Vol. 1 Chapter 10 – HSP



The Hero is the Ultimate Weapon

“Oh, there is virtually no such thing right now, right? Since Greed also became the hero, he began to actively use the power of the spirits and he can control them.”

Is it because I was far away? Milly-sama, who seemed to be frightened, became Greed-sama’s follower in a panic.

However, I feel like it is right now……

“Milly-sama, Greed-sama usually does not have a lot of facial expressions to make sure that the spirits do not react to emotions and run wild?”

The princess, who was listening silently, unexpectedly asked. Milly-sama nodded in agreement.

“That’s one reason. Since he grew up in an environment that is not ordinary, originally he was a boy with little emotions but after the incident in that lake, he really stopped showing emotions. Look, he’s using honorific language, doesn’t he? That also, he is doing it deliberately to control himself.”

“On purpose?”

“Yes, yes. He acts as if he was raised like a prince like Rufus, but do you know that Renas, Greed and I are from a village in Elusion’s countryside? Usually, there are no refined guys who can speak such language. Even Greed has referred to himself as ‘me’ [俺 : ore] in the past, and that word is considered as boorish.”

Greed-sama’s boorish language…… I cannot imagine. Because he was using polite language to me from the time he first visited this castle. Just like that time when I was imploring about the princess, his calming tone was very kind and gentle.

Besides, with Greed-sama’s appearance, crude language does not suit him. Greed-sama is a handsome person with blue and green eyes. Although it may seem rude to call a man beautiful, but the exquisitely arranged facial parts are just like artworks between his straight nose. The finest gold hair borders his elegant face. It is not a golden color, but a clear, pale light cascading down his back, almost like a moonlight.

This is what I heard at a later time, but the spirits like Greed-sama’s hair so much and they seem to hate and find it annoying if his hair is tried to be cut.

So the person himself said that having a long hair is cannot be helped but gets in his way, so he made a compromise to tie it in the back.

Not knowing such a thing, with a feeling of losing as a woman to his smooth and shiny hair, I was exposed to sudden super heavy, local rain and my whole body got wet as soon as I got a pair of scissors. But that was another story.

Well, even if he keeps it, Greed-sama’s beautiful appearance does not make him look like a bumpkin.

The man, who wears a legendary silver-shining armor that can only be worn by the generations of heroes, is brimming with grace and elegance, and coupled with his polite language, it was as if he was a prince appearing in a story.

Beautiful, elegant, strong, gentle――the ideal prince.

That’s why, everyone thought, including me, he is suited for the princess. Even now, imagining the two of them standing side by side, flowers seem to bloom in my head……

Aaaah! Indeed, I don’t need to do this! It is no good for me to be next to him. Even if others approve, I cannot approve.

“Princess, Aria, both of you live in the castle, so you make use of polite language on a daily basis, but speaking honorific words for us people from the countryside is a lot tiring. It is necessary to think and think about what to say in your mind. But for Greed, it seems just right to suppress his feelings. Surely, since he began using polite language, the spirits did not use their powers at their own will. It looks like the limiter became an alternative. Thanks to this, whenever Greed is about to lose his temper, they understand his words, so it’s like killing two birds with one stone.”

“U-Uhm, in other words……”

“Yes. When he gets angry, his language returns to the one he used in the past, which is before being chosen as the hero and it also gives us time to prepare of our minds.”

Milly-sama cheerfully laughed.

“Even if he gets angry now, he can control the powers of the spirits by the language, so don’t worry about them behaving recklessly. Greed also became angry with a certain overlord and his daughter but he was able to precisely control the powers of the spirits. The castle, well, collapsed, but no one was injured.”

Although the castle collapsed……?

――Just now, I heard something disturbing!

However, I cannot use tsukkomi. Better not to know the details is appealing.

And yet…

“What do you mean that the castle collapsed?” It was the princess who became the tsukkomi.

Princess, I wanted you to read the atmosphere that I do not want to listen!

And to be honest with the princess’s question, Milly-sama told the story.

“There was an overlord at the border of the country of Ringal. He has a daughter. Her personality is the worst but she is a beautiful woman, and one day, a demon kidnapped her. So, the overlord just asked us to rescue her as we passed by. Because he was a bad lord who takes heavy taxes and imprisons anyone who goes against him, I did not want to get involved, but the reward was good so I decided to accept it.”

Yes. Even though the goddess gave the oracle to remove the threat of the demons, the hero was blessed with powers but they do not do unpaid work. Unlike in the story, even the Hero’s party needs to eat and sleep. The stomach does not get full and the beddings cannot be secured just from gratefulness.

While the landlord is absent, they can search the house but they cannot steal any items or money they have found.

So they will claim the reward for proper work. Of course, my country will also pay them for rescuing the princess.

“The demon that beat the overlord’s daughter was not a big deal and she could be easily rescued, but it was a hard work since then. As usual, the daughter fell in love with Greed. Although Greed was expressionless as usual and ignored her, but the foolish daughter orchestrated a machination and as soon as she was brought back to the palace, she promised her father that she would marry Greed and arranged a multitude of lies. The father is a father and knew his daughter’s lies, and thinking that it would be advantageous to become a relative of the hero, he rode on the opportunity. Of course, we refused. That kind of thing is not a joke. However, as soon as Greed refused, the overlord became more difficult and said, ‘Take responsibility for toying with my daughter!’ I regretted with all my heart that we saved such foolish daughter from the demon.”

