Vol. 1 SS 4 – HSP

“Thank you for coming to rescue me. But...... If ever the Demon King comes, please do not think of me and escape. Do not throw away your life.”

Louise told them while holding a dignified smile that is fitting for a princess. During this time, she did not know. That those words will move the heart of Rufus―the man in front of her―and will bring her a new fate.

Vol. 1 SS 2 – HSP

―Aria. Greed thought of his beloved. If you knew the real appearance of this world, what would you think? Would you despair? Laugh it off? Hate the world? Or―would you wish for the destruction of the world?

Yes, perhaps that’s better.

Greed smiled a bit as he thought about it. He did not intend to smile. A natural smile formed on his lips.

―Aria, this is also what you gave me.

“Of course, if she wants it......”

If you want the destruction of this world, if you think you’ll despair so much that you will not be able to laugh in such a world. . .

“I will destroy this world.”

Vol. 1 SS 1 – HSP

Surely, I have everything that guy wants. Whether it is swordsmanship or magical powers, everything was extraordinary.


What does that mean? A person who would not exist if the world does not need his power. In reality, I do not have everything.

I am empty, like a cup without a bottom. Whatever you put or pour in it, everything just goes through it.

Do I have anything?


……All I have is a broken, empty heart.

Vol. 1 Chapter 23 – HSP

“Job change. Your occupation has changed, Aria. Or should I say, it is more like it was added?”

“What? Added?”

Not understanding her meaning, I gaped. Occupation? My occupation is a lady-in waiting, but what was added to it?

Milly-sama told the befuddled me with a radiant smile.

“The [Fiancée of the Hero] was added. Congrats, Aria!”

Vol. 1 Chapter 20 – HSP

“I think he is vaguely aware of his own skill. There are times where he deliberately uses it to escape the guards and acts as if no one knows about it.”

Greed-sama said with a faint, wicked smile.

“Thinking that it is all right since he won’t be noticed, perhaps he visits your room around midnight and watches you sleep, right?”


——What did he say?

My jaw dropped.

Vol. 1 Chapter 19 – HSP

Frankly speaking, it is bothersome. Yes, I’ll say it, the known Viscount of Milford’s family motto.


——So, I decided not to ask anything.

I didn’t know about the identity of Alfred-sama’s beloved and the Hero’s sabotage. I didn’t understand. I didn’t hear.