’s at it, he removed the obi of my yukata skillfully.

“This is a nice yukata. And since it looks good on you, I feel that it is a waste to take it off…..”

Despite saying that, he removed my koshihimo (waist cord) neatly and slid off the yukata off my shoulder.

The moment the yukata fell on the floor, I suddenly remembered something.

—Da-Damn!! The underwear I wore under my yukata is not sexy at all……!!

“Ah, please don’t look at me so much~”

When he saw me hurriedly hide my chest with my arms, Hazekura-san blanked for a moment then giggled.

“What are you saying? That’s unreasonable. Because I can’t help myself but look at you.”

As soon as he said that, Hazekura-san smiled, gently lifted me and moved towards the bed. He slowly lowered me on the bed and immediately towered over me. [T/N: Manic Josei receives damage points!]

Finally with Hazekura-san…… Just thinking about this, my heart feels like it will pop out of my mouth.

Gently touching my face that was stiff with tension, he gave me a smile.

“Am I dreaming? That I’m doing this with the woman I’ve been yearning for?”

Noticing that his hand on my cheek was trembling slightly, I felt surprised.

—Is he nervous? Even Hazekura-san……

“……Is it okay if I call this a dream?”

“It’s a joke.”

At my retort, he also laughed. At that moment, I also touched his cheek.

“Right? ……I’d be troubled if this was a dream……”

Muttering quietly, he pulled my head and kissed me.

A light kiss quickly turned into a fierce one.

While we kissed, Hazekura-san’s hand trailed my skin.

Before I knew it, my bra was removed and was almost naked except for a pair of panties. He raised himself a little and gazed at me.

“Kano-san’s skin is . . . smooth, isn’t it? It’s white and supple…… Very beautiful.”

I felt ashamed of his gaze, so I concealed my chest with both hands.

“Why? Although you’re so beautiful like this? Please show me more.”

Grabbing my arms, Hazekura-san pinned them down on the bed gently. He kissed my breast and let his tongue roll slowly.

“Ah…… Hnnn……”

“……So cute. It looks like a flower bud.”

He said in fascination, then he started to harden my nipple with his mouth. Like that, he toyed with it as though he was tasting it. Unable to endure that kind of stimulus, pants escaped my mouth.

“Hah…… Ahh…….”

“Kano-san, aren’t you sensitive…… You’re getting more lovable……”

Hazekura-san, who seems to be somewhat happy, licked my nipple gently with his tongue. At the same time, he cupped the other with his big hand and slowly fondled it. While doing so, he would occasionally rub my nipples with his fingers and give me stimulation without break.


An electric-like sensation coursed through my body. When I tried to twist myself to the pleasure I can’t escape, my body was restrained by Hazekura-san. I saw him bury his face in my chest.

His beautiful eyebrows and beautiful almond-shaped eyes. His big and graceful hand touching my body. As I watch him, I wanted to touch that body very much.

“Hazekura-san, you also take it off.”

When I impulsively said that, Hazekura-san raised his eyes at me and grinned. He suddenly raised his body, tugged his obi in a fluid motion and took off his yukata.

Hazekura-san, who now wears a pair of underwear, have impressive muscles from his shoulders to his waist, making his body look like an inverted triangle. His firm abdomen is divided into six. I gasped at the body hidden underneath his clothes.

—What a beautiful body…… [T/N: Manic Josei’s HP is approaching zero!]

As I gaze at his body, I felt the inner part of my stomach gradually became warmer and wetter.

Hazekura-san then took his wallet out from the cloth bag which fell to the floor together with his yukata, and pulled out something from it.

“……What are you doing?”

“Adult manners.”

Rustle, he showed a contraceptive device.

……Truly, we must avoid mistakes.

Wanting to touch Hazekura-san who came back to the bed again, I instinctively reached out for his body.

“What’s wrong?”

Looking at me lightly touching his pectorals, Hazekura-san asked curiously.

“Nothing, I just thought . . . that you were training……”

“Well…… I guess it felt uncomfortable if I don’t train to a certain extent…… But Kano-san, you have a lot in your mind, right?”

