Vol. 1 Chapter 9 – HSP


Spirits plus Hero Equals Natural Disaster


It seems that the Hero is the ultimate weapon―it’s not that easy to happily agree by saying, “Yes, that’s right.”

What does “ultimate weapon” mean? It is not because the Hero exists…… as the trump card against the demons.

Is it just my imagination……. or did it really seem to be a disturbing plan?

“Uhm… Milly-sama? What is an ultimate weapon?”

I knew I would regret it later that I should not absolutely ask her, but I could not help asking.

“Hmmm… How should I say it?”

Milly-sama scratched her cheeks while speaking, as if at a loss of words, and sighed lightly. It seems like she was thinking about how talk about it.

Because it looks like it would take a long time, I led the princess and Milly-sama to the sofa, and I stood behind the princess’s chair.

That’s because Milly-sama, who was hesitating and spoke to herself, “I think it’s better to talk in order”, suddenly broached the subject to the princess and me.

“Hey, does the two of you know that Greed is said to be the strongest among all the generation of heroes?”

Though a little surprised, I nodded when we were suddenly asked.

That’s right. Greed-sama is said to have the strongest power among the generation of heroes who received the goddess’s oracle. Greed-sama’s predecessors seemed to have to train first in order to master the power that was given to them after receiving the oracle of Refelia, the goddess of light. However, Greed-sama masterfully uses the power of the goddess without training and possesses the ability to defeat the top bra.s.s demons in one match. So, it is not unreasonable to be rumored to be the strongest among the heroes.

“Greed is different from the other heroes so far. It is already different from the start. Because he received the protection of all kinds of spirits since he was born.”

“The full spirit protection, was it?” I widened my eyes in disbelief.

Spirits―they have great powers found in nature that surrounds the world. The powers that make up this world. However, they have a clear intention; sometimes they become friends of humans and protect them, or become enemies with humans and trifle with them with menace, a whimsical existence.

They are familiar to humans, but they are distant beings. Such spirits are very hard to please, and rarely show up in front of people. Only special people can see and hear their voices, even among the priests. Although they give protection to the humans they like, I heard that it is also rare.

But there is an exception in everything. That is the existence of the Hero.

The Hero was the one chosen by the goddess. For the Hero who received protection and power, the spirits are friendly and he can definitely receive spirit protection. Protection literally means “protection” [1]. If something happens, the spirits will use those powers to protect. And in rare cases, at the intention of the protectionist, they sometimes lend their powers.

However――there’s only one or two attributes at best. Even that is considered a miracle. It is known how difficult it is to receive spirit protection.

And yet, Greed-sama has all the attributes, even before receiving the goddess’s entrustment.

…… Let me say it clearly. It is nonstandard at that time. They broke the rules!

By the way, it seems that the Hero 200 years ago was a fire spirit type user. The spirits who gave protection to the Heroes of the previous generation are mostly fire or light types. Some received wind protection. But n
o matter how inhuman Greed-sama is, who also has darkness, earth and water type aside the aforementioned types…… no, no, I wonder how to understand the out-of-bounds Hero.

“Greed-sama is amazing, isn’t he?” The princess said with a voice filled with admiration.

“Until Greed received his role as the Hero, he hardly used the power of the spirit. Well, let’s say that he doesn’t need to use it……”

Oh! Suddenly Milly-sama’s tone became weak. Moreover, my eyes are swirling.

When Milly-sama speaks in this way, it means she is excited.

……The bad feeling is right on the mark.

And without looking at me, Milly-sama continued speaking.

“Well, the spirits… you know, they like Greed so much. Whether he is going on a rampage or using his powers arbitrarily against his will.”

Ugh! I heard something outrageous. Going on a rampage or using powers against your will! Somehow, I feel I’m starting to understand the meaning of “walking natural disaster”…….

Then, to summarize the story Milly-sama is hesitating to say――

It seems that since childhood, the useful spirits that protect Greed-sama used their various powers depending on his emotions. When he is having cheerful emotions such as being happy and having fun, although it is not a season where flowers bloom, flowers and plants would bud all together the next day. On the contrary, if he has gloomy feelings such as sadness, it would rain continually and then eventually, a storm would come.

However, the most troublesome of these emotions was the feelings of anger.

When they were 12 years old, something happened.

The four of them, Rufus-sama, Greed-sama, Renas-sama and Milly-sama, went to Lake Mainau located at the south of Elysium to play. They seem to have been involved with the stupid son of a bad village chief and his child, who were living at a nearby village. They picked a fight with them and attacked them.

Since they were still normal at that time, and of course they were not delayed, the stupid son held Milly-sama, who was just a village girl at that time (according to Milly-sama herself) and blocked the counterattack of Greed-sama and the others.

Yes, it was a picture-perfect solid story.

For sure, the idiot son must have said this. “If you do not want this girl to get hurt, throw away your weapons!”

Greed-sama and the others couldn’t move while Milly-sama is being held hostage. The stupid son and his friends rushed to attack them.

At the unmistakable dangerous trouble, the spirits ran amok.

“It was when Renas was beaten when Rufus started chanting to use magic but did not make it in time that Greed lost his temper. When a trembling anger dominated the bank for a moment, a large water column rose with a ‘don~’ behind the lake and came to attack. It hit the stupid son and the other children while it avoided us. The trees were knocked down and they were washed away to the village. However, that was not the end.”

It seems that the spirits could not forgive the stupid son and his friends who tried to hurt Greed-sama (although Greed-sama didn’t seem to have suffered a scratch).

According to Renas who can hear the voices of spirits, the anger seemed to be not only for the children, but also for the village itself which was violent, and the spirits seemed to talk about taking away the lake from those who live from the grace of the lake.

After the water column pushed the stupid son and the others into the village, she suddenly realized that a basin without a single drop of water was spread out in place of the lake.

“Well, that surprised me. It was done by the water spirit, and the lake was totally dry and the fishes were jumping around here and there. But I thought that the spirit was too bad to kill a large amount of fishes, when suddenly, a huge tornado appeared, sucked up all the fishes and disappeared somewhere. It was just a huge depression that has nothing left behind.”

Milly-sama brightly laughed, but I was not in a laughing mood.

Instantly drying up all the lake water, how the heck―?!

“Th-The spirits do all that without permission……?”

Milly-sama nodded at my question. “Yes. Greed did not order them to do it. Greed was just angry like us. At that time, Greed was just imitating our emotions. They got mad based on our emotions. It felt unforgivable. The spirits who felt it showed their power with their own will.”

I felt dizzy. While holding my temple, I remembered something from what I heard right now. Biting―I unconsciously had a faraway look in my eyes.

……I now understood the meaning of “walking natural disaster” Milly-sama referred to.

Yes, comprehension dawned on me down to my core. The spirits who can perceive feelings and act rashly even though the person himself has no intention or order―――

Indeed, it is not anything but “natural disasters”!

At the same time, I somehow understood the reason why Milly-sama, Renas-sama and Rufus-sama got attached to Greed-sama until now and abandoned their life.

That’s right. You cannot just leave it alone like this. It is a natural disaster that walks.

Likely, human beings will perish before the Demon King and the demons could die, right? Hahaha.

Laughing inside with a dry laugh, I carelessly forgot. The story is not yet over.

That’s right. The other monicker, “ultimate weapon” ―――


Translator’s note:

[1] The author used 加護 and 「護り」in this sentence.  加護 [kago] literally means divine protection, while 護り [mamori] means protection.




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