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And the Story Begins



With a roaring sound, the Demon’s castle collapsed. Greed and the others escaped from the castle using teleportation magic and met Rufus who is waiting at the entrance of the forest after rescuing Princess Louise first.

“The Demon King?”

Rufus asked Greed after confirming their safety.

“Dead. It was over too soon.”

Rufus responded with a bitter smile. But behind Greed, Renas shook his head in silence.

It was not an exaggeration to say that Greed, who was partly raised by the spirits, is somewhat out of touch with ordinary people. It is also the role of Rufus, as Greed’s childhood friend, to rectify and follow up it…… Rufus sent a gaze of sympathy to Renas, who seemed quite tired.

“Excuse me. Are you Greed-sama, the hero?”

Suddenly, Princess Louise of Schwarze took a step forward and asked Greed. Greed shifted his line of sight to the Princess beside Rufus and nodded.

Even though she looked slightly haggard after being confined for nearly a month, the beauty of Princess Louise was not marred at all. She has a blonde hair with a hint of orange and jewel-like green eyes fringed with long eyelashes. She has rosy lips and her skin is smooth, transparent like a pearl. The Princess is the embodiment of the people’s concept of beauty.

Even Rufus, a prince who is accustomed to beautiful ladies, seemed to have forgotten to breathe for a while upon seeing her beauty.

Princess Louise had a powerful look, which drew more attention than her beauty. Despite the situation, her straightforward gaze was dignified and has not lost its determination. She is not just a beautiful princess.

“She is most exceptional among the women the demons have kidnapped until now.”

What Milly said at the tower was not just about her outward appearance. However, even if such a lovely beauty everyone have acknowledged is in front of him, Greed’s facial expression did not change at all. He just indifferently looked at her with glass-like eyes.

To Greed, Princess Louise raised the hem of her dress and curtsied.

“Hero-sama, thank you very much for your help. I am Louise Emil Schwarze, the Second Princess of the Kingdom of Schwarze. As for my father, the King of Schwarze’s request, I heard from Rufus-sama earlier―”

“Oh, to introduce ourselves in a place like this is quite not proper so . . .”

Rufaga smiled wryly and with his staff, pointed the collapsing Demon King’s castle. “Please do so after we’ve reached the town.”

―However, the moment the Hero’s party arrived at the border of the town using teleportation magic, an unexpected incident occurred. Immediately after they relocated, Princess Louise fainted because of the motion sickness.

Perhaps all the tiredness she felt from her one month of incarceration must have been released. It was quite difficult to wake her up. Furthermore, when the princess swooned and panicked, the Hero’s party totally forgot to cast camouflage magic on themselves and entered the town.

As a result, their identities were exposed to the townspeople. At the inn, the townspeople tried to catch a glimpse of the Hero’s party. Naturally, the reporters knew where to go so one of them crowded at the door.

For the reporter, he has to write articles on the affairs of the Hero’s party and any information about it is something that he needs to obtain. Since they have Princess Louise with them, it is no mistake that they won, whether they defeated the Demon King or drove him away.

With the promising news information, the Hero’s party could not escape from the inn.

If their return to the Kingdom of Schwarze will be delayed, Greed’s reunion with his beloved will also be delayed. But surprisingly, Greed is spending his time in a detached manner.

“It’s because I am doing various preparations.”

To Rufus who worriedly inquired, Greed answered as he lifted his tribute―err, gift of tea leaves to her. He consulted Princess Louise about his gift, which he bought at the market earlier. After they have settled and have relaxed in the finest living room prepared for them by the owner of the inn out of courtesy, Greed personally talked to the princess who has just recovered. And also, superbly smiled at her.

“Princess, I would like to court your first lady-in-waiting, Aria. Will you allow me?”

Rattle, rattle, rattle!

The other five people, except for Greed and the princess being questioned, got up from the chair and the sofa they were sitting on and took a step back.

Everyone of them turned pale. At Greed’s smile, and at his words.

“Wai― where can I insert tsukkomi? That smile, who is he?! And, courtship[1]?! Did he say kyuukon[2]? He means plant bulb[3], right? ”

*T/N: As you all know about Japanese language, one word could mean differently depending on the Kanji used.

  1. 求婚 [kyuukon] – it means courtship.
  2. きゅうこん [kyuukon] – the, err, “phonetic” reading of the kanji.
  3. 球根 [kyuukon] – it means plant bulb.

What Milly said is also what everyone felt.

“Is it a harbinger of natural disaster……?”

“Oh, goddess. Please protect us.”

“I felt the chill run down my spine.”

“…I was about to unconsciously use defense magic.”