“I-I don’t have the luxury of time for that!!”

“Is that so?”

While his tongue ran down my neck, he pushed me down again. Dropping kisses on the neck and clavicle, he rubbed my breasts gently. Then he fiddled my erect nipple many times with his fingers, my body permeating with pleasure.

“Hah-……. Ahn…… Ha-Hazekura-sa…….”

“Really…… It is a beautiful body…… I hate the man who has touched your body before.”

When he raised his face after saying that, I suddenly slapped his cheek.

“Stop it…… Please don’t say such embarrassing things.”

Looking at me, Hazekura-san grabbed my hand, his expression unchanging. Kissing my palm a little, he drew his face closer.

“I’m like this because I’m also nervous. I’m trying to calm my feelings by talking.”

He then captured my lips.


Naturally, he plunged his tongue and tangled it with mine. After a while, he soon switched to offense and ravaged my mouth. Every time he strongly suck my tongue or trace a row of teeth, saliva overflowed at the edge of our mouths.

Absorbed in kissing, his hand gently rubbed my breast and tugged a hard pointed tip with his fingers.

My lower body, after I was continually given with intense and gentle pleasure, began to moisturize with heat.

Whether he is aware of such changes, Mr. Okura gradually shifts his body downward while changing the position of the kiss. As he reached my lower abdomen, he took off my panties.


Immediately afterwards, a long, bony finger came in between my legs. After stroking around the crevice several times, he thrust into my honeypot.


My hips bounced at the same time.

“……To be this wet……”

Hazekura-san muttered delightedly, moving his fingers slowly inside me. As he did that, more fluid spilled and he smeared it around. The movement of his fingers gradually became intense, and the watery sound became louder.

Squelch, squelch. The obscene sound fueled my shame, making me cover my face with my hands. [T/N: It is I who wants to cover my face!]

“No, it’s embarrassing……”

“It’s not embarrassing at all. I’m so happy that I can’t help it.”

Hazekura-san said, kissing my stomach, then buried his face between my legs and started to lick the overflowing honey with his tongue.

“Ahh~…! P-Please stop, it’s…….”

I try to push his head with my hands, but he did not budge.

“Hah…… More and more are flowing…….”

Slurp, slurp. As if scooping it with his tongue, he sipped my nectar.

Knowing that I am already embarrassed, he made a sound as if he wanted me to hear it deliberately, and I am unable to dispel my shame.

“Oh, stop……!! It’s embarrassing……!”

Immediately after I whined, his tongue licked a small flower core above the honeypot.


My body trembled as pleasure diffused though me, and my breathing became rough.

“Ha, ahn……”

When he saw my reaction, he smiled delightedly and persistently attacked me there. He moved his tongue up and down, fondling my wetness, and occasionally blew a breath. With those stimulus, my waist jerked in response.

It’s too much…… I’d feel strange……!!

“……Ah…….Ha-Hazekura-sa…… Ahn~…… Please stop it……”

Trembling as I plead, Hazekura-san lifted his face from between my legs.

“……Kano-san, you’re cute…… I am at my limit too. I want to become one with you as soon as possible.”

He said with a passionate expression. He raised his body to remove his underwear and sheathed his big, hard thing with a contraceptive. Then, he settled it near my honeypot.

Sending me a glance for affirmation, I nodded at him. At my signal, Hazekura-san pushed his thing slowly into me.

“Aahhh…… Hnng……”


It was hard and big…… and hot……!

This is my first time after a few years. Feeling this sense of pressure after a long time, I gasped, my body writhing.

When I looked up at him who kept still, I saw him closing his eyes, his eyebrows gathering into a frown.

“E-Err, are you okay……?”

Worrying, I peered into his face. Hazekura-san opened his eyes and smiled, then brushed the hair away from my forehead and planted a kiss there.

“I’m fine. Because it feels so good inside you……for a bit, I was basking in this wonderful feeling.”


