Vol. 1 Chapter 16 – HSP

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The Prince Came Before I Got in Trouble


Whoa! Hero-sama, you’re eyelashes so long as if they harbor murderous intent!

——As usual, I would have escaped reality and probably thought about such a thing.

However, this time it is useless. Because my brain lost its intelligence, I just watched absentmindedly the beautiful face of Greed-sama approaching without retorting.

Thanks to that, Greed-sama’s face filled my field of vision; the movement before and the slow lowering of his head, “Greed-sama only”*. It is near—to the point where I can see his closed eyelids and that long eyelashes casting shadows on his cheek.

It is obvious whatever you are trying to do right now! Even though I am a mob character, you are about to steal a kiss from a maiden!

I’m in trouble———!

I said in the corner of my befuddled mind when that happened. The door where I was stuck was violently beaten and someone called.

“Aria, Aria, are you there?!”

Knock, knock.

I felt the sound and the vibration of the knock on the door on my body.

The Hero stopped on his tracks and I heard a small clicking of the tongue, and at the same time, my mind became clear. Like a mist clearing up in an instant, I was able to think again. Cold sweat broke out as I came to understand the present situation and saw Greed-sama pull away.

It was dangerous……!

Stopping before we barely had contact with each other, it was a situation where I couldn’t have escaped if it was too late by even one more second. After all, if he kissed my hands he could say that is out of deep affection, but if we had kissed lips to lips like lovers or a couple the price decided for that is to exchange our vows.

At least, among aristocrats. If it is witnessed, it can lead to what we call “betrothal”. The betrothed couple wears bracelets, but kissing in public is an act comparable to that.

Kiss in discretion! That is the slogan of those nobles who play around.

“Aria, Aria, you’re there inside, right?”

Knock, knock. The door was hit again, and a voice called.

Oops, I seemed to forget but that voice is my savior. I must thank that person!

“Ye-Yes, I’m here.”

While I was replying, I thought, But . . . huh? Since that person is calling my name, then we know each other. A Master’s voice.

However, the Master in my memory is one of those who should not come in a servant’s room—


“I’ll open this.”

“……Very well.”

It was Greed-sama who responded to the person outside the door. Even so, I did not answer the Master, but I answered with a questioning look to Greed-sama beside me. I do not know why I tried to obtain permission from the Hero like this even though I am in my room. Is it because of the lady-in-waiting’s guts?

It seems to be useless because the Hero has an intense charisma. Dominating the atmosphere, it made me think of him as the Master. Particularly like that of a king or a prince of the story. Being a lady-in-waiting for six years, there’s no way I cannot obey.

No, no, no, of course, the Hero is not my master!

While I retorted in my thoughts, the Hero drew back and I moved away from the door.

“I’ll open it now.”

Because the all the doors of the servants’ rooms open outside, opening the door by turning the doorknob prompt the people in front of the door to pay attention——

The person on the other side is, as expected, someone who is not supposed to be in a place like this.

It was the second prince of this county, Alfred Rafia Schwarze-sama.

*Aria refers to Greed filling her field of vision.



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