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The Hero vs. The Prince


After all, the reality is not like a tale. I felt regret while watching Alfred-sama and Greed-sama who were silently looking each other in this narrow room. Despite that, why are they not speaking a single word? Alfred-sama has supposedly gone to this place because he has a business with the Hero.

……Don’t tell me, he can’t talk because I’m here?

He might want to talk to him man-to-man or discuss about important secrets. If so, it is a small room but I am willing to offer it to them.

It was when I opened my mouth to tell them about it.

Alfred-sama suddenly turned towards me and told me unexpectedly, “Aria, are you alright? Did he do something strange to you?”


I don’t know what to say and I stared at him blankly.

“I’m saying, did he, to you?” Alfred-sama said to me and pointed at Greed-sama.


I stared at him again in puzzlement. I did not know exactly what I was being told.

But, to understand the meaning of Alfred-sama’s words, I recalled the scene earlier in my mind. That scene was the close-up of Greed-sama’s beautiful face approaching. The feeling of his warm breath on my lips——

Aaaaaahhh! He did! He did something strange! He nearly kissed me!

I felt the heat rush up into my face. Although it was an attempt, surely that time, Greed-sama… to me……

It looks like my face suddenly turned red. Alfred-sama’s expression changed.

“No way, had he done something already? Argh, I heard from Louise that the Hero went to Aria’s room. Even though I hurried because it was bad for you to be alone with him, perhaps I’m late……”


Although I do not understand well after being told quickly, apparently I vaguely understood the reason why Alfred-sama came to a place like this and it was different from what I thought.

Moreover, it seems that I have given a strange misunderstanding because I was blushing.

The Hero said spoke before I could say anything.

“That’s right, Prince Alfred. I haven’t done to her anything…… yet.”

Greed-sama faintly smiled as he spoke.

Yet? It feels like he’ll wait for an opportunity to do something to me from now on.

——I was sought by a handsome Greed-sama. If I was an ordinary maid, my heart would have been taken.

But I felt chills for some reason.

It was said that a senior maid who previously had a lover was “thrilled by his yearning gaze and words”, and it appears to be a different kind of trembling with expectation.

The sugar content is zero. Zero.

While shivers run down my spine, Alfred-sama, who felt disturbed by Greed-sama’s meaningful speech, looked back with a glare at the Hero.

“I will not allow such unjustifiable things in this castle. Besides, Aria has not given her reply thus far. She is not your fiancée yet.”

“Of course, I am aware of that. That’s why I think we should get to know each other.”

“I’m saying that being alone in a private room is not allowed.”


At Alfred-sama’s words, Greed-sama snickered. But his eyes . . . his eyes were not smiling at all. That, it was absolutely a superficial smile. Greed-sama, who has a fake smile, told Alfred-sama meaningfully.

“It is upsetting to be upbraided by you, Prince Alfred…… Have you forgotten about the night after Princess Louise was kidnapped?”


Mr. Alf Reed exclaimed as soon as he heard the Hero, his face turning red. I don’t know what they are talking about. The night after Princess Louise was kidnapped?

But Alfred-sama looked like he remembered something. Suddenly, I began to feel disturbed.

“How did you . . . N-no, that . . . I-I came with good intentions……”

He was flustered as he explained. Cold sweats are appearing, Alfred-sama……

On the contrary, Greed-sama is calm and composed.

“I also came here with good intentions.”

He said with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes.

Is it just my illusion that he was going to kiss me a while ago? I instinctively retorted in my mind.

However, I was sorry for Alfred-sama for being reproached like that, so I decided to lend a helping hand.

In other words, changing the topic.

“Co-Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I saw you, Alfred-sama.”

Alfred-sama’s expression clearly showed relief, unlike his upset appearance that he cannot conceal earlier.

……Really, what did you do the night after Princess Louise was kidnapped?

Anyway, it doesn’t matter to me, whose head is only filled with the princess.

“Yeah. It’s really been a long time since we’ve talked like this.” Alfred-sama smiled wryly.

“It’s because you are responsible for the castle’s security.” I said, nodding in agreement.

It is the duty of this person to defend the castle against the demons in collaboration with the wizards while also being in command with the royal soldiers and knights who were prepared for human intruders. So after the barrier was broken by the macho Demon King, Alfred-sama was very busy at that time when Famir-sama was not present.

And yet, he was a very kind person who told me not to mind. He was an ordinary young man who is not noticeable except for being a royalty, but his character compensates for that. Despite his lack of presence, I think that many people adore him . . . . . . compared to Enwald-sama.

“No, I’m not really that busy but……”

Alfred-sama said as he smiled weakly, looking troubled.

“Just when I thought about seeing you, various problems occurred. Water fell on me suddenly, things flew at me at a sudden gust, my foot suddenly slipped and I fell down the stairs. Also, a lot of people spoke to me more than usual until I ran out of time. So I could not meet you in the end.”

……E-eh, I think I’ve heard something extraordinary just now.

Water falling, sudden gust blowing, foot suddenly slipping——

Is it just my imagination, or are some external forces at work……?  



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