Chapter 4 – MLS



Kano is Offered with a Marriage Interview


One day after work was finished, I opened the door of our house and there were unfamiliar shoes at the entrance.

But I somehow understood it with one glance. I’m pretty sure that it is my uncle……

Uncle who lives in the same district as us and my father are quite close to each other. Therefore it is not unusual for Uncle to come to our house. However, because he said so many things to me regarding marriage during the memorial service, my mood sank a little.

When I entered the living room with a heavy steps, somehow the merry Uncle stood up and greeted me.

“Oh!! Kano! I have been waiting for you.”

“Uncle…… Wel-Welcome……”

I only have a bad feeling that Uncle is “waiting”. It seems like a faint blush appeared on his cheeks as he sipped tea and talked to my mother. When Uncle saw my face, he gleefully took out something like an envelope out of his bag.

“Look, like I’ve told you during the memorial service, I want to introduce some young men from my company!”

As I thought! But I definitely turned it down at that time!

The bad feeling was right and my facial muscles inadvertently stiffened.

“No, Uncle…… Didn’t I already refused? There is no need for you to introduce anyone.”

I felt apologetic to Uncle, but I truly do not want to meet them.

After expressing my flat refusal, I turned on my heel. Then I heard Uncle’s impatient voice  from behind.

“W-Wait! Kano, wait! Well, you see, when I showed your picture to that young man, he really liked it—”


I turned around with force upon hearing Uncle’s surprising words. Unlce became frightened of my menacing look and ducked his head in an apologetic manner.

“No, while I was talking about my cute niece, he told me that he would like to see your picture…… Because he said that enthusiastically, I have no choice but to show your picture that I borrowed from your mother. When he saw it, he seems to like you very much. He would tell me to introduce him to you every time I meet him, and I’m also fed up with him, you know? That’s why, please, just meet him for once. I’m begging you. Please.”

Even if he put both of his hands together to beg, I cannot just agree to his request. Besides, my anger shifted from Uncle to Mother.

“Mother!! Why did you give my picture to Uncle?!”

“It’s fine, right? You don’t have a boyfriend.”

Mother continued drinking her tea and was not affected at all by my loud accusing tone.

Really—!! Why are you always doing things behind my back?!

As if drained of my strength, I slowly put my bag on the floor.

“I will never go!! If I go even just once, Uncle will keep on urging me!”

“Do not say such a thing~ look at picture of him. He is quite a handsome man~”

Uncle took some pictures from the envelope in his hand and something like a family chart. Then Mother got up from the sofa, immediately took pictures and family chart and examined it seriously.

“Oh, what a nice man. Even his background is perfect. This person is wasted on Kano.”

Mother nodded as she examined it with intense concentration and admired it. Looking at the two of them, I can only stare in amazement.

“No matter how good he is, I will not meet him.”

“Do not easily dismiss it~ Who knows, you might like him when you meet him, hm?”

Uncle’s tone sounds like he is a little pleased. However, the pressure is heavier than usual. This, perhaps…..

“Uncle, does this person have a weakness?”

When I tried to test him, Uncle obviously panicked.

“No, nothing like that! Nothing!” [T/N: I bet he is a psycho!]

Uncle’s eyes kept on darting…… There is . . . no doubt . . .

I deeply sighed and looked at Mother and Uncle alternately.

“Whatever, I refuse! I will not see him.”


Uncle pleaded with a sad expression and rubbed his palms together. Seeing him like that, Mother mutttered, “Oh, dear.” and cast me a fleeting glance.

“Kano, why don’t you just meet him? If you keep it as it is, you’ll just get older without having an encounter. Isn’t it nice to have a person you like? I think that this is also an opportunity.”

Mother approached me and told me this.

“Mother, you too? But I really do not like it!!”

“I’m not saying that you marry immediately soon after meeting, you can just meet him casually. Look, he’s handsome.”

My mother is flitted the picture in front of me, but I do not feel like looking at it at all. Casually . . . Mother indeed said that but Uncle is a person who readily chimes in with others. Without knowing it, he went on and kept on matchmaking. That’s why I will not consent to an omiai.

