Vol. 1 Chapter 14 – HSP



The Small Room, the Hero and I


Wearing a soft smile, he looked at me as I stiffened by the open door and said.

“When I went to Princess Louise’s room to meet you, I heard you returned to your own room.”

Ah, the sparkling halo, the halo that shined when Greed-sama smiled.

“I-I see……”

I pulled my face for a smile.

Since we met yesterday in the hall, the Hero has not showed up in front of me and I was slightly expecting that he changed his mind.

……Looking at the feverish light that remains in the blue-green eyes of Greed-sama, I can see that they have not changed at all.

What’s with this very sweet, enchanting gaze?!

“Wh-What can I do for you?”

I gulped as I asked him. But, as soon as I said that, I realized that it was a foolish question. There’s only one reason for him to meet the one he proposed to, right?

The Hero gave me a bright smile and replied. “I want to see your face.”

As expected, that’s it. Right?!

“And, have you forgotten? Did we not agree yesterday that we would get to know each other better? How would we know each other if we don’t meet?”

Saying those words with a refreshing smile, I mentally gulped.

——To get to know each other better.

……I did say that. Indeed.

I said that in order to postpone the issue! I didn’t imagine that my own words would strangle my own neck. I want to chastise the me at that time. No, I feel like I want to kick myself from behind! Why did I say that?!

I was innocent at that time, even though it was just yesterday.

At that point, Greed-sama knew a lot of things about me—including my three sizes, while I did not know or have any idea that he is a walking natural disaster or an ultimate weapon. Had I known, I wouldn’t have said those self-destructing words such as knowing each other better.

……No, if possible, I want to not to know everything forever. I want to return to myself who did not know anything. Urgently.

“By the way, talking in front of the door, why don’t we enter the room?”

While I was lamenting deep inside, I was taken aback by Greed-sama’s suggestion.

That’s right. We were still talking in front of my room with the door open. This is the place where the rooms of the employees are located. Right now, most people are working at noon so there are no signs of people. However, although many are out of their rooms, it does not mean that there are no people at all. Those who have their day off and who have night shifts are still in their room, and it is not strange if they happen to pass by the corridors at any moment.

Also, the employees in the castle like rumors very much. It is proven on how the events yesterday have spread in the castle in no time. From yesterday until today, it can be said that the flowers have bloomed on our gossip. If they happen to know the current situation—Ah, I shivered.

I’m not mistaken that they will listen attentively!

“I’m sorry. Although it is a small room, please come in.”

I hurriedly shifted my body sideways and let Greed-sama enter the room. But, the moment I closed the door and looked back over to Greed-sama, I just noticed the situation. At the same time, a warning bell rang in my head.

——A young man and a young woman, just the two of them in the same room.

I broke out in a cold sweat.

The other person is the Hero. But yesterday in front of many people, he confessed to me, proposed to me. He and I alone in the same room……

Mo-moreover, isn’t the bed suitably arranged next to Greed-sama’s back? But then, that is because the bed occupies most of this narrow room!

……This… Perhaps my chastity is in jeopardy?

Oh, no! Restricted by the Hero!

That being said, he is a healthy man. Of course, there is desire, right? Even with an ordinary female mob character like me, there are still plenty of things to worry about……


I am afraid of Greed-sama’s feverish gaze directed at me! It feels very dangerous!


——To escape from reality, let me present to you Greed-sama’s appearance.

Today, Greed-sama is not in his armor. But he still has his sword on his waist. There is no need to completely arm himself inside the castle, since there is a barrier that prevents the invasion of demons. So today, he is just wearing a simple white shirt and black trousers. However, good-looking people suit in anything they wear.

They are not expensive clothes that the royalty and aristocrats wear. They can be found anywhere, clearly indicating that it is in the level where it is worn by commoners, but the elegance is not marred at all. It is as if a noble person put on the clothes of a commoner on purpose.

Moreover, I saw his bare chest and is this what they call awfully sexy?—Somehow, it made my heart throb and shudder. He must be releasing some kind of pheromone.

Although he looks slimmer than the royal soldiers, I can tell he has muscles just by looking at his flexible movement. It is full of ruggedness that attracts women.


The escapism from reality came to an end when that man with an erotic aura approached me with an enchanting smile on his face.


I unconsciously stepped back—until our advancing-retreating came to an end. It was because I’ve hit my back against the door.

Ahhh, me, why did you shut the door?! I could’ve escaped if it wasn’t closed!

But, but, it’s because I did not want other people to see me meeting the Hero!

And while I was busy panicking, the Hero—

“Aria, my beloved.”

Because my escape route was cut off, I could only look with mortification at Greed-sama, who was giving off large amounts of pheromones as he drew nearer.

——Is this the end of my chastity after all?




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