Vol. 1 Chapter 21 – HSP

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Which of Them Should I Be Careful Of?


Alfred-sama visited me in this room in the middle of the night while using his [Stealth] skill so nobody can see him and watched my sleeping face when I was in a deep slumber.

That’s what Greed-sama said!

Th-That, that…… isn’t it dangerous to go through such precarious situation?! Especially by me?!

“Is, Is that true?!” I shuddered as I asked Greed-sama.

Greed-sama nodded at me and said, “I swear to the goddess and the holy sword that it is true.”

The Hero swore to the holy sword, not to mention the goddess, so it is not a lie or joke but the truth. But . . . I wanted it to be a lie!

I thought Alfred-sama was harmless because he is mob-faced. Isn’t creeping into a woman’s bedroom at night an imprudent act? Scary! I thought it was only the Hero who is scary, but actually there is someone who is closer to me.

……I’m simply shocked.

“……When did it happen?”

“It was on the night the day after Princess Louise was kidnapped.”

Ah, I replied when I understood. So this is what the Hero said a while ago. And then the very flustered Alfred-sama somehow justified it by saying, “I did not come here with bad intentions”……

Alfred-sama, you’re not here but please let me retaliate. Even though I am a lady-in-waiting, you invaded a woman’s room so you have no excuse for that.

“It seems that he was worried about you who is in low spirits because of the princess and came to check your situation. And since it is pitiful to awaken a sleeping lady…… which was his excuse to himself, he entered your room without knocking.”

Greed-sama said with a chuckle. But the laughter did not reach his eyes. Also, anyone who saw this scene where he tells such things is scary enough……

After all, the Hero has not yet arrived at this kingdom the day after the princess was kidnapped, right? It was before the King had just sent a messenger to the Hero, right?

He can see the past by using the power of the spirits to use the [Analysis] skill but still, it is scary! Even if I understand the known reasons, it is scary!

“Fortunately, just looking at your sleeping face made him happy. But we do not know what will happen next time. That’s why the spirits caused him trouble each time he went to see you. In order to protect you.”

“……Thank you very much.”

Completely exhausted, I expressed my gratitude. I’m grateful that he protected me. Alfred-sama looked harmless—although in truth, he was not harmless—but he might take a turn for the worse and attack me. It is safer if I don’t meet him.

That’s why I’m grateful. I want to thank him. However…… why is it that “which of them” comes to mind? I have full of feelings of doubtfulness to either of them.

“But today, I was a little careless. Apparently, it is unfortunate that I have to tell Famir-dono to strengthen the “protection”…… what an unnecessary thing. I failed to stop him from coming here after all the hindrances.”

Greed-sama said that with a smile. But he smiled more cheerfully and added———

“But don’t worry. Such protection can be broken any time. I will never let the two of you meet again in a popular place even if there are lots of people.”

“P-Please wait a moment. Breaking the protection……”

I panicked. It reminded me of when the macho Demon King came. The Demon King, who destroyed the barrier and abducted the princess, damaged the protection that Famir-sama built with magic. Famir-sama’s magic backfired on him, and he became unconscious and had just returned recently. If Alfred-sama’s magic protection was broken, then Famir-sama will again……

“Please put your mind at ease. Nothing will happened to Famir-dono.”

Knowing what I meant to say, Greed-sama softly smiled.

……His smile was gentle. It was gentle, but—

“He will not even notice it. I’ll just “fix” it a little and leave the framework of the protection. It will only become ineffective when he tries to approach you. It’s all right, because I will not make a blunder that will make Famir-sama notice.”

“Is, Is that so?”

Greed-sama, you’re forthrightly saying something amazing to me. Its gap from your gentle smile is extreme.

As I mentioned earlier, Famir-sama is the most powerful magician in this kingdom but……

“But, Aria, you also need to be careful.”


Before I knew it, Greed-sama stood in front of me and took my hand. I didn’t have time to be startled. Because my hands were taken before my brain could understand the situation!

Taken aback, I looked into Greed-sama’s face and he told me as he peered into me.

“Do not let your guard down around Prince Alfred. No, not only around him but also around other men. Please never…… smile towards another man again.”

……The eyes of Greed-sama looking down on me were filled with dark light. Compared to the expressionless glass-like eyes, his eyes contain emotions. And yet, these eyes that make me think of a very, very dark abyss somewhat reminded me of those glass eyes. Why are his eyes like these?

……But I’m afraid to say it clearly!

I couldn’t respond out of too much fear, and Greed-sama narrowed his eyes that are still filled with dark flames and spoke.

—In a small, low voice.

“Otherwise, I am not confident that I could suppress myself.”

I shivered when I heard his words. It felt dangerous at once. Probably, it was instinct.

And perhaps due to my defensive instinct, I spontaneously replied.

“I will not, I will not, I will not smile to other men! Only to Greed-sama!”

—So I said.

Ah, when I thought that I might have pressed some kind of switch, it was already late.


The moment I heard Greed-sama call my name, he has squeezed me to his chest.

Nooooo!! Am I stupid?! Don’t I have a learning ability?!

While being held in a strong chest, I can’t help but be sarcastic to my own self.



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