Remembering what happened in the past, Milly-sama smiled.

As I thought, many people think to become a relative of the Hero. I was a little astonished when I heard this story.

……After all, aren’t we convinced and got excited on our own that the Hero who returned home with the princess was in love with the princess?

Although the situation is different because the foolish daughter of the overlord was interested, is it not the same as trying to marry him to the princess without listening to his story?

Well, the Hero would propose to me, the lady-in-waiting A, immediately after that and the development went diagonally upwards.

“Then, how did it go?”

“The foolish overlord told us, ‘If you don’t want others to know that you took advantage of my daughter, just marry her’, and Greed became irritated. The castle began to collapse as soon as he said, ‘Shut up’.”

“Can’t he control it?” I unintentionally used tsukkomi.

“We also thought he’s going on a rampage. But that was not the careless act of the spirit who responded to the feelings of Greed, but it was what he did with his intention.”

Milly-sama, who smiled at my tsukkomi and shook her head, said scary things.

“While the rest of the castle is collapsing, Greed sparingly told us the crime committed by the lord on the spot. Such as secretly raising the taxes in the country and putting it in his pocket, imprisoning or killing the people who oppose him in the dungeon of the castle, kidnapping a girl he liked and forcibly made her his mistress, received a bribe from an unscrupulous merchant and tolerated his crime, etc. Greed can combine the ability of the soil spirit and the wind spirit in order to use [Analysis] skill to extract past memory and information. The lord, who didn’t know it, saw Greed has scary eyes that can see. Because he can see through and expose anyone’s bad business other people were not aware of. On the contrary, we calmed down. Because even though Greed was angry, we saw that he controlled the spirit properly.”

――Eventually, the castle collapsed.

Yet no one was injured, and all the people and soldiers who work in the castle stood dumbfounded in front of the overlord’s castle, which was turned into a mountain of rubble. Greed-sama protected them with the power of a spirit. By the way, the overlord and his daughter, their accomplices, and those who tormented the people, were imprisoned in a dungeon that did not collapse.

Although they are alive, they must have felt the terror until the rubble has been removed and they were rescued. And even if they were rescued, they were to be imprisoned again soon. Greed-sama used the spirits to deliver the information about the overlord to the great temple of the goddess, and the temple conveyed it to the king. Of course, the position of the lord was revoked, and now it seems that a new overlord governs the land. The new overlord is neat, and the people were able to finally live with peace of mind.

It was a happy ending.

……except for my heart.

Ruined the castle and used the [Analysis] skill and the powers of the spirits to extract the necessary information, and protected people from being injured. Greed-sama simultaneously completed those tasks.

That is no longer within the standards. Out-of-bounds……?

Finally getting dizzy for real, I covered my face with my hand.

The spirits sense emotions and act recklessly. That is indeed a natural disaster.

However, it already exceeds the limit of natural disaster to use the power of the spirit that is the power of nature itself at will. It is already―a weapon. It is definitely a weapon.

…… Oh, I feel I understand why Greed-sama’s friends were desperate at the hall.

Indeed, it would be easy to ruin this country using the powers of the Hero.

As expected of “walking natural disaster”. Truly the “ultimate weapon”.

――Wait, what? I removed my hand from my face.

“……the ultimate weapon?”

I understood the weapon, but why is “ultimate” attached to it?

At such thoughts, Milly-sama shrugged her shoulders and looked up.

“Oh, that’s because even just being able to use the powers of all types of spirit makes him invincible, he also has the power of the hero, you know? With no opponent to oppose him, there is no doubt that he is the strongest in the world. Think about what will happen if Greed goes out of control.”

The opponent that would face Greed-sama, who has beaten the Demon King, should at least have a level of a god or a spirit. If ever Greed-sama forgets about himself and went on a rampage……?

It would be, the [Hero’s rampage = the destruction of the world], right?

――Truly the “ultimate weapon”.

The world will end if it is activated, right?






I straightened my back, turned to the princess, and bowed my head deeply.

“Please excuse me. I will end my duty today.”


Regardless of whether the princess is taken aback, I continued.

“Thank you very much for taking care of me until today. I am sorry that I will not be able to see you living a happy life with Rufus-sama, but I pray for the princess’s happiness under a distant sky. Oh, then I will leave this country as soon as I greet parents. So preparations are necessary, and with this, please excuse me.”

I slowly lowered my head again and walked towards the door.


“Resistance is futile, just so you know.”

Before I knew it, Milly-sama was standing in front of the door and blocked my way!

“For Greed to fall in love with a woman, it must be a miracle that the goddess created for the world, no, the humanity! That’s why, Aria, sacrifice anything……No, no, be a stopper for Greed!”

“――It’s impossible for me to do it.”

To be an ultimate weapon’s wife, it’s really impossible!

Such a big role for a mere level one lady-in-waiting is impossible! Absolutely impossible.

“Saying it is impossible, it is not for you to say. Because the future of humanity is hanging on your hands, Aria―”

Milly-sama, whose face seem to be smiling or not smiling, grasps both my shoulders, as if saying, You. Can’t. Escape.

My disappearing act failed. I will be sacrificed.

“Eeeep-! It iiiiimpossibleeee!”

That day, my screams echoed in the princess’s room many times―




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