Vol. 1 Chapter 6 – HSP



The Princess and The Lady-in-Waiting



The chill suddenly struck me……. I wonder why.

I felt a sort of unpleasant feeling. It seems like the danger is coming closer……?

Being busy responding to the words “Congratulations!”, “How wonderful that the hero fell in love with you at first sight!”, “When did you met the hero before, getting a head start?!” with “Nooo, Stop it—!!!” inside my heart while my face is twitching with a smile, I forgot the ominous premonition that I felt a while ago.

To be honest, the expectant atmosphere has a more sense of danger compared to that premonition.

Will it not become more and more difficult to refuse the hero as the time passed?

And then, that apprehension unfortunately hits me.

I got tired of being hit by a huge amount of HP (hit points) in the hall and came back to Princess Louise in her room. Until a while ago, the princess had just an exciting reunion with her family as expected.

We waited in a separate room―while I continued on bantering and progressively decreasing the HP―and then I finally came back.

To the room of my true master, who was eagerly waiting.

“My room is quieter as expected.”

Looking around my room that I should be familiar with, I saw the princess smile. At her appearance, I suddenly straightened my back.

That’s right. The princess has been kidnapped by the Demon King a long time ago. It was a terrible feeling for me. There were things I’ve cried about every day I’ve spent here. I have absolutely cried.

I spoke in a voice with deep affection to the princess, who was sitting in the chair that I always used when I’m reading. “Waiting for the day that the princess will return, I was preparing every day. Because I believed that the princess will come back safely.”

From the chair, the princess smiled at me. That smile is as gorgeous and beautiful as a glowing halo. Even if I am familiar with it, my heart skipped a beat for a moment.

“Thank you, Aria. I’m glad to be back. Only after I was kidnapped was I able to realize how wonderful our daily lives here were. That the days that I spend with my father and mother, elder brothers, the prime minister and the cabinet ministers, and then with you is the most important treasure.”


It felt like the princess suddenly became an adult. The princess left behind her younger self before she was kidnapped. She is now a fine lady. Is it because of the hardships, of being forced into cruel situation?

……No, I guess it is the effect of falling in love with Rufus-sama. I feel a little lonely being left behind, but it is certain that the princess is happy, so I’d like to happily accept the change.

The princess was sitting on the chair and after enjoying the feeling for a while, looked at me suddenly and laughed.

“It is thanks to you that I did not break my heart when I was captive, Aria.”


“Earlier, you were stressed when the Demon King was mentioned. You said, ‘The Demon King is sure to be beautiful! That is the usual! It is a promise!’”

“Oh. Haha.” I laughed drily.

I surely said that. After all, it is a promise. However, the real Demon King―

Trimmed, short black hair and red eyes that are common to demons. He has a muscular body―a giant middle-aged macho…..

Demons should be able to change their appearance by themselves, so why do they need to be macho? I was fully loaded with a lot of tsukkomi. Yes.

“……It was a pity.”

As I murmured, the princess laughed merrily.

“Yes, as you said! But whenever I was threatened to become the bride of the Demon King, every time my heart gets caught in fear, I remembered what you said at that time and fear faded away. If not for those words, my spirit may have been broken with fear. It is thanks to you and the Hero, that I was able to come back here safely.”

“Tha-That’s too much……”

Now that I know that the Demon King is neither young nor handsome, I think that it will be entered as one of the dark history of the “hero’s tale” in the future……

I rearranged my thoughts and said. “I haven’t done anything. Thanks to the hero, the princess is safe. I can’t thank him enough.”

……I just can’t accept the proposal. I wonder if she heard me muttering in my heart.

The princess suddenly became interested and asked me.

“What will you do about Greed-sama, Aria?”

I moaned depressingly deep in my heart.

I’d like to personally express my real feelings to the friendly princess, but outside the room there are security guards and other maids who are waiting for their turn, so I cannot say stupid things in this situation. I don’t know who is listening.

If the King and the Prime minister know what I hate, I will be immediately sacrificed with a king’s command…… No, no! I might be married off.

I cannot risk such danger!

I coughed once and answered. “Well, neither I nor Greed-sama is well-acquainted with each other, so I’d like to get to know a little more before replying….”

Yes, it’s how it is. It is exactly the same as my answer to the Hero in the hall.

I decided not to mention anything to others other than this response. Therefore, please forgive me for the flat tone of my voice!

“But at least, Greed-sama knows you well, does he not?”

Strangely, the princess tilted her head and said it. That gesture of touching her mouth is very pretty.

―――However, the words the princess said next dropped me to the bottom of my fear.

“He told me a lot about you. Of course, he already knew about your birthplace, age, family structure, three sizes and the day you started working in the castle.”


“That’s why I just wanted to know how the two of you became acquainted enough to talk about such details before Greed-sama and the others embarked on their journey.”

“E-ehh?! I-Impossible!” I shook my head fiercely. “The only thing I’ve said to him was, ‘Please, save the princess!’ I have not even mentioned my name!”

And yet he knows even my birthplace and family structure. On top of that―――my three sizes?! Where and when such information……?

――― H-Hero-sama, you are terrifyiiiiiiiing!! I screamed in my heart.

A chill ran down my spine. Hiiii!

“U-uhm… Ah! That’s it, right? Hero-sama has that ability to know the level and skill of his opponents.”

The princess slightly turned pale as she said that. I was also pale like her, but I denied those words.

“The [Analysis] skill? But that is the ability to see the status of the enemy and supporting characters. I have never heard about seeing a mob character’s status.”

It can’t be helped since whether he has seen the status of a villager, a maid or a traveller as a good character, he or she will never become his companion or enemy.

Besides, if my status is seen, my three sizes should not be listed as it should be.

Even I myself cannot remember the day that I started working in the castle―――

Ahhh! I will say it again. Please let me say it.

―――Hero-sama, you are terrifyiiiiiiiing!!

“I wonder why Greed-sama knows you well……”

“……I also would like to know……”

While looking at her pale face, thinking about someone who is not here sent shivers through my and the princess’s spine.




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