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VOLUME 1: Chapter 15 – I Almost Lost My Chastity?!


“Uhm, uhm, Greed-sama, please calm down.”

I said to Greed-sama who was standing in front of me while my back was stuck to the door. And while I said that, I was also using tsukkomi deep inside.

For now, you calm down.

Certainly, there’s just the two of us in the closed room. And yet the other person is someone who proposed to me. However, it is too early to immediately suspect the danger of my chastity.

The other person is the Hero. He is the savior of the world.

But he has a feverish gaze! He has a lot of pheromones!

But to think that my chastity is in danger right away, I think I am overconfident.

……That’s why, that’s why, calm down, me!

That’s what I told myself. But, it was impossible in this state where my vision is filled with the bare chest that was visible from an opening in Greed-sama’s shirt. Since Greed-sama is tall, my eyes are just at the level of Greed-sama’s chest. Thanks to that, I could not see the bed anymore, but in other ways, it is very bad for my heart.

Such as looking at the collarbone from the opening of the shirt or his Adam’s apple when I raise my gaze a little!

……What exactly is this extreme sex appeal?

However, I have no courage to raise my head and look at the face of Greed-sama. Please try to imagine.

Seeing that dazzling face up close? Although I’ve seen beautiful faces like the princess’s, but the opposite sex is another thing. I will never get used to it. To be honest, this castle has a high ordinary mob rate, and there are less handsome men. Perhaps the prime minister?

The princess has two elder brothers, but these two unfortunately have ordinary appearances. That’s why my colleagues were excited at the Hero’s party.

I do not think that it is a good idea for my mental health, in my non-immune state, to look at that sparkling handsome face at a close range. Certainly, he has taken my hands closely, but at that time, there are a lot of people around us and I was disturbed by the marriage proposal so my brain is not functioning well.

Will I be able to withstand this……

Because a mob cannot bear the aura of the main character!

For the time being, in order to prevent him from approaching further, I said while sticking out my hands forward.

“U-Uhm, shall we discuss for no—oow?!”

……The reason that the sentence ended wrongly was because the flailing hands were taken suddenly.

I put out my hand to prevent him from getting any closer and I don’t want our hands to be connected—somehow, like in the hall at that time, the Hero took my hands.

Hiiiii! Like, like something is caught!

“That’s right. Let’s discuss……. about the future.”

Covering my hands with his both hands, Greed-sama, who was gently smiling, said as if implying something.

Was the final word “future” pointing to “after marriage”? That was just my imagination, wasn’t it……?

By the way, it turned out that he was smiling because, as I slightly raised my gaze, the Hero’s very well-shaped lips formed an arc.

But please, do not raise your eyes any more than that and check it out.

My instinct refused.

Regardless of his feverish gaze—Because it is also a perfect destructive power, I want to hold back! Because if ever I see again that intense, dark gaze, the one he showed me in the hall, I have the confidence to scream.

Well, let’s leave it aside for now. The problem at this point is Greed-sama’s words.

I remembered when he said about the future. He sent a letter asking my father for permission to marry without my permission. So I decided to ask about that. Of course, I did not look up at Greed-sama.

“G-Greed-sama. Well, I heard that you sent a letter to my father…”


Greed-sama nodded in approval. I could not detect any guilt from his attitude or tone.

“The Prime Minister arranged it. It seems that Famir-sama delivered it using magic, so today, I received a reply.”

Yes, I have also confirmed that there is a letter…… I have not seen the contents, though—!

“According to your father, he told me that he did not intend to find fault with person you chose. A villager who is not even a noble like me is proposing to a lady who is a daughter of a nobleman, but your father would not order you and it doesn’t matter to him if his daughter said that it is good. Your father is wonderful.”

Greed-sama smiled.

……Something good, is this it? Since it is troublesome, saying that he’ll leave the decision-making to the daughter, such was the interpretation when it comes to the Hero’s filter.

I could not understand what I was saying for a moment. Ahaha.

……No, that is not the problem!

My father’s troublesome opinion does not matter! It is the problem that Greed-sama voluntarily applied for!

“Isn’t it unfair to apply to my father before getting my reply?”

As I protested, I did not look at his face as usual, but I said it to his white shirt.

However, Greed-sama’s reaction to it was unexpected.

“……Huh?” It was a strange reply.

