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The Secret of the Stealthy Prince


The Hero is jealous. This was his behavior in the hall, as what I already knew. I remembered my current situation and my behavior, and I felt my blood draining from my face. I smiled at another man…… right? Moreover, it is in front of Greed-sama’s eyes.

……I wonder, the flag that was raised, is it Alfred-sama’s death flag? Or is it the destruction flag of the kingdom of Schwarze? Or maybe is it——my abduction and confinement flag?

Being a tsukkomi despite this situation, I nervously looked at Greed-sama. But what I saw was a quiet, serious looking Greed-sama. I was afraid, but then his eyes did not bear the dark flames I half-expected.

Those eyes were calm—is a good impression, but he was looking at Alfred-sama with a glass-like gaze that did not reflect any emotions. Alfred-sama turned to look almost the same time I looked at Greed-sama and seemed to be frightened when he also saw it.

Well, that’s obvious. It is certainly scary to look at the expressionlessness of the person who just falsely smiled a while ago. But, if what the princess said is true, it seems that this is the usual Greed-sama.

“Prince Alfred.”

Again, Greed-sama opened his mouth, with the same expression and unfathomable, indifferent voice. But the words that came out of his mouth the next moment were unexpected by both Alfred-sama and me.

“I heard that the person-in-charge for the security of this castle is you, Your Highness. So I think that it is quick to tell you directly. There are several loopholes in this anti-demon barrier.”


Alfred-sama was astonished. That’s right. Being told with unexpected things, Greed-sama’s words are not processed in his mind at all.  

……Even though I said that, I am also astonished like him. For both of us who became dimwitted, Greed-sama politely rephrased from the beginning.

……He was already scary and indifferent.

“The magicians of this kingdom have put up an anti-demon barrier but there are inadequate parts in some places. Probably it is because there is a difference in the ability of each of the magicians. The barrier is mottled, wherein there are tightly stretched parts and thin parts. It can withstand if it is just an ordinary demon, but a high-class demon can break through the thin parts of the barrier.”

“What did you say?”

Alfred-sama, who understood the Hero clearly, was amazed. It’s pretty obvious. There was a hole in the barrier in which the magicians have slept less for a number of days. It can’t be overlooked by the person-in-charge of the security.

Although the Demon King was slayed, it is fatal in this current situation when the major subordinates are still alive. Well, because it is enough to consider that they may hold grudges and attack.

“I suggest that it is better to consult Famir-dono and immediately take countermeasures.”

“Y-You’re right. H-However……”

“Your Highness, you know that you cannot put up a barrier right away due to the size of the castle. I think that it is the first priority to take countermeasures as soon as possible.

“……Mm. I understand.”

Reluctantly agreeing, Alfred-sama went towards the door.

I also knew it for the first time in this uproar but it seems that it is very difficult to keep a 24/7 effective barrier over a huge thing like a castle. So after it was destroyed by the Demon King, the magicians constructed the barrier using magic without rest and sleep for several days. As what the Hero said, if it still have a lot of holes……

It somehow felt like it was just his way to make Alfred-sama leave but he cannot lie about such a thing, so it is true that there is a thin part in the defense. This is indeed important. It is a situation where countermeasures should be taken as soon as possible.

“Listen, Aria, be careful. Just scream out loud if something happens.”

Lastly, Alfred-sama told me when I saw him off the door, leaving my room.


About shouting, it is also very troublesome to let other people know that we are alone in a small room. As I look at Alfred-sama leaving, I entered tsukkomi mode. Or maybe, should I be careful with Greed-sama’s restraint?

……If it’s restraint, I expect it. Because I am alone with Greed-sama again.

I remembered that I was going to be kissed just before Alfred-sama’s intrusion and I felt that something cold accumulated in my stomach.

Will the same thing happen again?

The crisis of my chastity, again.

Somehow restraining His Highness, it was of no concern to him. At this rate, should I escape . . . to a place with a lot of people? But if he kissed me in public, then that is the end. The outer moat will be completely filled (He would perfectly remove the obstacles). Even the inner moat is also likely to be filled up. With soil called resignation.

While thinking so, I looked back. And then in place of his expressionless face a while ago was a glowing smile.

I was startled. How should I say it . . . isn’t it scary for his expression to change before and after?

……I now understand why the Hero’s party members made a fuss.

The sudden change of his default inexpressive face will surely make others pull away. Draw back.

As I trembled from his sideway glance, Greed-sama said with a smile. Which . . . is another unexpected thing.

“Please be careful with Prince Alfred.”


“He has a [Stealth] skill.”


Alfred-sama’s [Stealth] skill.

I was surprised, for I had never heard of such a thing for the past six years. But if he has a stealth skill, then I can agree why he has a weak presence. After all, stealth skill is a skill that makes sure that one is not noticed by eliminating the presence.

Then the stealthy prince is truly a stealthy prince, isn’t he?


Skills are not easy to acquire. A person needs to train and it is not necessarily obtained because of compatibility. Because I have a zero magical power, my dream of having a skill is still a dream, a far, faraway dream. And I have never heard that Alfred-sama has a magical power.

Famir-sama also said. The only ones who have magical powers in the royal family are the Queen, the First Princess, Mariage-sama and the Second Princess, Louise-sama.

In other words—only women have magical powers. It is a level that is not enough to be a magician. You can’t feel even the slightest power on the men.

Alfred-sama, who should not have magical powers like me, how did he master that skill? How did he get the skill in the first place?

“He was born with it. The hidden skill, that is. So I don’t think Famir-sama is also aware.”

“B-Born with it.”

“Yes. Sometimes, there are humans who are born with a skill.”

In other words, ever since Alfred-sama was born, he already has a [Stealth] skill.

“In the case of an inborn skill, it is always active. Or, it is usually dormant but it will be activated by some kind of trigger. In the case of His Highness, it is the former and it seems that it is always activated. Nevertheless, the skill is usually controllable with magical power as one grows…… However, His Highness has no magical power so it is not controllable.”

I see, I mused in agreement. In other words, Alfred-sama, who has no magical power, cannot control the [Stealth] skill he was born with—so it is always in a continuously active condition. That’s why he has a lack of presence.

That’s because the [Stealth] skill is that kind of skill.

“I think he is vaguely aware of his own skill. There are times where he deliberately uses it to escape the guards and acts as if no one knows about it.”

Greed-sama said with a faint, wicked smile.

“Thinking that it is all right since he won’t be noticed, perhaps he visits your room around midnight and watches you sleep, right?”




——What did he say?

My jaw dropped.



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