Besides, I am already dating someone.

However, if I will expose that I am dating someone right now, Mother will definitely urge me to get married. I want to avoid it.

Mother, who was silently regarding me, asked to confirm.

“Then, it’s okay, right? This matchmaking—”

“St-… Please stop!! I’m already dating someone right now……”

Noticing my slip of tongue, I pressed my mouth with my hands.

When I looked at Mother and Uncle, they were staring at me with surprise.

“……What are you saying? I just heard it now, since when did you start dating?”

Mother strikes at me with a dubious look.

Ugh, this is . . . a sad expression of disbelief of the existence of my boyfriend. I sighed.

“It’s true that I have a boyfriend. We only got together just recently…… But as for his identity, it is a secret……”

“What the heck. If that is so, then stop it. I don’t believe—”

Mother pouted her lips and turned away. Ku, are you a child…… Mother! There is no other way but to honestly give his name!

I clenched my fist and resolved myself.

“The other person is a m-monk……” [T/N: Mother = 1 point, Kano = 0]


Mother and Uncle, who both asked in a hysterical voice, watched me and stiffened.


“I’m sorry for disturbing you tonight.”

Afterwards, Mother and Uncle asked me, “Who was the other person?”, making me totally exhausted, but I had to contact Hazekura-san.

Luckily Hazekura-san, who immediately answered his phone, told me that he would head here as soon as his work was over.

Since it’s already night, I’ve expected to him to politely refuse that he could not come, however he told me that he will absolutely come, and was amused with my words.

“Hazekura-san, I’m sorry!!”

I bowed deeply at Hazekura-san, who came in his priest’s robes. Then he placed his hands on my head, and Fufu, he laughed.

“What are you saying? On the contrary, I cannot help it but be happy. It is my wish that Kano-san will rely on me and introduce me to her family as her boyfriend.”

Because Hazekura-san said so with a smile, I don’t feel guilty anymore.

Anyway, why is Hazekura-san more cheerful than usual?

Confused, I led Hazekura-san to our living room. Seeing him, Mother got up excitedly.

“Oh, my, Hazekura-san!! When I was informed that Hazekura-san and my daughter are truly dating, I was very surprised!!”

Hazekura-san gently smiled at Mother’s surprised reaction.

“I apologize. I was delayed in saying my greetings. I just started dating Kano-san.”

“No, no, it’s okay~ Oh, Hazekura-san, have you eaten dinner yet? I will prepare it immediately.”

When I called, I heard he did not have dinner yet, so Mother, who was waiting for him to come, delightedly headed to the kitchen.

“……During the memorial service, I saw a handsome monk in front of me but……. I can’t believe, with Kano……”

Uncle stared at Hazekura-san, who was sitting on the sofa, unable to hide his surprise.

“When I visited here during the Bon festival, I fell with Kano-san at first sight. Then I asked her to date me on countless occasion.”

“Eh——!? Is that true, Kano!?”

“Do not ask me!!”

What the heck, this is sooo embarrassing……!

“But…… Hazekura-san. As a handsome man, I am certain that there are women who approach you, right? Are you really okay with Kano?”

When Uncle questioned Hazekura-san anxiously, he said with a graceful smile.

“For me, there are no women other than Kano-san.”

Though he said it in a calm voice, he delivered it with sincerity.




Uncle and I, even Mother who was preparing dinner, stiffened at Hazekura-san’s words and blushed.

Em-Embarrassing……!! Come on, stop it……!

I dropped my head and covered my face with a hand.

“……Well, this is…… Kano, no wonder you’ve fallen in love with him.”

“My, I also want to say that.”

Both Uncle and Mother were stunned at Hazekura-san’s words.

“It’s simple, but please take a meal.”

That’s what Mother placed in front of Hazekura-san, a hot wild vegetable udon.

“Then I won’t hesitate. Itadakimasu.”

Hazekura-san, who sat on the floor, bowed with his his palms pressed together, and began to eat quietly. Everyone’s eyes were concentrated on Hazekura-san.

