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I Can Read the Atmosphere, but the Reply is Equivocal

Because of Greed-sama’s jealousy and something like a strange demand, I felt uneasy to not to look at Prince Rufus and Princess Louise. Of course, the reaction of the king and the others is to oppose. However, since the protagonist of the hero’s tale is holding my hand, the story progresses in an entirely different way.

“If he is the real Prince Rufus, I have no reason to object. No, even if he is not a royalty, parents should send their daughter to the person she wants to marry.”

The words of the King echoed in the hall. In agreement with those words, the Queen continued with kind words.

“Indeed, Princess. They are the ones who came to rescue you. Even if he is only a mere magician and not a prince, I will support your love. Rufus-sama, please take care of our princess.”

“Mother, Father . . . . . .”

”His majesty, Her majesty. Thank you very much.”

It seems that the marriage of the princess and Rufus-sama is permitted in this way. The King and the Queen are indeed called the royal couple. They are broad-minded.

Well . . . I have a hunch though that saying they will give their approval even if Rufus-sama is really only a mere magician is a little dubious. That’s that, I honestly want to congratulate them than pointlessly find fault at them.

The words “Princess, congratulations!” and “We wish you happiness” from everyone in the hall were directed to the couple. The cheers and applause increased. It is like a warm welcome of the marriage of Prince Rufus and Princess Louise in the hall. Just a little while ago, the atmosphere was kind of full of surprise and shock, and now that the solid love story was on the verge of being successful, everyone seems to be waiting eagerly for a clear and harmonious atmosphere to flow.

Everyone is quick to switch. Really, as expected of those working in the castle! Similarly, I would also have taken the initiative and applauded if Greed-sama has not taken my hand. After all, I have been a maid for 6 years. I am good at reading the atmosphere.

However . . . the one in front of me does not seem to read the atmosphere. No, does he dare to ignore it?

Kuuki yome!1

Oh, my mistake. Read the situation! 2

But with my thoughts’ zero magical power, it did not reach the Hero . . .

Behind you is your childhood friend and comrade, and also your country’s prince who is trying to secure a wife, you did not turn without a fleeting glance, Greed-sama. You have been staring at my face the whole time. It will be pierced and have a hole. I don’t think you see anything appealing in an ordinary maid’s face but . . . are you counting the number of pores?

——is what I thought. I somewhat escaped reality because I am afraid to say it bluntly.

After I looked at the princess (and Rufus-sama), the sweetness in the gaze of Greed-sama returned but the strange dark flame that I have seen in his eyes gave me a feeling of “fear”. It feels like being a frog cursed by a snake. And yet . . . Ah! I wonder what was that?

My skills to read the situation became annoying for the first time.

The solid development of the Princess and Rufus-sama has satisfied everyone’s interest, and I know that they came to gather around me and Greed-sama again.

“By the way, what about these two?” or something like that!

Even if you do not see anything except for the Hero, you can sense such thing in the air. The joyous mood in everyone who happened to experience the solid development feels like “this should also have ideal results” kind of atmosphere.

Surely, doesn’t it look like everyone thinks “the love story of the maid who was worried for the princess and the hero who defeated the Demon King and saved the princess for her sake” in their mind?

Such flowery . . . No, no, it is a positive interpretation.

Unless that “compassionate maid” is me, surely flowers might have bloomed in my head, right?

What a sudden change of attitude . . . Containing my tsukkomi in my heart, I went along with the mood around me.

But I did not want to read such atmosphere!

Ahh… They noticed that I have not given my reply and their stinging gazes seem to say, “There is no reason to reject him, right?”, and “No way.”, and “She will not dump the Hero in public.”

Also, even the king has read the thoughts, “By the way, what is happening in the hero’s side?”

That’s not what a royalty should say!

It is clear that everyone in the hall have their gazes zeroed in to me and the Hero.

I’m in a pinch.

I felt the cold sweat dripping continuously on my face and back while my hand is held by the Hero. This person unmistakably created the biggest crisis. I’m in a dilemma.

I want to reject the marriage proposal once and for all, which was my real intention. After all, isn’t he the Hero? Isn’t he the great person who received the oracle from the Goddess, took responsibility of the mission to defeat the Demon king and splendidly accomplished it?

I am only a daughter of a viscount, whose both appearance and ability are ordinary. Mixed with the maids who assembled in the hall and immediately hidden, like one of the extras (mob) that will not remain in anyone’s memory, he . . . will marry me?

Ahhh! Impossible! When you think about it, it is impossible!