Averting my face due to shyness, Hazekura-san chuckled.

“Kano-san…… I will not hand you over to anyone.”

Upon hearing the words he whispered hotly in my ear, I looked at him, languidly stretched out my hands towards him and pulled him closer.

“I like you, Hazekura-san.”

Brimming with emotions, I honestly told him my feelings. When I did that, Hazekura-san’s face turned red.

……Could it be that he is embarrassed?

Thinking how cute he acted, he suddenly seized my lips.


He kissed me roughly, as though he was devouring my lips. When I responded with the same intensity, Hazekura-san slowly started to move his hips.

“Ha…… Hnnnn…..”

Slowly at first, he gradually explored my weak spots as though he was drawing a circle, until he hit a mark.

“……Ah, Ha-Hazekura-sa……”

“The place you feel good is…… here, isn’t it?”

As he panted heavily, Hazekura-san asked. Not missing my reaction, he thrust the spot thoroughly.

“Oh, please, not there……!”

“No…… You are getting wetter than a while ago. It feels good here, right?”

He continued poking my innermost places as he said that.


Hitting my weak spot, flinch! My hips jerked hard.

If sex is as pleasant as this, it is an excitable thing……

Just his hot breath fanning my skin makes my body tremble with excitement. Being hugged by an incredible hard body, its heat and weight got me aroused again.

Although this isn’t my first time, this strong feeling I have never experienced before made me abnormally excited.

Slap, slap. The slapping sounds made by the movement of our hips echoed around the room.

“Hng, ahh…… Ah…… Ahnnn~ Don’t, you’re making me crazy……!!”


The pleasure coursing through my body every time he thrust into me, and watching his sweaty appearance made my mind go blank.

“Hnnng, ah…… I’m……”

I could only pant, and lost my ability to think of anything due to the vigorous rhythm, is it okay?

Hazekura-san asked as he peered into my face.

“It’s okay…… More……”

When I wrapped my arms around his neck and drew him closer, he laughed and replied, “With pleasure.”

This person seems to be happy no matter what I say. Now that I think of it, his eyes and facial expression would soften.

Opening my eyes a little as he pounded into me aggressively, Hazekura-san’s eyebrows were knitted into a frown and his forehead is glistening with sweat.

—I wonder if I’m making him feel good……?

While I doubted myself, he pulled my body even closer. Embracing me tightly, almost face to face with each other, it made our connection deeper.


I quivered in pleasure, arching my back. As Hazekura-san’s hips continued to undulate, he began rubbing my breast, occasionally taking an engorged tip in his mouth and suck it noisily.

“Hnn, ha……”

“Your walls tightened. So you like this, too?”

“Ah…… Aahhh~…… No, dooon’t~……!”

“……It really feels good inside you…… I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.”

Hazekura-san said in between breaths, and I held his face and kissed him.

“Hnn, fu……”

Tangling our tongues, we devoured each others’ lips hungrily. Everything felt so good so we kept on kissing.

“Hnn~ ah, I’m getting close……”

“Me too, I’m…..”

Hearing his strained voice, I opened my eyes again. Hazekura-san’s eyebrows were more wrinkled than before and his face is glistening with more sweat.

“Ah, I’m coming~……!!”

—Ah, no~……!

As I reached my climax, I closed my eyes tightly as my body shook violently with pleasure. And then I clung to him while my body became drained with strength.

After that, Hazekura-san has caught up to me soon, and with a low moan, he collapsed on my shoulders.

After catching his breath, Hazekura-san took care of the contraceptive and hugged me again. When I hugged him back, I was hugged even more tightly.

Then, he whispered in my ear.

“……Can we stay together a little longer?”


Hazekura-san then had me lie with my face down on the bed. He kissed my cheek then his lips traveled from my neck down to my buttocks. He touched my buttocks as if to confirm its roundness, then he sucked it lightly.

“These beautiful curves….. They’re white and glossy…… How amazing…..”

His hand gently stroked my buttocks down to my nether regions and slipped his finger into my vagina. Perfectly wet due to the stimulation since a while ago until now, it swallowed his finger without any resistance.


