Vol. 1 Chapter 8 – HSP



 I Only Have a Bad Feeling


“Greed-sama? Yes, well……” Putting her hands on her cheeks, the princess looked somewhat serious.

Did I ask a question that was hard to answer?

By the way, my impression from our few interactions, the Hero……

Is an exceptional beauty.

Is surrounded by a sparkling aura.

Has a dazzling smile.

Is strangely jealous, however.

And is very mysterious to the max.

―――That is what it feels.

“The more I tell you about him, the more I do not know that person.” While the princess was making an introduction, Greed-sama seem like―――a different person.

He’s always calm. He hardly shows his smile. He has no facial expression, thus he’s nearly expressionless.  His words are polite but he lacks sociability. He takes no notice of women, even if they swoon at him. Of course, he doesn’t smile―except for one thing.

I opened my mouth unconsciously.

Errr…… who is he? Is he the Hero? Is he Greed-sama?

Doesn’t Greed-sama, who grasped my hands in the hall, always smiled? Doesn’t he have a dazzling smile?

However, as I was told, Greed-sama did not change his expression that much when he first came to this castle.

I interpreted it as being tensed. After all, when I spontaneously said to the Hero, “Please help the princess!”, he said with a smile.

“It’s all right. Because I will definitely save your princess.”

Certainly, Greed-sama was smiling that time. I saw it properly with my eyes.

“That’s what I’m saying!” The princess, who was listening to my assertions, suddenly raised her voice. “He only smiles when he talks about you.”


“Well, that was when we were together. I did not have much opportunity to talk with Greed-sama, he only expresses his smile when the topic is about you. Normally, he is nearly expressionless. I was surprised at the difference. But for Rufus-sama and the others, when Greed-sama smiles, it was a big fuss. Surrounded with a creepy feeling, Renas, the priest, would start praying, ‘Goddess, please protect us!’. Then the elf Rufaga turned pale and said, ‘A harbinger of natural disaster?’I was slightly astonished at their exaggerated reaction just because Greed-sama smiled at my precious lady-in-waiting.”

Well, that―……

“At least, I think Greed-sama’s attitude is nice. Being outspoken about his feeling only to you is a proof that he getting serious with you.”

“Is, is that so?”

To the smiling princess, I could only smile drily.

Princess…… Please be a little doubtful.

For him, who is usually reticent and cool, to be hot and shy towards the woman he likes, the meaning of the big fuss created by his friends is different.

However you think about it, isn’t everyone’s attitude something to fear of?! The comrades who are afraid of the Hero who smiles at me――

What to do……? I only have a bad feeling.

I don’t feel happy even juuuust a little bit on who the Hero especially likes.

It is rather scary. I dread.

I regretted my curiosity. The more I know, the more … what is it, I feel like I’m getting caught in the depths of something. It might be better not to know any more than this……

That was what I thought that time.

What the princess said to me totally reversed my defensive instinct.

“If you want to know more about Greed-sama, you may ask Rufus-sama, Milly-sama or Renas-sama. That’s because they are Greed-sama’s childhood friends.”

By the way, Milly-sama is the thief and Renas-sama is the priest.

“No, that’s……”

“I came!”

I held back when the words I was about to say was interrupted by the sudden arrival of a third person.

Being startled by the appearance before us, a beautiful woman with an unusual short-cut burning red hair and brilliant green eyes was standing with a radiant smile.

It was Milly-sama, one of the Hero’s friends, with the title of the female thief.

But can I use tsukkomi?

When did you enter the room?!

“An-An escort soldier was standing outside the room……” I murmured to myself.

If there’s a visitor, they will let you know. They will never let people in without warning. Besides, we didn’t hear any sound of a door opening.

“Fufufu. There’s no door that will not open for me.” Milly-sama laughed daringly.

I was convinced with those words. I forgot that she is the female thief.

Although her profession is a “female thief”, it is not a thief that steals money. Those who possess special skills belong to a guild (occupational guild). According to what we saw, she possesses the skill [Unlocking Doors].  Whatever door with a st.u.r.dy lock that comes into contact with her hand, whether a treasure box with a magic or a safe, it will immediately open. It is also probably because she also has a [Spy] skill (a.k.a. Stealth) that she was able to enter the room without being reproached by the soldier.

When this [Spy] skill is activated, it is difficult to be recognized by the enemy. Creeping up and disturbing without being noticed, it is an ancillary skill that can do that, and in the Thieves Guild, it is one of the ‘Three Major Skills” alongside with [Unlocking Doors] and [Acrobatics]. By the way, [Acrobatics] seems to be a skill that makes it easy for people to move to and from high places.

“Actually, I went to the room to meet Aria, but I was told that she’s with the princess. That’s why I came here, but it was troublesome because a soldier is standing outside the princess’s room so I used my abilities to enter.”

There was cuteness in her beauty as she stuck her tongue out with a “tehe”.

As a lady-in-waiting, I have to reproach the person who entered the princess’s room without permission, but I guess I have to forgive everything since there’s no harm done.

Beauty is an advantage. Even if I do that “tehe”, no one will seem to forgive me―wait, did she just say she will meet me?

Why, I wonder…… Again, I only have a bad feeling.

“Is, Is there something that I can do for you?”

Milly-sama smiled and told me, who was 99% sure that she will inquire about the Hero.

“Yeah. Well, you see, since we’re gonna be acquainted for a long time, shall we become friends?”

…… Shall I insert tsukkomi?

Is it already decided among them that I’m going to marry? Is there no choice to refuse?

…… No, there may be practically no room for refusal.

“You know, that―”

Suddenly, Milly-sama’s smile disappeared and looked at me seriously.

“I have something I want to talk about. What exactly we will talk about―it’s about Greed. Because I do not want you, Aria, to make a mistake on how you will handle Greed.”

How to handle? What is the way to handle, I wonder?

“At any rate, that guy is a natural walking disaster……rather, he’s like an ultimate weapon.”




…… It seems like it’s how to handle the ultimate weapon.





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