I am not forgiving myself even if others did. Other women can rival me to be next to the Hero! I must absolutely, absolutely refuse this. Frankly, it is troublesome to decide in this unconventional circumstance.

But can I refuse this……?

I desperately thought about it. I wonder what will happen if I refuse.

If I say that this is detestable—the whole kingdom will make me suffer without a doubt. Because if I will become the Hero’s wife, this country will certainly be able to have a connection with the Hero.

The connection with the Hero who has the power to beat the Demon King with the blessing of the Goddess will be effective as a political advantage against other countries. That is why the king and the ministers thought about marrying Princess Louise to the Hero. Because the Hero brings national interest regardless of his origin, it doesn’t matter whether the Hero is a n.o.ble or one of the general masses. Well, since the princess was determined to marry into the royal family of Elusion, then the national interest has shifted into another direction. However, even if you set that thought aside, the place where you want a connection with the Hero still has not changed. If you can use the influence of the Hero . . .

Just imagining it is very bleak. In a word, even when I imagine myself as the Hero’s wife, why did it give me a bleak feeling……  I cannot imagine it.

I’m troubled. Really, really troubled. I cannot refuse. But I don’t want to accept the Hero’s marriage proposal.


The Hero who had that momentary flame in the sweetness in his eyes suddenly called my name. His voice is not loud. But for some reason, it felt like his clear voice resonated in the hall.

“Let me say it again. I love you. Please become my wife.”

Why read the situation now, Greed-sama…….?

Becoming the center of attention because of the second marriage proposal……

That’s it, right? It was definitely on purpose! You aimed to say it again so that I cannot refuse, right?!

Sweat came out continuously like before.

On that occasion, I cannot take my eyes off the Hero who was unstoppable but at the edge of my peripheral vision, I saw the Hero’s comrade’s behind him trying hard . . . to send their thought s to me by desperately looking at me. It is as if they are pressing their hands together in prayer and winking towards me. Even Rufus-sama, who looks calm, is doing the same thing. Unfortunately, with my zero magical power, I cannot comprehend what they are trying to convey.

But I wonder why. I wonder why their supplication felt like, “Do not refuse! Do you want this country to be ruined?”

I . . .see. I . . . can read the atmosphere.

I don’t understand but it appears that the extinction flag is standing.

I am troubled. My chances of refusing are gradually decreasing! My head is spinning.

At that moment, I suddenly recalled my Milford family’s precept. Ugh . . . there’s no choice but to abide it.

I breathed and opened my mouth.


I felt the people around me hold their breath in anxiety, waiting for my reply. On the other hand, the Hero’s party members seem to be praying to the Goddess for some reason.

Greed-sama…… What the hell are you? Suspicion began to form in me.

But it is not the right place right now to worry about that. Placing my suspicion in the corner of my mind, I returned my awareness to the Hero in front of me and nervously gave my reply.

“I… I don’t know Greed-sama that well. And I also think that Greed-sama does not know anything about me. Then, isn’t it better if I replied when we became well-acquainted with each other?”

This… is postponing!

One of the family precepts in our Viscount Milford’s household: “One should postpone if a difficult problem arises!”

In the hall where the dejected atmosphere spreads, I waited for the Hero’s response.

The Hero looked down fixedly at me with unreadable eyes, but before I could think what that was, he expressed a soft smile.

“Kyaaa— !” my fellow maids behind me squealed. So the handsome man’s smile was now a weapon. Even I felt that I was instantly defeated.

In such a commotion, the Hero bowed down his head and kissed the back of my hands. Hiii—!

The shrill voices get louder again. Isn’t that so? This elegant behavior, isn’t it prince-like?

“Yes, of course. I also want to know about you and I want you to know about me,” the Hero said.

While piercing me with a look from his sea-colored eyes peeping through his shining pale golden bangs—

Looking at such wonderful gentlemanly appearance, I wanted to think that I only imagined those chills running through my spine.





Translator’s note:

Original text: [食う気嫁!/kuuki yome/]. 食う /kuu/ = to eat; 気/ki/= spirit or feeling; 嫁 /yome/= bride Original text: [空気読め!/kuuki yome/]. This means “Read the situation!”

The pun was intended by the author.

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  1. TruthSpeaker says:

    Seems Aria is starting to have the same suspicion I got several chapters ago. This hero is the real Demon Lord. Either the old man was a subordinate of him and it was all a part of Greed’s plan, or the old man was just some rival of his. Hell it might even be that Greed was an illegitimate son or something and he isn’t even really aware that he is a demon or something.

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