After all, his movements were graceful. And then, my eyes were drawn at his beautiful hands that was holding his chopsticks.

……So I am going out with this person…… While I was deep in my thought, Mother spoke.

“As what I said the other day, Hazekura-san is going to succeed your family’s temple, right?”

Towards Mother’s question, Hazekura-san replied with resolute attitude after putting down his chopsticks.

“Yes. My father is currently the chief priest, but I will eventually succeed him.”

“I am sorry to say this since you just started dating, but Kano is at a mature age. If you are dating from here onwards, I want to know if marriage comes into your mind.”

—There, she said it. The moment definitely came like I thought.

I peered at Hazekura-san’s face, wondering how he will answer mother’s frank question.

“When it comes to marriage, it is not just my will that will make it happen…… but if there’s a chance, then by all means.”

Hazekura-san answered well, without changing his facial expression. When she heard that, Mother smiled as though she was a little relieved.

“I wonder if my daughter will be able to serve as a wife of the temple. This child is silly as usual.”

Mother…… Silly is kind of rude……

“My mother was also a laywoman. She had a hard time at the beginning of their marriage, but  now her management of the temple is admirable. Regarding marriage, my parents respect my will and are cooperative. But if that was the case, anything that Kano-san worries about, Kano-san will be able to manage somehow…….”

Hazekura-san’s answer took the burden off her shoulder and Mother felt relieved.

—As for marriage, I thought it was better if I will not interrupt their conversation and just shut my mouth…… Unexpectedly, Mother and Hazekura-san were very aware about my considerations regarding the future, and I was a little surprised.

Hazekura-san also suddenly proposed, and when I thought how my life will be after marriage, I have no idea at all.

I haven’t thought of anything about the future……

Of course, I do not want to be assertive about marriage, I knew that it is truly fine to be just the way I am, but I would feel like a useless woman with a mature age…….

Uncle, who was listening to that conversation, seemed to have a different idea.

“Well, t can’t be helped. This guy can politely refuse. But then I will feel disappointed.

Uncle sighed dejectedly, leaning on the sofa.

“I-I’m sorry, Uncle.”

Although I said that, I felt relieved and relaxed. Ah~ Thank goodness.

“By the way, Hazekura-san, cna monks really see ghosts?”

Uncle started to think with keen interest, changing his facial expression.

“No, I am not special . . . like those people . . .”

Hazekura-san replied kindly to Uncle.

“Well then…… Well then……”

In the end, he became a victim of Uncle’s relentless barrage of questioning.

Oh, Hazekura-san, I’m sorry……

“I’m really, really sorry!!”

Leaving the house to send off Hazekura-san, I lowered my head to him. It was already very late because he got detained by Uncle.

Uncle, who was conversing with Hazekura-san, got drunk, and Aunt went to pick him up and went home ahead of us.

I felt apologetic for Hazekura-san for being detained for a long time. Hazekura-san smiled tenderly to me, who was earnestly apologizing.

“Don’t mention it. I had lots of fun. More than anything, spending my time with you is my greatest happiness.”

……He said embarrassing words as usual, but I forcefully returned the topic.

“But monks get up early in the morning, right?”

“Well, I get up at 5 o’clock every morning.”

—I-I know, right……?!

It is currently close to midnight. Sincerely apologizing, I lowered my head deeply again.

“……I’m sorry……”

—As always, I do things in half measures……. So pathetic.

When I bowed my head, Hazekura-san touched my shoulders gently.

“I said it’s okay.”

When I raised my head after hearing those kind words, Hazekura-san gazed at me with his usual gentle smile. My heart felt warmer when he said that from the bottom of his heart in this kind of situation.

“All you did today was apologize.”

“Speaking of which, you’re right……”

Hazekura-san burst out laughing. He then looked at me with a mysterious expression.

“Although you did this to avoid an omiai, but introducing me to your family this way, is it okay for me to think that you have fallen a little for me?”


“Can I . . . hope for more?”

