Vol. 1 Chapter 7 – HSP



Hero-sama is a Walking Natural Disaster?


Although the princess has returned home safely, the situation that made our spine cold completely dampened our mood.

We were talking about the Hero, aren’t we?

And the Hero is our last hope, isn’t he?

He was chosen by the goddess to save us from the demons’ threat, right?

But why do I have to feel dreary?

Is it because he knew my three sizes…… I wish I didn’t hear it!

That’s right…… I didn’t hear it.

It is also in the family precepts of the Milford family! Do not listen to inconvenient things!

Since it is a family precept, it must be observed. I should do so, by all means. That’s why. I. Have. Not. Heard. Anything.

I forcibly told myself, shook off the gloomy thoughts and smiled. “Princess, I want to hear about Prince Rufus. What kind of encounter did you have?”

The princess’s face was immediately dyed red.

Really, speaking about that blush in her cheeks!

The long eyelashes that hid her eyes fell, casting shadows on her smooth white cheeks dyed in pink. If I were a man, I would have fallen in love just by seeing this expression for a moment.

Really! Behaving like this with the princess for a little while, it doesn’t feel like I am marrying the Hero.

The blushing princess shyly said. “The one who helped me when I was captured in the high tower in the Demon King’s castle, it was Rufus-sama.”


H-Huh? It was not the Hero? In the story, it was the Hero who appeared in the prison tower to save the princess, right?

The princess continued ecstatically without noticing my unconvinced expression.

“Rufus-sama said, ‘Everything is all right now that we came’, and kindly cared about me who was dreading the possible arrival of the Demon King. It was also Rufus-sama who carried me down the tower when my trembling legs could not properly walk …… A-And it was also Rufus-sama who shielded my back when we were attacked by a demon immediately after leaving the tower. ‘I will absolutely protect you. I will not let even a single wound on you.’ He was so cool. And then, and then . . .”

Wow, the princess is speaking fondly. It seems that she will talk about her memories with Rufus-sama like this all the time.

However, when Rufus-sama went to rescue the princess, there’s no way to confirm where the Hero and the others went. On their way back, coincidentally there was festival in town, and when the story ended to the part where Rufus-sama brought the interested princess out to the festival, I was finally able to interrupt her. While bringing the princess who has the tendency to talk fondly back into the track, I finally succeeded in finding out the details of the rescue part.

According to her, it seems that the Hero’s party who entered the Demon King’s castle was divided into two. Rufus-sama, the female thief and the female warrior were on the “Princess Louise’s rescue unit”, while the Hero, the priest and the elf formed the unit that went to attract the enemy’s attention. In the princess’s story mixed with fondness, it seemed that Rufus-sama came to rescue the princess alone, but in fact, there were two other people. It appears that Rufus-sama was not alone in the battle that shielded the princess’s back.

…… I would like to accurately tell you the facts but…… it seems impossible.

Currently, eighty percent of the princess’s mind is filled with Rufus-sama. I will do my best and somehow, hear about the other 20%.

So, on the high tower of the Demon King’s castle where the princess was imprisoned―――the solid story was only up to here. Good job, middle-aged macho Demon King! ―――The princess who escaped and Rufus-sama and the other members of the party succeeded in escaping from the castle while defeating the lower class demons.

When they arrived to the entrance of the forest a little farther from the castle, it seems that there are no demons following after them. No unusual phenomenon happened while they were on their way as if the demons hastily disappeared.

“It looks like Greed and the others did well.”

The murmurs of the female warrior who was just beside reached the ears of the princess.

The princess, who was blushing at Rufus-sama’s gallant figure, remembered for the first time that the Hero and the others still remained inside the castle. (Slow! You’re slow, Princess!)

When the princess, who was late in her realizations, was worried about them, Rufus-sama and the female thief said with a very refreshing smile.

“They are fine. Because Greed is there.”

“That’s right. For you see, Greed is the “walking natural disaster”. So no worries! No worries!”

At those words, the female warrior had nodded in agreement.

…… Please wait for a moment.

What is a “natural walking disaster”? “Greed” is the name of the Hero, is it not?

I really wanted to switch on my tsukkomi, but unfortunately I do not have an opponent to retort to. It would be good to hear a little more of the in-depth story, but she has only just been released…… Kuu.

Moreover, becoming fixated to Rufus-sama, it seems that she is not interested with the Hero. Kuu.

When I gave up on that matter and returned back to the story, it seems that the Hero and the others came out of the castle much later. They arrived using the “teleportation magic square”.

And, at the same time, as if it had lost its support, the huge castle of the Demon King collapsed with a roaring sound.

Casting a sidelong glance at the amazed princess, Greed-sama and the others did not appear to be surprised at the collapsing castle behind them, and joined Rufus-sama and the others at the entrance of the forest.

“What about the Demon King?”

“Dead. It was over all too soon.”

In that conversation between Rufus-sama and Greed-sama, the princess knew that the Demon King was killed by the Hero.

Happy ending.

…… Please wait for a moment. The Demon King had been defeated by three people?

…… Indeed, the ruination of the Demon King’s castle is a fit ending of a solid story.

But――― can I b.utt in with my tsukkomi?

Isn’t the fight with the last boss an all-out battle?!  Don’t they usually gather and join forces to fight the strongest enemy?!

Yet, why are you splitting the team into two, and then fighting and killing before joining forces!?

What is the point of having six people in a party?!!?!

Wait, was it really the Demon King?

I don’t like the idea of two middle-age machos but, it’s possible―――that it was the Demon King’s shadow or the middle stage boss, right?

He was a fake and it is a pity he was still alive……

But assuming that it was a fake, it does not change the fact that the boss should be strong enough to set up a castle. That fight was quick according to Greed-sama.

…… Then who really was it? I want to know, but I guess it would be better not to know……

I’m also curious about the meaning of “natural walking disaster” that the female thief said.

And I’m also curious about the desperate clasping of the hands of the party members in the hall.

But at the same time, a warning bell rang inside my head. I should not get involved.

After a little trouble, I have finished asking about the story of the Demon King’s subjugation before the princess could go back again to her affectionate storytelling about Rufus-sama.

“Wh-what kind of person does Greed-sama seem to the princess? You were together on your way back home, weren’t you?”

…… I couldn’t win against my curiosity.

Later, when I remembered this moment, I want to kick myself.

I thought, “Why did you want to know!”  or “Ignorance is bliss!”

However during this time, I still don’t know about such future.

The Hero was an outrageous person, and the more I know about him, the more I draw away from him.

Before everyone knew, that strongest but the most unfortunate hero has seized the reins; moreover, it was also unnoticed that the fate of the world was seized by this hand.

―――Really, really, it seemed like I knew it.




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