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I Didn’t Know. I Didn’t Understand. I Didn’t Hear.


……No way.

“A-Alfred-sama, was that after the Hero and his companions went to rescue the princess?”

Cold sweat dripping down my back, I asked Alfred-sama nervously. While wishing that my assumption was wrong.


“Yes. Now that you mentioned it, you’re right. Perhaps the last time we talked was the day before the Hero came.” Alfred-sama said, smiling bitterly.

Deep in my mind, several spirits who were giving protection to Greed-sama were flitting. By the way, it was not known that this generation’s Hero have a full spirit protection. It was not written in the “Hero Times” what kind of spirit protection he received. Most of us thought Greed-sama would have the protection of one type of spirit, either fire or light, based from the patterns in the past.

Therefore, Alfred-sama probably wouldn’t have thought that the Hero was involved in the various “problems”.

But that is obviously——right?

To confirm my suspicion, I shot a glance towards Greed-sama behind Alfred-sama. Greed-sama also seemed to be looking at me, and gave me a soft smile when our eyes met. It seems like a wholehearted smile, unlike what he showed to Alfred-sama.

……There was no malice or anything contained in his smile, but I am convinced that it seemed like there was a sense of accomplishment in there.

There’s no mistake that he is the cause of the disturbances that happened to Alfred-sama here and there. Whether he ordered it or it was done without his permission, the spirits made those obstacles in accordance to this person’s feelings.

Obviously confusing the government and the people. He’s using the spirits for his personal interests.

……I wonder if it is okay for a Hero to be like this, Greed-sama.

Even so, what I do not know is the reason why Greed-sama disturbed Alfred-sama to the point of harassment. The presence and title of these two are contrasting, but that is not the reason for doing things like harassment. To save the princess, he was already in the situation where he confronted the Demon King. Then, there is only one thing to think about.

——Am I the cause?

I never thought of this even in my dreams, but is it possible that Alfred-sama——

I do not want to have such conceited thoughts, but I can only think of it. Certainly, the ratio at which Alfred-sama talks to me than the other maids is high. But I am the first lady-in-waiting and am always near the princess.

No way, no way. I never thought that he was thinking of me as special, yeah. I swear to the goddess.

Look, a mob is a mob. I am not the heroine. Alfred-sama and I……

In my mind, various thoughts swirled around. I am confused with my feelings.

I am sorry for acting like a girl who dreams of a solid story where she is loved by the prince, but in the happy thoughts I am thinking right now, I am not struggling with the Hero’s proposal.

Thinking about the prince…… it is somewhat troublesome. That is what I first thought.

Even though his presence is weak and he has a mob’s appearance, Alfred-sama is the prince of this country. He may be the second prince but, if ever something happens to Enwald-sama, he is an important person that will succeed this kingdom. It is necessary for his marriage partner to be a daughter of a duke or a marquess, or a Princess of another country. Because if something happens, Alfred-sama’s lady will become the queen of this country. If the Second Prince takes a viscount’s daughter as his wife—such thing cannot be permitted. It was different from the case of the Hero. Everyone will oppose it.

Even I myself want to decline. I don’t even have the skills to become the Hero’s wife, and I also don’t have the skills to become a queen, no matter how I think about it.

I reiterate this many times because it’s important. I am a mob character. This character is a small fry who dies at the very beginning when they get involved in battles.

The Prince’s beloved.

I’m sorry for being involved in this controversy. It is very impossible to become a concubine.

Frankly speaking, it is bothersome. Yes, I’ll say it, the known Viscount of Milford’s family motto.


——So, I decided not to ask anything.

I didn’t know about the identity of Alfred-sama’s beloved and the Hero’s sabotage. I didn’t understand. I didn’t hear.

Once I reset my head and discard everything in my memory, I asked Alfred-sama in order to change the topic.

“Uhm, by the way, Alfred-sama, what was your purpose in coming here?”

At first, I thought that he came to see Greed-sama but it seems different. Clearly.

Perhaps Alfred-sama came to such a place just like he said earlier, that it was dangerous for the two of us to be left alone in my small room.

“A—, That……”

Suddenly, Alfred-sama expressed a weak smile that seemed bashful.

“Both Father and the Prime Minister are hoping that Aria would marry the Hero, but if you don’t like it, I want to tell you that you can clearly refuse. I said that in the hall, but it did not reach you at all in the hustle and bustle……”

Oh, so you were exactly at the hall, Alfred-sama—Ah, wrong. That’s not it, though I just used tsukkomi.

It just made my heart skip a beat. Telling me those kinds of words, Alfred-sama is the first. He told me clearly that I could refuse, silently pressuring me deep in his heart to dissuade me from forming a relationship with the Hero for the sake of this country.

“Alfred-sama…… Thank you very much.” I replied to Alfred-sama with a smile.

Of course, as Alfred-sama said, it is not a situation where I can easily refuse, and there is also that tsukkomi part of me that says, “if I refuse, what then?”, but I would like to express my gratitude to Alfred-sama for considering about my feelings. It’s because it is only Alfred-sama who told me this.

He has a mob’s face but he is a nice person. If ever he was not a prince, he couldn’t even become a baron, a viscount or an earl, but nothing can be done about it……

Oops, I didn’t hear anything, and I didn’t know.

“And so, Aria, if you……”

It was when Alfred-sama took a step forward, his face slightly blushing.

“Prince Alfred.”

That voice echoed around the room.

……It was Greed-sama’s voice. It was a very, very peaceful, calm voice.


It felt like a kind of flag was raised.



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