As Hazekura-san search for my true feelings, he gazed at me. Being stared with such eyes, I couldn’t bring myself to lie.

I decided to honestly tell him my feelings.

“……It’s true, that my impression on you has changed a lot.”

“So what you’re saying?”

“I think you are a nice person . . . And, err, I don’t . . . like you . . . What I’m saying is……”

I gave him a strange, choppy reply, but this is my honest feelings right now.

Hazekura-san, who was silently listening to my reply, averted his eyes for a moment then quietly took a step.

And when he reached out his hand to me, I found myself being covered with his priest’s robes.


Hazekura-san hugged me gently and whispered in my ear.

“I’m happy.”


“You told me never to appear in front of you again, so I tried hard to improve my image to you.”

“P-Please forget that already……”

Hearing his low voice, my face quickly blushed.

Unable to endure it, I tried to distance myself from Hazekura-san by pushing him away, but he did not budge.


“Let’s stay like this for a while. Please give me my reward today.”

Telling me this, since I felt obliged to him, I could not refuse him.

“Just a little, okay……?”

The edge of Hazekura-san’s mouth raised, and let out an unusual bashful laugh, adding strength to the arm that hugs me. The fragrance of the incense surrounded me and strangely, it felt nostalgic.

I heard the faster heartbeat on his chest, and for some reason, my heart also throbbed.

After some time, Hazekura-san moved away from me.

“I am reluctant but I have to excuse myself because of the time. Could you make time for me again, Kano-san? Let’s go somewhere together.”

I gently smiled and nodded while looking at his eyes.


Seeing that I agreed, Hazekura-san smiled happily.

“Thank you. I will contact you again. Well then…… Good night.”

“Good night……”

Straightening his back, Hazekura-san went home. I kept watching him until I could not see his back.



Today is a holiday.

It wasn’t my plan to watch DVD, read books or spend a relaxing time in my room from morning. Although Hazekura-san has invited me to go on a date, it seems that he is too busy, so we could not meet.

Well, occasionally doing this kind of relaxation is also nice.

—It’s also because my heart beats fast whenever we are together. I also need to rest my heart along with my body.

I finished reading a paperback, and when I extended my hand to the bookshelf, contemplating whether I should read a different book, I heard the voice of another male and my brother Tasuku from downstairs.

Listening to their voices without really paying attention to the conversation, it seems they have been talking for a long time at the entrance. So I went out of my room and went downstairs, thinking that they should get inside the house.

“Tasuku? You have a guest?”

Seeing my face, a young man behind Tasuku widened his eyes for a moment. And then immediately smiled.

“It’s been a while, Onee-san.”

Lowering his head, I stiffened in surprise.

Eh, who……? He knows me……?

Unable to just watch without doing anything, Tasuku smacked the young man’s shoulder, smiling wryly.

“Kaname, my sister doesn’t remember you.”

Hearing those words, the young man’s shoulder drooped in disappointment.

“She doesn’t remember me like I thought…… It’s been a while since I last visited after all. Let me say it again formally. I am Hoshino Kaname, Tasuku’s schoolmate who often came to disturb here.”

Hoshino…… When I desperately searched my memory, a boy popped out of my mind.

“In the past, did you use to have a shaved head?”

When I asked the thing that was imprinted in my memory, he laughed with embarrassment.

“Yes, I played baseball in high school.”

Oh, I remembered.

When Tasuku was still in high school, there was a boy with a shaved head who often came here to visit. With his confirmation, those certainly remained in my memory. Now, he is a 26 year old adult man with a slightly longer hair.

Besides, upon closer look, he is quite a handsome man. A high school baseball player with a shaved head transformed into a refreshing young man…… I feel somehow relaxed.

“Talking in a place like this, why don’t you go inside? I will make you some coffee.”

Tasuku’s expression then brightened up.

“Is it okay? Then, Kaname, come in.”

“Excuse me, then I will take up on your offer. Sorry for intruding.” [T/N: Ugh, Japan and their politeness!]

I showed them to the living room and then proceeded to the kitchen to make them coffee.

