Vol. 2 Chapter 17 – HSP

.......I was a coward. Even though you’ve been expressing your feelings sincerely, all I did was run away.

I need to settle this. For myself, but most of all, for yourself. Because this is all I can do for now.

*SEMI-HIATUS*, Explained

To my kawaii readers, Hello, everyone! How are you? I'm back, not to upload a new chapter, but to announce that I'm going on SEMI-HIATUS. So what does this means? It means that I will become mostly inactive in the following days to come. You see, I am now assigned to the most formidable department. Sigh! Everyday, I'm just being scolded. Huhuhu. It's physically, mentally and psychologically taxing, you know? And everyday, when I come home after … Continue reading *SEMI-HIATUS*, Explained

Vol. 2 Chapter 13 – HSP

A gentle smile appeared on the face of the ice statue. For those who are daunted by the face of the Prime Minister, his smile is somehow like the end of a long winter, a sign of the coming spring. But the curve of his lips was like a shining ice blade—

An ice blade that mercilessly cuts another person’s heart.

Even if the other person is a royalty, he spares him no mercy......

That’s why he was given the nickname “Ice Prime Minister”.

Vol. 2 Chapter 14 – HSP

For giving up such a reward, the amount is not something that can be refused, right?

Though I am a daughter of a viscount, it is a high-priced deal to take a mere lady-in-waiting as a wife. I was surprised at my price. But the problem right now is not the amount.

The problem is, who said it. Who negotiated such a deal?