“It seems it was inserted right away.”

As he said that, he pushed his finger deeply inside. After moving it several times, he pulled it out slowly. As I gaze over my shoulder, I saw his fingers shining brightly with wet honey.

“Your honey is sweet.”

Licking his wet finger, he looked at me seductively. I averted my eyes out of embarrassment.

“……Shall we become one once again?”

Hazekura-san’s shaft regained its rigidity once again, and pushed into me, who was lying sprawled, with one stroke.


It feels different from what is done in a normal position. His rigid shaft directly pierced my pleasure zone.

In fact, the pleasure I felt almost made me come.

“Hnnng, hit me . . . there . . . Ah, ah……”

As I continued to moan and bury my face in the pillow, Hazekura-san increased his speed.

“Your walls contracted again. So you also like it here, too……”

Panting, Hazekura-san rubbed my breast from behind and kept pounding into me. Occasionally he would pinch my nipples, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body.

——Oh, I can’t take it anymore……

“Ah…… Hazekura-san…… No, I’m about to……”

As I reach my climax, I appealed to him in shallow pants.

“Go ahead, you can come if you want.”

Almost at the same time he pumped faster and faster, I climaxed.


My vision blurred. After my body convulsed, I peacefully lay down on the bed.


At my weak state, he kept kissing me while we are still connected.

“Kano-san…… I love you……”

“Mm…… Me too…..”

Pulling his head, I responded to Hazekura-san’s passionate kisses.

After calming down a bit, I realized that . . . I felt happier now that we’re finally joined together.

—I didn’t know that becoming one with him would make me this happy…… I wonder if Hazekura-san, who is smiling before me, also thinks the same.

After that, we made love for many times until Hazekura-san had to get up to go to work in the morning.


*   *   *


I received more emails and phone calls ever since that fateful night from Hazekura-san. The emails that I received once a day in the past has now multiplied, and occasionally, there would be phone calls at night.

I love you, Kano-san. Although we just saw each other the other day, I can’t wait to see you anymore.

He would say something like this on his messages or over the phone, and I can’t help but feel embarrassed.

But, as what is natural, our relationship has changed after that night.

I like Hazekura-san. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I have never regretted that I started dating him. It’s just that……

“……Marriage, huh?”

He stopped talking about wanting to marry me unlike the first time we met. Because he promised me with, “When we start dating, you do not have to think about marriage.” But it is quite obvious that it is not his true feelings.

Of course, because I like him, I want to be with him. But getting married to him is a different matter. And above all, I cannot imagine what my life would be if I became a bride of a temple.

You do not have to think about marriage…… I wonder if it’s okay to stay together like this?

While reading the mail I received from him, I inwardly sighed.

One day, I raised my voice after being surprised with what Hazekura-san relayed to me on the phone.

“Huh……? You want me to go to your house at the temple…..?”

Yes. Actually, I wanted to spend the holiday with just the two of us, but I need to go to my parent’s house to take care of a minor business. If you don’t mind, can you go along with me? I will pick you up.

Hazekura-san made such proposal to me, I was suddenly confused.

“Uhm, your parents are present in your house at the temple, right? Uhm……”

When I was at a loss for words, I heard his laughter over the phone.

Fufu, so you’re feeling anxious that I’m going to introduce you to my parents, huh? Rest assured. Both of them have engagements during the day, so only the caretaker will be at the temple. I just want to be with you on my day off. [That person] is old enough not be embarrassed, but……

As he said that, since Hazekura-san always tells me something that would make me smile……

“I got it. Then, I’ll be waiting.”

While feeling a bit shy, I agreed to go to his parents’ house.

After the phone call was over, I plopped on the bed and thought about it carefully.

At my age, it is strange that I just want to enjoy romance with the person I like instead of thinking about marriage.

Perhaps, he had to date me due to my selfishness. But besides dating him, I still need to address that issue someday, right……?

Accompanied by my endless worries, the sleepless night wore on.




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