“Anyway, it’s been long since you graduated high school, right? How nostalgic.”

When I placed coffee in front of Hoshina-kun, he gently lowered his head and said, “Thank you”.

“Because I was busy during my university years, I was not able to meet my high school friends very often. I met Tasuku for only about a number of times during the four years.”

“Is that so? What are you doing now?”

“I am a lawyer. But I’m still studying, though.”

“Lawyer……. Amazing……”

I gaped due to surprise.

“It’s natural since Kaname is studying seriously since a long time ago.”

“That’s not true.”

Hoshina-kun laughed shyly as he drank his coffee.

“Then, I’ll leave you two. Hoshina-kun, please feel at home.”

But when I said that, Mother, who came back from shopping, was standing before me who was about to leave the living room.

“Oh my. I was certain you’d be going on a date today.”

“I also want to relax once in a while occasionally—”

I pouted as I walked away, but at that moment, Tasuku’s scream pierced my ears.

“Huuuuuh?! D-Date!? Sister, you have a boyfriend?!”

“Oh, did I not tell you? But Mother just said it clearly……”

“I had no idea! Because you stayed single ever since you broke up with your boyfriend a long time ago, I thought you gave up on marriage……”

“I did not give up…… Hey, we are not contemplating about marriage yet!”

Because I was getting more and more embarrassed, I ended the conversation to stop its flow as soon as possible.

“Oh, is that so? Who’s the guy?”

Eyes shining brightly, Tasuku waited for my revelation. Across him, Hoshina-kun stopped drinking his coffee for some reason and stared at me.

“He’s a monk, you met him during the memorial service last time……”


It seems that my brother really did not know anything. I have never seen him as tremendously shocked as before.

“Ah! That’s why you were acting strange last time at the memorial service!”

“What are you saying?”

“Look, you were very fidgety, your face was fiery red, then you suddenly went home alone. Because of you, I was bombarded by Uncle with potential partners.”

So that’s what happened…… I did not know.

“But seriously…… The monk last time? Because I haven’t seen his face I could not remember at all.”

Mother, who came back to the living room with confections, confessed to Tasuku, who was thinking.

“You see, Kano fell in love with a very handsome monk~! Even though she is my child, I felt envious.”

“You fell in love?”

Hoshina-kun, who was listening quietly the entire time, widened his eyes like saucers.

“That’s right! He clearly said, ‘There are no women other than Kano-san’! I felt embarrassed, you know? There are only a few people who would say that. Really, you were able to catch a wonderful person. I was pleased.”

“Well, you’re right……”

Certainly, I haven’t even heard “I like you” from my ex-boyfriend. But he [Hazekura] always tells me to the point that I get embarrassed. Well, that may be a great thing. Thinking about it, I somehow felt restless and unable to calm down.

“It seems that Onee-san is very much loved, huh?”


When Hoshina-kun told me that seriously, I showed him a troubled expression.

I just started dating him, but I certainly felt his presence drastically changed something within me.


It was like a war during lunch time at the Western Restaurant Sumiretei.

In the kitchen, the restaurant manager and the kitchen staff were cooking in a rush. And in the hall, the manager’s wife and I, along with the part-timers, were manning the floor.

Sumiretei, an old Western cuisine restaurant, not only gained its reputation from the flavors inherited from the previous generation, but also had a reputation for the abundance of the menu. This restaurant has become a popular local restaurant so during lunch time, it is nearly filled with salarymen and office ladies working at nearby companies.

How can we efficiently and speedily deliver lunch to our customers?

I have a long work experience and I am well versed in this but…… Yokota-san, a student part-timer who was recently hired, would have at least an episode of panic attack during lunch.

“Oh, crap, I forgot……!! Kuzuhara-san, where should I take this again……!?”

Yokota-san looked up at me with an about-to-cry face at the moment, her eyebrows furrowing.

“It’s okay so just calm down. Go, bring this to table number 5.”

“Yes. Thank you very much!”

Yokota-san is very pretty, and she is a type of girl that arouses one’s protective instincts. Actually, ever since Yokota-san entered, the number of costumers she attracted increased… I felt it.

