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The beautiful and famous princess of the great kingdom of Schwarze was kidnapped by the Demon King. The King of Schwarze immediately dispatched soldiers to try to rescue the princess, but the overwhelming power of the demonic being caused the soldiers to fail.

The king, whose course of action is at its limit, received an oracle from a god to obtain help from a reputed Hero. The Hero, along with his party, was invited inside the castle and the King told him.

“Please, please, I want you to rescue the princess. Of course, if you succeed, I promise to bestow upon you the reward that you want.”

“I understand. I will rescue the princess, even at the expense of my life.”

The bowing youth—the Hero, is an owner of a beautiful face, stunning blonde hair and blue eyes. But it’s not only him. The Hero’s party’s magician, elf, female warrior, Shinto priest, and female thief, were all surprisingly eye-catching in their looks.

Huh? Looks? Were they chosen by their looks?

That was the thought that involuntarily came deep into the minds of the prime minister, cabinet ministers and the princess’s maid A who happened to be present there.

However, the party has the ability despite their appearances.

Each person in the Hero’s party, while receiving the exultant cheers—mainly from women—on their departure, in fact, successfully returned after rescuing the princess. Nevertheless, it was until they defeated the Demon King.

“Ah! How admirably you safely brought us back the princess.”

The King said in good humor after his emotional reunion with his daughter.

“In all sincerity [1], I’ll give you your desired reward.”

At this time, the congregation of people in the hall is anticipating. The princess with the unparalleled beauty and the Hero who rescued the princess from the Demon King. The standing couple is like a lovely painting, anyone would get that feeling that they are well-matched. Surely, love between the couple began to grow just like what happens in tales. There’s no way affection did not bloom. Therefore, you could say that the Hero will demand the princess as his reward. And then the two of them will get married and, without a doubt, live happily forever.

The Hero who heard the words of the King, with his eyes glittering from blue to green in the light, said with a serious look towards the King sitting on the throne. “Then, please let me bring back home the kingdom’s finest flower.”

Here it comes!– is what everyone thought.

Of course, the word “flower” pertains to the princess.

“Uh-huh. I permit. I permit it!” The King nodded several times.

“Of course. Certainly.” The Queen said, smiling broadly.

“Thank you very much.”

Expressing a soft smile, the Hero elegantly bowed to the royalty on the throne and advanced to his beloved.

Then he stopped walking in front of her and said, with love and kindness on his blue eyes.

“I love you, my lady. Please become my wife.”

——so he said.
—————————while taking the hand of the Princess’ maid A.



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