Release Sched: Hero Suddenly Proposed + Monk’s Lovesickness

Hello, everyone. Welcome again to the new site!

Sigh~~ 4 more months before my graduation! Yay! But it means, I will have 4 more months of hellish training wuwuwu T^T. And before that, we have to take a LOOOT of exams. T^T

Because of this, I regret to inform you guys that I will have to prioritize my studies first. Yup, But don’t worry, I WILL NOT stop the translations. After the release of A Monk’s Lovesickness Chapter 5, I will focus on Hero Suddenly Proposed. Then, on March, I will focus on A Monk’s Lovesickness. In short, I will alternate them to be fair for the readers.

Sorry for the delays. Because of the setback I’ve experienced weeks ago, I accumulated unnecessary backlog. I will try my best to double time!

If you have questions, you can DM me at Twitter, NovelUpdates or Discord (@manicjosei#3968).

Thank you for your kind consideration!

3 thoughts on “Release Sched: Hero Suddenly Proposed + Monk’s Lovesickness

  1. Jasmin says:

    Manic Josei-sama … from the bottom of my heart thank you for being back!! I felt like crying and shouting when your side with all your precious translations got shut down T_T T_T T_T but still I hoped all of us could eventually enjoy your hard work again. I really, really, really, really missed the stories you translated so once again thank you so much (“\(^_^)/”)

  2. Rheana says:

    I really love to read novel hsp, thx for translating it!! Ohh btw can i ask, where i can read hsp vol 2 ch 1- vol 2 ch 14. I cant found it QwQ really want read it.

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