Her brown hair tied into a ponytail swayed. She is shorter than my 164 cm height, and her big eyes were like that of an animal so she looks a very lovely woman in my perspective.

Eventually, the busy lunch time ended. The whole staff gathered in the kitchen and ate a late lunch, when Yokota-san’s phone rang.

“Oh, it’s him~!”

Yokota-san took pleasure in getting her phone. While watching her, Hazekura-san’s face popped out of my mind.

After the incident about the omiai the other day, he became busy thus we weren’t able to meet. I would sometimes not receive mails and phone calls. I’ve been sighing while looking at my phone a lot. [T/N: IS THIS ANOTHER STRATEGY?!]

—Ah~, I want to see him……

“Are you going to see the fireworks this weekend, Kuzuhara-san?”

Spacing out, I heard someone speak beside me and I instinctively replied a “Huh?”.

Looking at me, Yokota-san, who placed her phone on the table, waited for my reply, her eyes shining brightly.

A fireworks display? Oh, so it’s that time already.

“Hmm, I still have no plans for now. Are you going with your boyfriend, Yokota-san?”

“Yes! I’m thinking of going while wearing a yukata.”

She happily replied, her cheeks blushing.

I see. A yukata, huh…… I’m sure a yukata would suit Hazekura-san. [T/N: Aiya~ someone is in deep shit—I mean, is deep in love.]

With his height, his posture is perfect. And above all, his face is good-looking…..

That’s when I suddenly noticed. All I ever think ever since a while ago was Hazekura-san.

Eh, I can’t believe it. That’s strange. Could it be……

When my cheeks blushed on that realization, the door of the restaurant opened with a clank, clank.

“Oh? Perhaps it was the supplier……?”

I stopped eating my lunch and when I went to see who it is, I saw a young man wearing an expensive suit was standing outside the store. The man was using a handkerchief to wipe his perspiration.

Thinking that he’s an unfamiliar person, I approached him.

“Mister, I’m sorry. We are temporarily closed right now.”

Looking at my direction, he stared at me with surprise and walked briskly towards me.

“Excuse me! Are you Kuzuhara Kano-san?”

“Huh? Y-Yes……”

I looked at him warily when I heard him suddenly call my name. Then he hurriedly bowed his head.

“I-I’m sorry for this sudden visit. I am Department Chief Kuzuhara’s subordinate, Ochi Keita.”

When I heard his self-introduction, I remembered what Uncle did the other day.

Could it be that this person……

“You are the person my uncle wanted to introduce……?”

“Yes. When I saw your picture, my eyes were caught by your beauty, but the real thing is more beautiful……”

He suddenly got excited and started talking, his eyes gazing hotly at me.

As I thought, he is the person that Uncle recommended for the omiai!! But why here in the restaurant……?

“Err, how did you know that I am here……?”

“Ah, the thing is, I remembered Chief Kuzuhara mentioned that Kano-san is working here…… I did business around this area so I dared to come here.”

Ochi-san smiled as though he was relieved to have met me.

Wait, my personal information was leaked though. Also, is he ignoring my circumstances……

“Uhm, is there anything I can do for you?”

Ochi-san suddenly straightened his posture, bowed his head and said, “I’m sorry.”

His enthusiasm gave me a little pressure.

“I heard from Chief that Kano-san refused the introduction, but I could not bring myself to give up…… No matter what, I really wanted to see you just once.”

With a blush dying his cheeks, Ochi-san said that, staring at my face.

Even if he told me why he came, what kind of reaction should I give in order to convey that I already refused……

As I desperately search for words, he continued to grumble in front to me.

“……Ah, uhm…… I have something to talk about, but when I saw Kano-san, all my thoughts flew out of my head…… But you’re really beautiful…… Ah, no! This is not what I wanted to talk about……”

Well, I wonder what I should do.

Although I felt bothered, I decided to convey my honest feelings in the end.

“Err, thank you for coming all the way here, but my feelings are exactly as what my uncle have told you. I’m sorry but with this, I……”

When I lowered my head and was about to go back at the staff room, Ochi-san suddenly said in a panicky voice.

