Vol. 1 Chapter 3 – HSP


Not A Relationship No Matter What Kind of Solid Development


The words of the magician Rufus clearly echoed across the hall.

Immediately after that, a commotion began to start when the people have comprehended on the meaning of what he said.

Rufus-sama is the prince of the Principality of Elusion!

If that is true, it seems a sweet . . . I mean, wonderful story.

I looked at Princess Louise and I am glad that my master is happy. But still, I was surprised. No, I should say I am not the only one who is surprised. Even the princess in question is wide-eyed. Isn’t she looking at Rufus-sama, her gaze filled with shock? Perhaps the princess did not know till just now?

But if that’s the case, I nod in agreement at the anxious countenance of the princess earlier. Without a doubt, the princess anxiously thought that since Rufus-sama is only a mere magician, the king and the royal court will not think of their marriage well. It is different when it is the Hero who received the oracle, but the King will decide not to agree if she becomes a bride of a mere magician.

“The Principality of Elusion, you say?”

The King looked at Rufus-sama, who is leading the princess by the hand, with an expression that shows disbelief.

Elusion is on the same continent as Schwarze, a large country that is bigger and more powerful than our country. It is a little far so there is not so much diplomatic relations. Which reminds me, I think I have heard from stories circulating somewhere that this Greed-sama in front of me also came from there.

“Why did the Prince of the Principality of Elusion participate as a magician in the Hero’s party?

The King asked the question that everyone was thinking.

“Now that it is mentioned, I have heard of it. That country’s Second Prince, Prince Rufus, is a talented man who excels at magic.”

That was said by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He is a diplomat for many years, a person who is well versed in foreign affairs. If what he said was true, perhaps it is not strange that the magician in front of everyone is Prince Rufus.

“Let me explain.”

It was Rufus-sama who said that.

“Greed and I are childhood friends. So when I heard Greed received the oracle of the Goddess to become a hero when the demon appeared, I thought of doing something that would aid him. Fortunately, I had magical power, so I was able to join his party as a magician.”

Rufus-sama said until that point, turned around and looked down at his beloved princess.

“Princess, I am terribly sorry for not revealing that I am a prince. However, as a member of the Hero’s party I am not a prince and I intended to take the position Rufus, the magician, until the very end. Besides . . . This is my selfishness, but I want you to love me as simply Rufus, not as a prince of a large country.”


Tears welled up on the big eyes of the princess and spilled like drops of pearls. But, I understand. That is not sadness. As a proof, isn’t the princess trying to express a smile on her face?

“The person that I like is Rufus-sama. It doesn’t matter to me if you are a magician or a prince. Such thing is trivial. You are the only man that I love.”


Rufus-sama murmured emotionally and hugged the princess tightly. On Rufus-sama’s back the princess’s hands quite artlessly and tightly grasped his robe.

I witnessed that scene over Greed-sama’s shoulders while my hands are still held by him. It’s amazing. Because behind the Hero, his status as a protagonist is in danger in this solid love story.

Yes. The summary has such an impression—

“There was a prince with a great magical power in a certain country. One day, he heard about his precious childhood friend received the role of the Hero entrusted to him. He abandoned his title as a prince for the sake of his childhood friend and joined the Hero’s party as a magician. Thus he encountered the beautiful princess who was kidnapped by the Demon King. The Hero’s party battled to death with the Demon King in order to save the princess and finally, they rescued the princess. In that rough journey, the magician and the princess fell in love with each other. They were attracted with each other even if his status as a prince was not revealed. Before long, the party successfully returned to the princess’s country and the magician asked the princess’s father, the King. At that time, the magician finally reveals his identity, I am a prince—“

Ooohh… isn’t it a solid development?! The role of protagonist changed instantly!

Or perhaps I should say, can this confusion make me forget what Greed-sama told me?! After all, isn’t the scene much, much better than the Hero who proposes to Maid A?

While I was thinking about that, Greed-sama strongly gripped my hand all of a sudden.

“Ouch!” I said with a grimace and Greed-sama told me.

“You can’t look.”

Did my rude thoughts unintentionally leak out, I suddenly thought as I looked up at Greed-sama, who is looking down at me with a serious look and expression. He is beautiful as always.

However, that gaze is different from the sweet one a while ago. And for some reason, I can’t help but sense that it is bursting in flames. Most likely it is.

Again, pressure is applied in my hands. Although it does not hurt this time, it strangely feels that there is a sense of intimidation at the pressure applied to my hands.

“Please look at me. Do not cast your eyes over another man.”


For a moment, I did not understand what he said. However, the fact that he was not pleased when I looked away was barely understood.

It…… It does not mean that I am fascinated by Rufus-sama!!

“E-Even Princess Louise’s fiancé?”

Greed-sama shook his head at me when I nervously asked.

“Even someone’s fiancé is not allowed. Please do not look at other men.”

Other men . . . Isn’t he your comrade and childhood friend?!?

——It appears that the Hero is feeling extremely jealous.




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