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Hero’s Marriage Proposal

Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Aria.

I am Lady-in-waiting A. I am a daughter of a Viscount, and having previously learned manners from my apprenticeship, I am now employed to serve as maid of Princess Louise, the Second Princess of Schwarze.

Just recently, the princess was kidnapped by the Demon King, but the Hero managed to safely bring her back to the castle. I was very happy. It was worthwhile to devote a prayer to G.o.d day after day for the Princess’ safety.

——however . . .

What is really going on in this situation?

Before my eyes, a man with beautiful looks is sparkling as brightly as possible. This man—the hero, Greed, took my hand for some reason and said. “I love you, my lady. Please become my wife.”

Everyone around us was surprised. The king and the queen almost stood up from their throne due to their great astonishment.

But above everyone else, I was the most surprised.

But weren’t you supposed to be proposing to the princess?! So why are you standing in front of me, clasping my hands like that . . .


And I was relieved.

That’s right. The princess must be very shocked at watching this scene. Because the hero just ignored her and in a way proposed marriage to her maid. While Greed was holding my hand, I peeped over his shoulder to look at the princess.

But how about that? The princess won’t look this way. Intently, she was gazing closely at the beautiful man with long black hair and light brown eyes, the magician of the Hero’s party! The faint blush dying her cheeks is that of a maiden who fell in love.

Why is she falling in love with the magician and not with the Hero as it should be?!

Not being able to understand, I instinctively looked around and that’s when I noticed. Everyone present in the hall was surprised at this situation, but the members of the Hero’s party were not surprised at all.

On the contrary, every one of them watching this was . . .

“Go for it, Greed.”

“That’s right. Say it passionately.”

“Let me officiate the wedding by all means.”

. . . encouraging it, one way or another. By the way, the remarks were made by the female warrior, female thief and Shinto priestess in that order. When I heard these words, I realized that it was already known amongst the party members the truth that the Hero likes me.

Suddenly, it seems like his actions were not becoming funny at all.

I’m bothered.

It is the curse of the Demon King or something, because it is many times probable than proposing marriage to the likes of me. If his sanity recovers, this marriage proposal has not happened in the first place! But their appearances do not seem to be like it. The Hero is sane and also appears to be serious.

I timidly looked up at Greed-sama. “Errr . . . Are you sane?” I wished to ask with a slight hope.

“Of course. This feeling I have for you, my beloved lady, is not a lie.”

. . . . he immediately replied, however.

Earlier, I did not notice because of his sparkle, but the blue-green eyes peeping below the long eyelashes were sending me a heated gaze that could melt.

I’m seriously perturbed. That is because I am one of the others.

Because we are “mob characters”.



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