However, it seems that it was only the princess who is not aware of her surroundings. For a while, she gaped in surprise―and then answered with a delighted smile.

“Oh dear! Hero-sama and Aria? Since when have you known each other?”

“When we went to the castle of Schwarze after we got the request.”

“My, my. Aria. That Aria! Yes, of course! I permit it!”

“Thank you very much.”

Greed grinned. The party members took another step backwards.

“I’m happy. Aria became lonely when her friend Belinda, the second lady-in-waiting, decided to get married. So I am grateful to you. Greed-sama, please take care of Aria.”

Princess Louise smiled like a blooming flower and lowered her head.

However, the princess didn’t know. Even though it was said that they knew each other, Greed and Aria were just acquaintances who just exchanged a word or two. One-sidedly, it was only the hero who was thinking about the lady-in-waiting. However, none of the members of the Hero’s party have the courage to point that out. They just became pale and watched their exchange attentively.

“By the way, I’d like to give her a gift. Do you have any good idea?”

“Oh, a gift? Well, she seems to not to be very interested in jewelries… Ah, that’s right! How about tea leaves?”

“Yes, I think that’s a nice idea. Her hobby is to make tea. I should find tea leaves that are difficult to obtain. Fortunately, this place is famous for producing tea.”

“So you know about her hobby. Well, it’s natural since you are going to court her.”

“Yes, I also know many things about her.”

“―Since I let the spirits investigate.”

Greed silently added. Renas, who was the only one who heard the words of Greed, was the only one of the members who stood stock still due to astonishment. He felt something weigh down on his stomach and grimaced.


A few days later after the party left the town.

Considering Princess Louise’s physical condition, they returned to the castle by riding on a horse-drawn carriage instead of using magic. A feudal lord came running after hearing the rumors about the hero and provided the carriage. There were occasions in which they are able to shake off the reporters but in general, their way back with the princess, who had completely thrown off her reserve, proceeded smoothly. However, the princess and Greed would occasionally converse about nothing else except about the lady-in-waiting. At such a heated talk, everyone except the two of them would draw back.

Meanwhile, a certain change became apparent to everyone’s eyes. It was Rufus and Louise.

Princess Louise would blush fierily every time their eyes would meet, and Rufus would look like he can’t take his eyes off her. Rufus would gaze at the princess with love in his eyes. They have come to witness such scenes a lot of times.

“Isn’t it nice? They look good together. Since they are a prince and a princess, their status are equal.”

But whatever he is thinking about, it seems that Rufus won’t admit to the princess that he is the Prince of Elusion.

“Rufus was chased by noble ladies just by being a prince.”

“The princess is not someone who changes her attitude according to a person’s social status or occupation. I wonder what he is afraid of.”

“Well, since he himself won’t tell, we cannot tell her without his permission……”

Watching the princess and the magician stare at each other and create a sweet atmosphere, Milly and Renas had such a conversation.

“We will finally arrive in the royal capital tomorrow. Now, what will happen?”

“A notice was already sent to the castle of Schwarze. It seems that our victorious return will be welcomed in a grand way. I am looking forward to it very much.”

That was the exchange between Rufaga and Farah, who were sitting down on the other side, looking at the princess.

Greed, who was observing them from afar, quietly withdrew two bracelets from his pocket. A gold and a silver bracelet, which were brilliantly crafted by an artisan. The engagement bracelets that symbolize the couple of gods Refelia and Artillard. And―the bracelets that connect Greed and her.

While studying it, Greed thought of his reunion with her tomorrow.

Quickly, as soon as possible.

He is in a hurry. Whether it is his premonition of the [Divine Revelation] or his own desire, Greed is no longer sure of himself. It is because the premonition, which is a better idea, and the desire to do so cannot be separated anymore.

I want to keep her to myself. The stronger the bond, the stronger the relationship. I want to bind her to me as soon as possible under the name of the world and the law.

Such thoughts overwhelmed him to the point of madness.

……I know, my own desire would force her to associate herself with me. At the same time, I know she would not want it. But I also know that, even if I approach her in the correct way, she would never look at me as long as I am the hero.

That’s why Greed wanted to bind her strongly to him, under the pretense of “keeping her safe”. That way, she won’t have any reason not to face Greed. Because she’ll only see him.

Greed suddenly smiled. She will be surprised to death for sure. That’s because the “hero”, who is supposed to just pass like a comet in her life, will propose to her.

But he cannot give her up. If she insists that she is a mob, then he’ll pursue her until she accedes.

He heard the sound of the wheels of fate turning.

Will they end up together in the future or not? The one who holds the key is her.


I kneel in front of you, take your hand and say.

“I love you. Please become my wife.”


Everything starts from here.



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