“When asking a nobleman’s daughter’s hand in marriage, I heard from Rufus that one must first ask the parents for permission and not to the woman…… After proposing directly to you yesterday, Rufus said that I need to get permission from your father, the Viscount of Milford…….”

“Th-That…… That’s true but……”

Certainly, he’s right. Parents often decide marriage partners rather than the nobles’ own intentions, so it is customary for the nobles to visit the parents first if they are going to propose marriage.

And I am also a lady of nobility. It is reasonable for Rufus-sama to think so.

……I have forgotten.

My father and older brother do not depend on such tradition for marriage any more, since the family name has too much negative image. Having not enough appearance or figure to overcome it, I thought of looking for a partner by myself or becoming a spinster.

All that is necessary for marriage is my will. And that’s it.

In short, I was not even aware of the customs, that my father’s permission is necessary for my marriage. I completely forgot and here I thought the Hero did something selfish.

But, it looks like Greed-sama was just trying to follow the customs—

Aaahhh, I’m sorry, Greed-sama!

Thinking about it, there was sincerity in the Hero when he first proposed to me, even though it is done in front of the crowd. Well, there was an option to apply to the parents first according to the custom of the nobles, and to become engaged without confirming my intention.

……Well, since my parents are like “that”, first of all it will not develop in such a way.

However, it is certain that Hero was not at fault. I hung my head apologetically.

And at that time, the hands of the Hero wrapped around my hands suddenly caught my eyes, and I became conscious of the feel of Greed-sama’s hands on my hands.

Greed-sama’s hands were very warm and a bit rough. I know it feels a little rigid. It is typical of those with swords. While grasping the sword and swinging it, callus can be formed and the skin peels off with friction. And the healed skin will become thicker and harder in order to withstand the impacts. That’s what every royal soldiers and knights have. If a sword is used frequently for a long time, it is almost like a medal without exception.

Such was also like the hands of the Hero. The moment I noticed this, the fear I felt to the barely understood Hero suddenly faded. The hands wrapped around my own are unquestionably that of a human.

The Hero, who possessed irregular powers, the strongest in the world, a natural disaster and a weapon——is Greed-sama, but it has not been possible for him to master his powers without any effort. If he did not practice swinging the sword with all his might, there is no way that the skin of his palms to become thicker like this. It would have been flawless and he wouldn’t have accomplished everything.

……That’s because he is a human being.

Even if he is receiving spiritual protection, it does not change the fact that he is human. His hands seemed to tell me this. And this somewhat rugged hand protected the princess, and us.

For the first time, I now saw Greed-sama not as a hero but as a man. So far, aside from natural disasters and weapons, the Hero felt like a distant existence that was painted as a legend like a celestial being.

The filter went off, and I now felt that I was able to recognize the Hero—Greed-sama—to be a more familiar being for the first time. Without thinking, I looked up at the Hero.

……I felt conflicted as I looked at his heated blue-green eyes and I regretted that for a bit, but I answered with full sincerity.

“Indeed, it is customary for nobles to obtain permission from the parents, but I do not need permission from my family, as I am planning to choose someone on my own. Greed-sama also, please do not mind my father.”

——Did I say that? I thought. I wonder if this line somewhat creates a misunderstanding.

That’s right. It’s as if, “Even if my father disagrees, I will not change my feelings towards Greed-sama”……




A slightly husky voice escaped from the Hero’s beautiful lips.

No, the problem is—the eyes. The eyes of Greed-sama! As soon as he heard my words, a hot flame glowed in the depths of Greed-sama’s eyes.

N-noooo! It is sweet! Too sweet! His bewitching hot gaze, it is capturing me! Fear came back at once, Greed-sama!

That’s because his eyes were trying to invite me. Despite that, I know. Somehow, cold sweat is dripping down my back, and I cannot avert my gaze away from the eyes of the Hero. It’s as if they’ve been glued.

My eyes, my gaze, my legs, my body—and even my thoughts cannot move at all. I suddenly felt like I couldn’t think of anything. Nevertheless, just the movement of Greed-sama in front of me feels strangely clear. Greed-sama, who seems to tower and lean towards me.

His incredibly long eyelashes softly fluttered, and his well-shaped lips went down and aimed for my—

I suddenly gasped.

……I’m in trouble again……maybe.



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