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The Stealthy Prince


The King and Queen of this kingdom have four children. The First Prince, Enwald-sama, and the Second Prince, Alfred-sama, the First Princess, Mariage-sama (pronounced as ‘Mariajuu’), who married the prince of the neighboring kingdom and the Second Princess, Louise-sama, who I am serving.

Enwald-sama, with his own high aspirations, is studying abroad in the large country of Linash that is famous for its strong army, so he is not in the castle right now. Louise-sama being kidnapped by the Demon King was hidden from Enwald-sama, so right now he is focusing on brandishing his sword without knowing anything.

As for Mariage-sama who lives in the neighboring kingdom, she knows about the kidnapping but she is the crown princess and cannot spare a little time to visit her country on her own. She was pleased to hear that the princess was rescued but it seems it will be a long time for her to see her safe sister’s face.

In other words, the only ones in this castle right now are Alfred-sama and Princess Louise.

“I’m glad you’re safe.”

Alfred-sama heaved a sigh of relief when he saw my face.

Safe? Despite what he thought, I sorrowfully sighed when I saw again the shadow of Alfred-sama standing alone in the hallway without his guards. It looks like this person slipped through the eyes of his guards again.

“Alfred-sama, why are you here? Where are your guards?”

When I asked, Alfred-sama looked behind him as if he has just noticed and awkwardly laughed when he confirmed that no one was there.

“It looks like they were left behind as I hurried here. Perhaps they were not able to find me. Well, it usually happens.”

“……I see.”

Certainly, once they lose sight of him, it is difficult to find him. I deeply sympathize with the escorting knights. Surely, the captain of the knights will get angry at them because they did not fulfill their duties. But it is unavoidable for the knights to lose sight of him.

[Stealthy Prince]

It was Alfred-sama’s secret name. Even though he is called by that, he is not involved in spying activities. As if having a [Stealth] skill, he has a weak presence in every situation. It became impossible to detect his presence even just by walking in the hallway as soon as the escorts looked away. The head court lady and Grand Chamberlain, along with their subordinates, give up if they cannot find him even if they have business with the prince. When they noticed, he was already nearby and it was bad for their heart. There’s no way they can mention it.

Also, the princess and I repeatedly almost have heart attacks many times. Before we knew that someone entered the room, we suddenly heard a voice. I think that life span of the Princess and I had definitely shortened by several years due to Alfred-sama.

Yes, I think that Alfred-sama was surely at the hall when the Hero triumphantly returned yesterday. Or rather, there’s no reason for him not to be there. That’s because his little sister is back.

Unfortunately, not even once was I able to detect his presence. Other people are probably the same.

His lack of presence is said to be one of the seven wonders of the castle. And it is his appearance that further enhances his lack of presence. He has a bright orange hair similar to the princess and green eyes. His parents were handsome and beautiful while his older and younger sisters were peerless beauties.

And yet, Alfred-sama has an average face. Like the very ordinary previous king, his grandfather. It is a mob character’s face. Although his appearance is not bad, should I say that he doesn’t have any special features……? It seems like the owner of that appearance is not remembered by other people.

If he put in the middle of the town with his ordinary appearance, there’s no doubt that he will assimilate. I am familiar with his mob face, but I cannot stop thinking of him as a royalty. Appearing suddenly before a person with his lack of presence, I think it is almost fatal. However, I cannot voice out my sentiment.

By the way, the First Prince, Enwald-sama, is also rather mediocre. It seems that all the genes for beauty had gone to the princess. But Enwald-sama possessed something that Alfred-sama did not have.

That is——presence.

Enwald-sama, who is a hot-blooded type of person with his head full of swordsmanship, possessed an impressive presence. It is oppressive. He has too much presence.

It is probable that all of Alfred-sama’s presence was taken by Enwald-sama in the queen’s womb, and everybody secretly says——If Enwald-sama and Alfred-sama is combined together and divided by two, the quotient is exactly right.

……That’s what I also thought. Unfortunately, he is a prince in many ways. That is the Alfred-sama before me.

Although they said about addition, I’m sorry but his personality is good! He is gentle, sincere and serious. Despite his lack of presence, he does not put a strong pressure and there is even humility in his behavior. He must have been a good civil official—had he not been a prince.

Even though everyone sees him like a civil official, Alfred-sama became a security officer in the castle in behalf of Enwald-sama who is studying abroad. It was very busy after the princess was kidnapped and I haven’t seen his face for a while. There is also the possibility that I just didn’t notice his presence……

But why did Alfred-sama come to a place such as this?

I tilted my head in confusion as I look at the prince who is standing in the hallway. He is still the prince even with his mob character’s appearance. Here is the building where the servants live and it is not a place where a royalty is supposed to be.

“I rushed here when I heard that the Hero is coming……” Alfred-sama said in a serious manner.

Ah, I said as I understood. He came here because he has an urgent business with the Hero.

“If you’re looking for the Hero, he is here.”

I shifted my body sideways to let Alfred-sama pass. Alfred-sama stepped into the room without hesitation. He looked closely at Greed-sama who was standing calmly inside the room.

I closed the door and turned again towards the peculiar men who were in my room. The two men silently stared at each other for some reason. I wonder what’s the matter with them.

……There are three adults in a narrow room and if there is an emergency, I wonder if they could go to some other place and talk with each other.

That’s what I’m thinking while observing them but, I thought that the two people here are the opposite poles and I felt an indescribable feeling.

One was born only as a villager, but has outstanding abilities and charisma. Greed-sama has a prince-like appearance.

One was born as a prince, but his presence is weak and his charisma—what’s that? Can it be eaten? Alfred-sama has a mob character’s face.

……Destiny is ironic.

That’s what I thought at the moment.



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