“P-Please wait! Uhm, can I invite you to dinner next time?”


Why is he suddenly asking me to dinner!? But, didn’t I just flatly refused him just now?

For some reason, I surmised that Ochi-san did not get my meaning.

“Uhm, did you hear the reason why I declined the omiai from Uncle?”

Hearing my words, Ochi-san looked up in the sky with an awkward expression.

“Yes…… I heard. You are going out with someone with the intention of marriage. But the marriage is not yet officially decided, is it?”

“Indeed, it is still not decided but……”

“Then, could you give a chance? Just for one day. To have a . . . deep conversation with Kano-san.”

I felt chills running down my spine as soon as he said that.

Th-This…… I met another person like Hazekura-san—!!

“……I-I am sorry! I cannot do something like betraying him, so I cannot go to dinner with you, I’m sorry!”

In order not to give him any expectations, I adamantly refused. Ochi-san then let out a sigh and gave me a dejected smile.

“You’re right…… You already refused. I’m sorry for suddenly barging in your workplace.”

“It’s fine……” [T/N: Ugh, Japan.]

“You’re in the middle of your break. I am sorry for taking your time. Well then, please excuse me…”

With a polite bow, Ochi-san exited the restaurant.

Sigh—Good grief…… When I looked back to the door that leads to the staff room, I was shocked to witness the manager and Yokota-san peeping at me.

“Wha-What are the two of you doing!!?”

“Kuzuhara-san…… Having a boyfriend with the intention of marriage…… Could it be the reason why you were sighing these days……?”

“What kind of person is your boyfriend, Kuzuhara-san~!? I wanna know~!! But who was that guy just now? He was pretty cool, though!”

With manager’s sad eyes and Yokota-san’s knowing eyes focused on me, I felt flustered by the situation.

“No, that…… Just now, that man was my uncle’s subordinate and has no relationship with me. And about the boyfriend, it’s true that were going out but we only just started, so it’s kind of……”

When I explained, I can see that they can’t understand what I’m trying to say.

“Hey, you two! Do not put your nose in other people’s romance!”

Ah, my savior arrived. It’s the manager’s wife.

“Hey, the food is going to get cold so hurry up and eat!”


When the manager obediently returned, Yokota-san also reluctantly returned. I felt relieved, but when I tried to go back to the staff room, manager’s wife gripped my shoulder.

“So? What is going on, Kana-chan~~? Can you tell me the details?”

Madam grinned as she looked at me. In the end, should I tell her……

We returned to the staff room, and after I told her what happened, Manager’s wife, who listened quietly, said with a broad smile.

“Oh my…… That’s interesting! Why didn’t you tell me sooner, so secretive.”

“Oh, it’s not interesting at all……!”

At my rebuttal, Madam pacified me.

“Kano-chan, you have no male’s company for a while now although you are a beautiful woman, that’s why I want you be in a relationship. That monk? Do not worry about details such as the things he liked about you. I hope you face each other properly.”

“Well, you’re right but……”

“If you find you do not suit each other while dating, you can break up. You don’t know when you’ll fall in love, so you should not think too much about it, okay~”

Certainly, what Madam said was true. I don’t know where and when love is going to bloom.

On my way home from work that day, I was surprised to receive a call from Hazekura-san.

The moment his name was displayed on the screen of my smartphone, I was overjoyed more than I thought.

“The fireworks display?”

Yes. Are you amenable this Saturday night? If I’m not mistaken, you will have an early off that day, then will have a late shift the next day, right?

For a moment, I thought that I might meet Yokota-san there. However, I will be happy to meet with Hasekura-san for the first time in a while.

“Yes…… I’m looking forward to the fireworks.”

Good. Then I will pick you up in the evening…… See you on Saturday.


I turned off my phone and thought a bit while still feeling the warmth on my chest.

The moment I heard his voice after a long while, my certainty was shaken. And remembering Miyoko-san’s advise, I was lost in my thoughts.




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